Monday Man Candy #15

Posted by Ing on 14 March, 2011 // ★★ 8 Comments ★★

Happy Monday morning.  It’s Spring Break week here in Texas and I’m so jealous of my daughter right now!  I totally want to sleep in late.  I feel sick suddenly! {{cough}}{{cough}} LOL!

Anyway stop by this week for my Q&A session with Julie James author of A Lot Like Love!  The book is wonderful.  She’ll be stopping by tomorrow 03/15.  Then Shannon K. Butcher will be stopping by Thursday, 3/17.  We’ll be talking about her newest suspense romance series, The Edge and her latest release Living on the Edge. 

Now on to the Monday Man Candy this week.  I present you with Juan Martin Hernandez.  He is an Argentine rugby player.  He’s scruffy and hot and looks good in action!  Enjoy and have a freaking great Monday.

Seriously! What is up with these guys have such nice bubble butts?

I love him!  Love the pics where he is scruffy the best!
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8 Responses to “Monday Man Candy #15”

  1. Ing

    I’m so glad you guys enjoyed Juan! You should check out his pics while he’s in action. To watch the muscles working on his body is a beautiful!

    @BLHmistress – isn’t it just wrong that his butt is that

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