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Hey everyone!  I’m still ALIVE!  It was a busy week at work. A lot of late hours..ughh!  By the time I got home each day I felt like a zombie.  Anyway I have some reviews to post later tonight and the Larissa Ione event next week is still on!  Have you read Eternal Rider? If you haven’t you need to. 🙂

For those who have e-mailed me I will respond soon.  I haven’t checked my e-mail at all this week…so I’m so sorry!  Anyway I have the cutest video to share today.  This video just had me smiling and made me want to go reproduce again just to have a little one running around like these two guys.  Watch it and I guarantee you’ll smile!  They are just freaking adorable. I love all the hand motions and the giggles are adorable!
I hope everyone has been doing wonderful.  How is your week going so far?

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4 Responses to “CUTEST VIDEO & I’M ALIVE”

  1. I saw this on the Today show! So cute! It really does appear that they’re having a conversation. An arguement almost…. 😉

    So happy you’re alive! LOL! Work sucks. I hope next week goes better for you.

  2. Hey Ing glad to see you’re back! Don’t tell me, work is very hard to reduce me to a braindead zombie too *sighs* Anyway the weekend is almost here, can’t wait 😀

    Yep, just saw this video yesterday, so cute! And it’s clear they are really talking, all the hand (and feet) gestures and rise in volume, so adorable! 😀

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