Book Review – Everyone Loves a Hero by Marie Force

Posted by Ing on 23 February, 2011 // ★★ 7 Comments ★★


Book Review – Everyone Loves a Hero by Marie ForceEveryone Loves a Hero by Marie Force
Published by Sourcebooks, Inc. on February 1, 2011
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 416
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Fame has its perks…

Reluctantly famous, First Officer Cole Langston finds being in the spotlight has its advantages—until he meets Olivia. Having women throw themselves at him everywhere he goes becomes a serious problem when he's trying to convince her she's the one…

And its price…

Olivia has trouble trusting a guy like Cole, and everywhere she turns she sees reasons to run. But he's the only man who's ever seemed to understand her as an artist and as a woman…

Cole is working overtime to prove to Olivia that he's serious, but her deep seated mistrust and his entourage of unwelcomed fans may be more than they can overcome…

Be sure to check out my Q&A with Marie Force. Leave a comment and you could possibly win a copy of this book under the Q&A post with Marie.

My Synopsis:
The book opens with Cole Langston our hero on the ground coming to after being punched in the face. Cole was trying to intercede on behalf of the airport store clerk and calm the irritate customer. Next thing he knows he’s waking up with the beautiful store clerk hovering over him. Even with the swelling eye and headache, Cole finds himself reacting strongly to her. Cole who is a pilot and who just recently came back to work after his celebrity media circuit was not looking forward to the publicity that would come with this incident. He had been treated with hero status after he landed a plane and saved his co-pilot during a blizzard.

Olivia Robison couldn’t believe what just took place. She felt bad that the handsome man took that punch while trying to help her. Olivia experiences a strong awareness of Cole too as she watches over him after he was punched. After Cole is carted off by the paramedics Olivia realizes who he is. Olivia doesn’t expect to see Cole ever again but tries to get word to him through his airline company to thank him for what he did.

Weeks goes by and neither can forget the other. So when Cole’s flight schedule brings him back to the airport where Olivia works he searches out for her. The sparks are still there for both parties and a whirlwind courtship takes off.

My Review:
Cole is uncomfortable with his hero status. The ladies are throwing themselves at him which he takes full advantage of. Cole is not a relationship kind of guy so he is upfront with each and every one of the ladies that he’s not looking for anything serious and this is just fun. Even when he’s upfront the ladies are still heartbroken when he walks away hoping they’ll be the one to tame him. One of the many things I loved about Cole was after he meets Olivia, dude seriously falls hard. I mean I could literally hear his playboy ways hit the ground (kur-plop). He pulls out all the tricks to win Olivia. He wines and dines her, takes her on trips, encourages her in her real love which is art, and basically just loves the heck out of her. Cole is not perfect by any means. When he wants something he goes after it which could come off as pushy at times.

Olivia is a bit more cautious. I don’t blame her. She’s lead a more sheltered and less experienced life than Cole. Whereas Cole is older and has established his life and his career. She is still going to school and works at the airport to make ends meet. She lives with her parents to save up money. With that said there were times in the book especially towards the end that I just wanted to shake her and tell her to man up! LOL. I can’t blame Olivia for not trusting in this relationship 100%. It seems like everywhere she turned she was facing some ex-lover of Cole.

I enjoyed Everyone Loves a Hero. Every once in while I need to read something that doesn’t have magic, paranormal creatures, or murder mystery. This was a simple story of two people trying to navigate their way through a new relationship. It was cute watching them fall in love and trying to make things work. I really like following Olivia through this relationship and seeing her come out and discovering herself. There is plenty of hot sexing to keep me! My only complaint about this book was the speed in which the “I love yous” were said. The relationship had just started and they both hadn’t spent much time in my opinion for them to already be throwing that word out there. I think this was only after the second date which involved a busted condom too. Not that there are rules when you can say I love you but for me as a reader I couldn’t believe in those words yet. I hadn’t had enough time to feel like they were there yet. If that even makes sense.

Anyway – nice fast read. Cute storyline and fun characters. If you like a hot sexy pilot, a sweet heroine who is less experienced in life, long distance relationship and enough steamy scenes to keep you turning the pages then I recommend this book to you.

★★ Book was read in February 2011. I own my own personal eBook copy. ★★

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7 Responses to “Book Review – Everyone Loves a Hero by Marie Force”

  1. Ing

    @ Marie – I’m so glad I discovered your books this year. I bought almost all your backlist and will be reading them for the next couple of months. Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll write something for Tucker! 🙂

    And too funny about your cousin. Wow finally married at 43.

    @VFG – the allure of those unattainable men is freaking potent. It’s like they have a bulls eye on them. I’m glad you liked my review.

    @Barbara – LOL girl! Marie did a wonderful job of showing that Olivia was different. Poor Cole never had a chance! If you read this I would love to see what you think of it.

    @Blodeuedd – Yep lots of awwwww moments indeed and Yowza moments for me. This was a sweet love story.

    @ Jules – I have no freaking clue about pilots but I think you’ll enjoy it. Where have you been woman?

  2. Vamp,
    You’ve just described two of my favorite cousins. However, I am pleased to report that one of them has fallen. Engaged last weekend at just shy of 43. There is hope! His brother, on the other hand… Has a LOVELY girlfriend, but he’s had lovely girlfriends before. 🙂

    Hope you enjoy the book!

    So glad you loved the book and got a few sigh-worthy moments from it!

    Gulp! Hope I got it right! Thanks for checking out the book!

  3. Okay! You’re review has me interested. The only thing that has me kind of antsy is the hero pilot aspect. Being a pilot, if writers get that area wrong, it just kind of irks me. But I will give it a try now. Thanks! 🙂

  4. “I mean i could literally hear his playboy ways hit the ground (kur-plop).” LOL! That was cute! You had me laughing.

    Wonderful review, Ing. I’ve been eyeballing this one for a while now and it is on my wishlist. I have every intention of reading it. Like VFG, I get the ladies wanting to be the one to tame the playboy. Who wouldn’t want to be “THE ONE” 😉

  5. I have a friend – actually he’s my hubby’s friend – but the guy is the same as Cole in the ladies department. He’s up front with the girls letting them know that he’s not into marriage and never will be. He’s committed enough to be boyfriend/girlfriend but with that being said, every time around the two year mark, the girls get restless, toss him the ultimatum and he shows them the door. It’s sad really, how a lot of girls feel that they’ll be the one to tame the bad boy. Honestly, I don’t think anyone can tame this guy but I do see the allure.

    And I agree, sometimes it’s nice to break away from paranormal to enjoy a nice contemporary romance. It’s been a good while since I’ve done that.

    Glad you enjoyed this one, Ing. Great review as always. And I so dig your honesty. 🙂

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