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My daughter turned eleven last week! Gosh how time flies, seriously!  I remember when she was just a chubby little thing that would just lay there and drool and make cute cooing sounds and now she’s loud and talks non-stop! LOL! I took her and two other friends for a girls night out over the weekend. I need to remember to bring ear plugs, aspirin and my hubby next time so he could suffer too!:)

We have another great week here at the blog!  We’ll have some giveaways, guest post and Q&A’s so be sure to drop by the rest of the week.  You can see the full details to left.  Now on to my favorite part of Monday morning – the eye candy!  I present to you, readers of the blog, Nicholas Lemons.  He is an American model who sports some sexy tats!  He’s a pretty one ladies!  He makes me want to be bad just so he could spank me! LOL!

Anyway enjoy, get ready to drool and have a wonderful Monday!

 Now that is just art! Look his muscle definition? 

 This pic makes me tingle! He looks like he’s ready to give a good ride! 
 Seriously why doesn’t this ever wash up to the beaches I go to?

 Just SIGH! Another SLURP worthy pic! morning is complete! I can go out and conquer the work world today!  Now for the rest of you move along! Oh and you missed a spot of drool right on your chin! 🙂


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  1. Oh, yes, he is the perfect bad boy! The only thing I don’t like is the tatoo on his chest. I would like an unobstructed view of his awesome chest! 😉

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