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Good wet Monday morning everyone!  Yep I said wet!  It’s raining here and our dog just peed on my daughter’s floor.  I didn’t see it and stepped right into it with socks on.  The stinker knows he’s in trouble so he’s hiding under the couch. Sorry for depriving you of Monday Man Candy last week.  It was sad for me too!

Anyway this week I’m so excited to have the Demonica boys and Ares from Larissa Ione’s world visiting at the blog.  I had to do a date change so the visit will be happening later in the week.  Sorry about that!  I will be giving copies of Eternal Rider and copies of the whole Demonica series plus some swag.  So for those who haven’t experienced the Larissa Demons then you are in for a treat.  I’ll have details and all the fun stuff up tomorrow.  

Now I have a dreamy eye candy to present today.  He’s got dreamy melt in your mouth chocolate eyes and kissable puffy lips!  Very yummy and edible!  He’s a Venezuelan and Colombian model.  I give you Leonardo Corredor!  Enjoy ladies and be sure to put on a bip before viewing.  You know to catch the drool. 🙂

 Seriously those eyes!  SIGH!

  I like a man who knows how to enjoy himself!  SLURP!
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