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Good morning peeps!  I love books set in the highlands.  There is just something sexy about those rugged men of Scotland.  Is it the kilt, the sexy Scottish accent, the way they can handle a sword :), the love for their country and ways??  Anyway I had to jump at the chance to join this tour today.  How cute is that From Scotland with Love!  Love it.  Anywhoo–Kira Morgan one of the authors participating in this tour was kind enough to answer my question: WHY DO YOU THINK THE ROMANCE GENRE HAS SUCH A


First, let me say I’m delighted to be here among fellow fans of historical romance! 

Whether your reading taste runs to Regencies or Westerns…the War of the Roses or the War Between the States…ladies in hoop skirts or men in tights…almost everyone has a soft spot for stories set in Scotland.

What’s up with that?

Why do we love Highland heroes?

Is it possible that Gerard Butler alone is responsible for the allure of Scotsmen?  Or would we sigh over anyone in a kilt?

I have a theory.

It isn’t really about the kilt.  But it has something to do with the kilt’s significance.  You see, the kilt is sort of like the historical equivalent of your dad’s favorite power tool—the one he swears can do anything from dismantling the garbage disposal to rebuilding a car.

Any Highlander worth his sporran can use his plaid against the fierce Scots weather, bed down in it at night, then sweep it up and sling it around his hips in the morning.  He can also cook an oatcake on his shield, bathe in a snow-fed stream, and wield a claymore, the biggest two-handed blade known to man.

In short, he’s a man’s man.  No one is tougher, brasher, franker, brawnier.

Living in the Highlands is hard.  The wind is mostly cruel.  The soil is mostly rock.  The cottages are mostly isolated.  It takes a special breed of man to survive in that kind of environment.

The Highlander is that man—as tough as Scots thistle—and he’s as unapologetically macho as they come.

So why—in an age of enlightened feminism—are we attracted to such an unlikely hero?  What is it about that rugged mountain man with the shaggy hair, a scruffy chin, bulging calves, and a snarl of a Scottish brogue that sets our hearts racing?

I think the fact that women ARE more empowered makes them crave more powerful heroes.  A blatantly masculine Highlander is the perfect foil for a self-assured heroine.  Nothing sets up more excitement, conflict, and sexual tension than pitting a woman who insists on having her way against a man who’s used to taking what he wants.

In my book, SEDUCED BY DESIRE, Drew MacAdam may be a counterfeit Scot, but he’s fully aware of the baggage that comes with the role.  He knows a Highlander is larger than life, walks with a cocky swagger, and is more than a wee bit rough around the edges.  It’s a good thing, too, or else he’d be mowed down by the heroine—fiery-tempered, trews-wearing, kick-arse Lowlander, Josselin Ancrum.

See if SEDUCED BY DESIRE keeps you up all night, and let me know if “Highlander” Drew puts YOUR trews in a twist!  Friend me at  Follow me on  And find me at, where you can enter a sweepstakes to win the silver thimble that Drew gives to Jossy!

How about you?  What is it about hunky Highland heroes that sets your heart a-flutter?

What a great post Kira.  I like your logic!  You said “Gerald Butler” and I just melted in a puddle over here!  I love me some Gerald!  Yummy!  Kira and Amanda Scott are the two authors on this tour today that was brought to you by the awesome folks at Forever Romance an affiliate of Grand Central Publishing. 
Courtesy of the fine folks mentioned above we have Kira and Amanda’s latest releases to giveaway!  Three copies of each book to giveaway in fact!  That means six winners!  Whoo-hoo!  If you are interested in winning HERE ARE THE RULES AND DETAILS:
  • Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only
  • No P.O. Boxes please. 
  • Winners are subject to the one copy per
    household rule. This means if you win the same book in two different
    contests, Hachette will only send you one copy of the book. 
  • Books will be sent directly from the publisher. 
  • You MUST leave a comment with your e-mail address if it’s not on your profile so I can contact you if you win.
  • You MUST tell me which book you want more if you win.  If you don’t care which one state that please!
  • You MUST answer Kira’s question: What is it about hunky Highland heroes that sets
    your heart a-flutter?
  • Giveaway ends March 12th

Here are more details on the books up for grab:

Click HERE to read an excerpt of this book

Cover Blurb:  
A woman seeking vengeance for her mother’s death. 
Ancrum–a beautiful war orphan raised in a man’s world–leaps at the
chance to retaliate against the English by becoming a spy for the newly
crowned Scots Queen Mary.  But an irresistibly handsome suspect charms
his way into her heart, and she’s soon up to her pretty neck in royal

A man trying to forget his father’s sin. 
Armstrong–a master swordsman with no appetite for battle–flees his
native England to live quietly among the enemy as Highlander Drew
MacAdam.  But when the lovely and spirited Josselin threatens Drew’s
peace–stirring his blood and inviting danger, the brawny warrior can’t
resist coming to her rescue.

Drawn together by fate, Drew and
Josselin are swept up in their growing desires and the designs of their
warring queens, until they uncover the terrible secret that binds their

Are these star-crossed lovers doomed by their tragic past, or will they be…

Seduced by Destiny?

Click HERE to read the first Chapter of this book

Cover Blurb:
Known as the Mackintosh
“Wildcat,” Lady Catriona would do anything to defend her clan. But when she discovers a
wounded warrior on her family’s land, Catriona’s devotion is tested.
Igniting her passions with the softest touch, this powerful stranger tempts her in
the most intimate way-and keeps a dangerous secret…
In the midst of war, Sir Finlagh
Cameron swore an oath of vengeance against the Mackintosh chieftain. Now face-to-face with his enemy’s daughter, Fin of the Battles falters. Her wild beauty
and spirit arouse a hunger the
battle-weary warrior can’t conquer,
and provoke a terrifying choice.
Surrendering to desire would break
his vow. Revenge would threaten Catriona’s life. For their love to
triumph, the two must do the unthinkable: challenge the fierce loyalties that
rule the knights and clans of Scotland.


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  1. Anonymous

    Great post. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I haven’t read a historical novel in years, but that is what I grew up reading. Just in the past 2 years I’ve gotten sucked in by CR books. But,
    I’m sure this would be a great read and something I could share with my book club at the library I work at. Thanks

  2. The Highlanders have a rugged appeal and do all their daring deeds while wearing a kilt. Then they utter their tender words to their women in their mind-melting scottish brogues. Either one of these books would be appreciated.

  3. I would like to win Highland Maters by Amanda Scott. Highland men are soooo rugged and believe in caring and protecting their women. I am from Scotish decendents myself. Who can resist the accent. It just makes me go all week in the knees.
    Mary Campbell

  4. I would love to win Highland Master. I love Highlanders, because of their kilts, their accents, their strong sense of family, and their determination.

  5. I do occasionally love me some highlander heroes. Why? Well, their accent for one. Everything just sounds sexier in a Scottish brogue, does it not? And plus these guys are seriously manly. The harsh environment has weeded out those scrawny, incapable types from surviving, thus, due to natural selection, we’re left with a man who can protect, provide, and withstand against incredible odds. There’s just something incredibly sexy and incredibly conforting to be in the arms of man like that.


  6. I think what sets my heart aflutter the most is the imagined Scottish accent and the knowledge of what’s under (or what they’re not wearing under) that kilt!

    I’d be happy winning either book!!! Love both of these authors!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  7. I would love to win either book 🙂

    What sets my heart a flutter with hunky highland heroes would be their accent and the alpha hero goodness, such as their protectiveness and devotion.


  8. Either book.

    Hunky Highland Heroes: my ancestors are from the Highlands so I guess that’s why that sets my heart a flutter

    pocokat AT gmail DOT com

  9. Great post. What is it about a Highlander I love..I’d say their accent,their loyalty,protectiveness and oh that kilt 🙂
    I would like to win either book.

  10. I love highlanders one main reason the accent but I love the He man , protect their woman at any cost. and when they have to fight swinging those swords now that is sexy. oh yea and the kilts :).

    I wouldn’t mind either book.


  11. What I love about hunky Highland heroes is definitively the accent. And that they’re so strong, masculine and determined.

    Both books sound great, so please count me in for both!

    marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Don’t even get me started on the accent! [sigh] I hope you all enjoy Seduced by Destiny. (ROFL, Carol L.–warming us up with all that praise for Highlanders, then posting “please enter me.”)

  13. What is not to love about Highlanders? THey are sooo strong, handsome, dedicated, determined to get what they want, etc.
    I would love to win a copy of Amanda Scott’s book! I loved her last trilogy and would love to read this book.

    manning_j2004 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  14. Great blog post. Oh Lord, what isn’t to love about a Highlander. I love Highlanders. Such a man’s man. So hard and yet tender, loyal and fierce etc etc. Not to mention their specific skills with a Kilt. :)I’d love to read Seduced By Destiny. I just read Amanda’s Highland Master and loved it.
    Please enter me.
    Carol L

  15. Great post!

    I just was looking at a couple of Amanda Scott’s books yesterday at the bookstore!
    What do I love about highlanders – oh the list.. accent, the tall dark handsome mysterious.. the kilts, the warriors..
    I could go on.

    I have no preference for which book 🙂 Either works!

    Knit Purl Stitch Read & Cook
    aislynnt(at)gmail dot com

  16. Thank you Kira for the great blog. Just couldn’t help but smile thinking of Highlanders with kilts and power tools. I love my Highlanders. There is just an earthyness to a tall, dark, brawny, and dangerous Highlander that sets my heart a flutter.
    I would love a chance to read Seduced by Destiny.

    rjofus(at)gmail(dot)com / NJ

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