Spartacus – Gods of the Arena

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Spartacus -Blood and Sand – I freaking love this TV series.  I have to admit when I first saw the previews for Spartacus – Blood and Sand (Season 1) back last January I mainly tuned in to catch the eye candy.  After the first episode I have to admit I kept coming back for the eye candy and the fact that the sexing was freaking HOT!!  Than I got hooked even more because OMG…full frontal nudity on the men!!  I’m thinking WHAT?  Full frontal for guys and girls alright.  Equal opportunity nekkie-ness (yea I know that’s not really a word)!  By episode 4, I was fully addicted and emotionally invested in the story, characters and the series.  I had my favorite character and I loathed the bad guys.  I cried with Spartacus when he lost his wife and I cheered on Spartacus when he said “Kill them All”.  After the last episode I was ready for season 2.  Unfortunately the show had a set back.  Actor Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with cancer.  Andy was Spartacus our hero and the star of the show .  Season 2 was just about to start filming and that came to a halt to allow Andy to receive treatment. So the producers decided to do a prequel.  The prequel was to tell you the back story of some of the characters prior to Spartacus.  This is where Gods of the Arena comes in.  I’ve been waiting for this since Season 1 ended.  I can’t wait!  Check out the trailer below.

The prequel will premiere on Starz network in the US on Jan. 21st.  The delicious Lucy Lawless is back as the bad girl Lucretius.  John Hannah is back as bad boy gladiator owner Biatiatus.  These two were bad but if you watched season 1 you can’t help but appreciate their characters.  Both actors played their role beautifully so I can’t was to see what the younger them was like.  See what lead their character to how they were in Season 1.  Crixus, who is my new TV show  boyfriend played by Manu Bennett is back.  He’s bad and shaggier.  He’s the new gladiator!  I love the shaggier look on Crixus.  If you haven’t watched this show you need to.  Great acting, wonderful cast, exciting action sequence, hot sexing, hot eye candies, and a wonderful storyline. Just be warned there are a lot of graphic sex and violence in this show.  So make sure you watch when the kids are in bed.

NOTE:  Andy suffered a set back with his cancer so the show is up in the air right now.  Starz was looking to re-caste the role of Spartacus which I’m sad about because I can’t see anyone playing Spartacus like Andy.

Go here for more info on the show.  Just because I feel nostalgic here are some pics of the caste from Season 1.


Andy Whitfield as Spartacus with his nekki chest. Yum!
Manu Bennett as Crixus
My favorite couple in the show Crixus & Naevia
Lucy Lawless and John Hannah as husband/wife duo Lucretia and Biatatus
Viva Bianca plays Ilithya or  as I call her character Evil Bitch of the show

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  1. Gracen

    Loved Season II: Gods of the Arena! I wasn’t sure how it would stand up to the first season but it did ok. I was a Crixus girl too (loved his shaggier look in this one as well) but fell quickly in love with Gannicus (Dustin Clare), the rockstar of the arena. Wow can his butt do a love scene. Mother of pearl.

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