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Please help me welcome author Christie Ridgway to As the Pages turn today.  Christie is a USA Today  bestselling author of over 35 contemporary romances for Berkley, Avon, Harlequin, and Silhouette Books.  A five-time RITA finalist, she tells heartwarming and sexy stories that readers say make them laugh and cry.  New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr says she “captures the true magic of falling in love.”  Her latest books are set in the Napa Valley of California and she describes the series as about “One failing winery, two feuding families, and three unforgettable pairings.” The first in the trilogy is CRUSH ON YOU and the second, THEN HE KISSED ME, is now available.

Christie was wonderful enough to allow As the Pages Turn to recently post the cover and blurb of her third book in this trilogy, Can’t Hurry Love.  So if you’re fan of this trilogy and you missed that post click here and you can sneak a peek at it. The cover is my favorite so far.  Christie recently answered some questions for me and will be stopping by today so make sure you say hi and ask her questions about her current books or past books.  So without further ado here was our little Q&A session.  Hope you guys enjoy: 
Hi Christie!  Welcome to As the
Pages Turn. Then He Kissed Me is your 2nd book in the Three Kisses
Trilogy just released Jan. 4th
Can you tell us a bit about the premise of this series?
The three Baci sisters inherited their family’s one-hundred-year-old failing
winery. They made a deathbed promise to their father to save it…and they’ve
given themselves a year to turn it around.
What about Stephania Baci aka Stevie the heroine of Then He Kissed Me,
makes her special and perfect for the hero?
Christie: Ah, Stevie. She’s the tomboy of the family, but also the one with the hidden
romantic streak. Jack is not the guy for her—or so she thinks…“if she could
have constructed the complete wrong man for herself, it would be him: a
gorgeous prince with a wealthy family and a dark past.”  But they have something wonderful to offer
each other—she rekindles in him a need for family and a belief in love.
What about Jacques Parini aka Jack the hero in Then He Kissed Me, makes
him special and perfect for the heroine?  
Christie: Jack is a roguish playboy prince who can speak five languages and turn on a
Southern accent at the drop of a hat (he’s half-American). However, he has a
dark incident in his past that has caused him to distance himself from his
family.  Stevie helps him connect with
them again, and in return, Jack is the man who restores her confidence and her
belief that she can be loved.
Did you have any special famous person in mind when you came up with
these two characters?
Christie: I
didn’t think of anyone famous, but I did remember a college friend of mine who
was related to the royal family in Luxembourg and who went into the wine
business after college. So I created my own small monarchy in Europe and made
my hero a prince!
I’ve never been to the Napa Valley but that is one of places on my list
to be visited one day.  What made you
decide to set a series in this area and how did you come up with the premise
for the family run a wine business?
Christie: I’m a native Californian and I like to set my books in locations throughout my
state.  The wine country of the Napa
Valley seemed a perfect setting for romance…and the wine business a natural for
a story set in that region.
What can we look forward in the final book in this series?  Any sneak peek you want to share?
Christie: It
won’t be any surprise to those who’ve read the previous books that the third
(title has been changed to Can’t Hurry Love) in the trilogy is Giuliana and
Liam’s story. Readers have been wondering what’s the cause of their sniping and
snarling at each other and the truth comes out. It’s a sexy and very emotional
Click here to get sneak peek at the cover and blurb for Can’t Hurry Love
So now let’s get to know you more you. 
I have some questions to ask you.  
Christie: Shoot!  
Who are some auto buy authors that you read now?
Christie: Robyn Carr, J.D. Robb, Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
What was your favorite book or genre you read as a teen?
Christie: Romance! I read a lot of romantic suspense because my mom was a mystery reader
and led me in that direction, but I also read stacks and stacks of Harlequin romances.
If you could be one of your heroines for a day which one would you
Christie: I
love the determination of Alessandra from Crush on You, but Stevie in Then He
Kissed Me can do all the things I can’t: fix cars, play sports well, and she
knows what beats what in poker!
What was the first romance book you ever read?  Do you still have the book on your shelf?
Christie: The first romances that I remember very well from my days in the children’s
section at the library are Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw and
Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly (that I think my mom had read as a kid). They’re
on the shelf at my childhood home.
As a teen,
my life changed when I read These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer. I swooned over
The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye and both of those books are on the keeper
shelves in my office.
 I want to know what swear word do
you say a lot?
Christie:  I have to admit I say the usual ones quite a
bit—when my children aren’t around.
 What current popular or famous
book do you wish you had written?
Christie: Hmm.  I enjoy reading so much that I
don’t want to take over the task of writing one of my favorites.
 Are the sex scenes harder or
easier to write then the rest of the book?
Christie: I
don’t think they’re any harder or easier. I think it’s important to make them
vital to the story. When readers talk about skipping the love scenes, I shake
my head.  Like every other scene, a love
scene should change something in the characters and or the relationship so that
if you skipped them you’d miss an important element to the story!
 Do you do any special
preparations mentally for the love scenes in your book?  Do you tend to write them as the story goes
or do you write the book completely than go back and put the scenes in later?
Christie: I
write them as the story goes because I need to see how the experience changes
the characters and/or their situation so the following scenes reflect that.
(I’m a very linear thinker!) I don’t do any special preparation before writing
them other than what I always do, and that is, get inside the character’s heads
so I can tell the story from their emotional place.
Also since this series is set in wine country, what’s your favorite
Christie: I’m generally a white wine drinker and I like a sauvignon blanc over a
chardonnay because it’s lighter and crisper to me. However, when we were on a
research trip in the wine country, I really enjoyed some pinot noirs and
brought home a bottle of a lovely rosé that is crisp and dry—not sweet as I had
If you weren’t writing what else would you have been doing?
Christie: That’s a tough one. I was a technical writer right out of college and then fell
into computer programming. I’d probably still be working in that industry—and
wishing I was writing my own stories!
Thanks for stopping by Christie. 
Hope you’ve enjoyed your time here. 
Any last comments or words you want to say?
Christie: Thanks, Ing.  I’d like to just end with:
Long live romance!
Hope you guys enjoyed that. Christie’s books are really fun reads so make sure you check them out.  Christie has graciously offered 2 autographed copies of “Then He Kissed Me” to giveaway at As the Pages Turn.  If you’d like to win a copy please do the following: 

  • Leave a comment with an e-mail address below saying hi to Christie or questions you might have for Christie.  

The contest is open until Jan. 17th.

To find out more about Christie and her books go to:

If you missed my review of her first book in this series be sure to check it out here.

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  1. tmd

    Great interview! I’ve truly enjoyed the first two books in this series, such fun and sweet stories, and I’m really looking forward to Liam and Giuliana’s story and solving the mystery of what in the world happened with them in the past! And yes to wanting Kohl to get a HEA or his own story.

    tmdrury123 at cs.com

  2. Ing

    You are welcome everyone! I’m glad you guys have found Christie. She is great.

    Waving to PJ!

    Zina…I love, love, love bollywood movies. I’m a big Shahrukh Khan fan. I love his movies. I highly recommend Veer Zaara, Om Shanti Om, Dhoom II, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Faana, Mission Kashmir, and Kal Ho Naa Ho. Those are the ones that come to mind. I love the cinematography and the songs and dance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lagon but I have seen Bride and Prejudice. I love the actress in that movie. Ash Rai has the most beautiful eyes. I’ll have to e-mail you some other movies when I get home.

  3. Ing

    Waving hi to youo Christie! I’m almost done with Stevie’s book and I have to tell you that I really love Stevie and Jack. They are just too cute. And wow their first make out session in the cottage was HOT! Jack is just hot.

    So I have some questions for you. SPOILER ALERT! Don’t go further if you haven’t read Stevie’s book and don’t like SPOILERS.
    First I can’t wait to see how you resolve this triangle with Kohl, Liam and Jules.

    Since Kohl will be the odd man out and I really like him do you plan on doing a story for him eventually? Also will we ever meet the elusive other Bennett half sister? And I really hope we do get something for Seth. I really like him.

  4. Hi Christie,
    I am just like you when it comes to Harlequin romances I have more than enough of them yet I can’t stop getting more. The first book I ever read of yours was “This Perfect Kiss” and it was great, I love your books and cannot wait to read your new one.

  5. I’ve been on Coronado Island going over the bridge scares me, I do not like bridges. Yep Gold country, my brother was always panning for it in the Sacramento River he would find color now and then. Such good titles, I’ll be sure to check out your backlist.

  6. Hi, everybody! Thanks for the welcome. 🙂

    Zina: You have been all over California! I set two books in the San Diego area (Coronado): Must Love Mistletoe and Not Another New Year’s. I also used the gold country as a locale (fictional town) in First Comes Love and Then Comes Marriage.

  7. Hello Ing, Christie.
    Christie I was born in Oregon but we moved back to Calif where my mom was from when I was 11 months old. So I consider myself a native of both states since No. Calif is where I was raised. Redding, Marysville, So. Lake Take, Igo, Anderson,and Happy Valley oh and after I was married Vallejo, Lakeside and El Cajon down in the San Diego area. Yeah my dad worked for the state so we moved alot. I’ve been thru the Napa Valley and have seen the hot air balloons but we never have stoppped to visit but I know many people say it’s lovely. I love the titles and the covers esp. book 2 where he made the heart. I see you too are a fan of Robyn Carr’s I love her books as I’m from near that area and it’s like going home since I’m a Navy wife satationed clear across the country. Do you mention any of the places I listed I lived in any of your books? I love books that have mentioned places that are dear to my heart. Good luck on this series and I’ll definately be checking these out.

    Hey Ing as I’m writing this your favorite movies is scrolling next to it, wow chica I see we love a lot of the same movies including some Baliwood. Have you ever seen Lagon( not sure if I spelled it right) or the Bali version of Pride and Predjudice call Bride and Prejudice?? I’m going to have to check out some of the movies you have on there that I haven’t seen.
    seawitch6464@ yahoo.com

  8. PJ

    Great interview, Ing! Christie, you’re one of my auto-buy authors and I always look forward to your new books. I’ve loved both CRUSH ON YOU and THEN HE KISSED ME and can’t wait for Giuliana and Liam’s story!

    Ing, please don’t include me in the giveaway. I already have both books. Thanks!

  9. Christie, your books sound wonderful, where have I been? You are on my list now of have to books. Ing thanks for your blog and getting to know these wonderful authors.
    Hugs, Julie

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