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J.R. Ward just announced on her Facebook page that Tohrment’s book will be titled “LOVER REBORN” and it’s coming out end of March/beginning of April.  I have to be honest after Phury’s book I’ve been off the BDB boys for awhile.  I still buy the books but I haven’t read them yet. 

I am excited about Tohr’s book just because it’s Tohr and what he’s been through losing Wellsie.  I still remember the moment he realizes Wellsie was gone.  OMG..I cried buckets.  The pain the agony the horror of it all.  So I really want to see how his HEA plays out.  Anyone else excited about this?

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11 Responses to “BDB NEWS – TOHRMENT’S (aka TOHR) BOOK HAS A NAME”

  1. Ing

    @ Tina – Oh yea…Wrath’s book was something else. After that book I could never look at peaches the same

    I’ll catch up…and read the rest of the books after Phury before Tohr’s book comes out! It’ll be nice to catch up with them. My expectations of the book will be a bit different so I think I’ll it enjoy it more.

    @ Tyraa – It’s a wonderful series. For me though who read this book and became excited for it when it first came out it felt like the writing style and direction of the books did a 180 in the middle of the series. So that’s why I took a step back for a bit. Still a great series I think any paranormal lover should check out.

  2. I still remember reading the very first book. It grabbed you and never let go! I was deeply moved by the loss of Wellsie- the emotions were very intense. However, I too have put JR Ward down for a minute. I have but yet to read Lover Mine and Lover Unleashed. I just keep putting it off. I look forward to Tohr’s story I so want him to have a HEA.

  3. Ing

    @ Chele Blades – No I don’t think the series should end. Only JR can decide that. I will catch up before Tohr’s book just so I know what’s going on. Plus I want to find out more about the Qhay!

    @ Alexis – Oops…sorry girl. Pretend you never saw that.

    @ BLHmistress – After Phury I had to step away. I thought Phury and Cormia were cheated out of their story. So much going on that it wasn’t really about them. Plus it seemed like after Butch’s book the story were less about the couple and more about the world building.

    I can’t imagine anyone else replacing Wellsie but we’ll see…

    @ Escape by Fiction – I hope she does him justice. I’m excited that he’ll get his story. I think she did good moving his story and letting him heal. It’s much more believable that way.

  4. I agree with Phury’s book I was really disappointed not sure what I was expecting but it didn’t grab me like the others. Now I did Love Rehv’s book a lot , I haven’t read JM’s book or Payne’s yet but I do know I been waiting for Tohr’s book like forever I can’t imagine who can replace Welsie I just loved her 🙁

  5. Michelle – I am a die hard fan of BDB…I like all the books…tuff reading a couple though…but to miss then you miss what was happening to the other characters…this last book she has created a way to keep it going…which i hope she does…ending it (vampire lives are long) would leave me wondering…I know alot of her fans who are diappointed and thanks it should ocme to an end but I look forward to it!!!

    you should play catch up and …just like tv some episodes are better than others…but i do not want it canceled

  6. Ing

    @ Michelle – I think this was the first book I read where a major character was killed off. I had a feeling she was going to kill Wellsie’s character but Tohr’s reaction still gets me everytime.

    I’ll probably read the rest of the books before Tohr’s book.

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