Monday Man Candy #9

Posted by Ing on 24 January, 2011 // ★★ 3 Comments ★★

Happy Monday morning folks.  Another Monday another work week!  I’m wishing it was Friday already!  Seriously anyone want to adopt a grown up Asian woman?? 🙂 

I have a great week ahead here at As the Pages Turn planned.  Starting tomorrow I have a giveaway everyday so be sure to check in for a chance to win books and visit with author Barbara Freethy. 

Anywhoo—let’s get the week started off right.  For your Monday stimulation I give you Sean Sullivan.  He hails from San Francisco and is a commercial real estate broker by day and a model by night!  Isn’t he pretty?  He certainly brighten up my morning.  

 Don’t be shy it’s ok I’ll be gentle..hehehe
 Why do you tease?  Just take it off!
 Ride me..cowboy!  What? Don’t pretend you weren’t thinking it too! 
 WOW..Just WOW!
  Again with the teasing!  Don’t make me get rough!
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