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Blogger did some maintenance yesterday and most of the day today. Sorry for the unexpected break in the 5 Days of Sin with Sinners on Tour Event.  Apparently whatever they did knocked out the post I had yesterday of Myrna and Jessica’s interview and got rid of some of the comments left under Jace’s interview.  I’ll have both interviews back up this afternoon when I get off work.  For those that left replies I hate to do this but you’ll have to come back and leave a comment again.  I’m going to extend the giveaway date to May 16th instead because of all the blogger drama! 

Anyways check back later this afternoon for the Myrna and Jessica interview and the 10 Fun Facts and Jessica’s song.  In the meantime if you don’t see the comment that you left under Jace’s post please repost again!  No need to repost exactly what you had.  It sucks that it got rid of the comments since there was some awesome advice for Jace and ladies!  

********UPDATE DAY 4 AND DAY 5 IS NOW UP********
Here’s a link of all the post for easy access!  Enjoy!

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6 Responses to “BLOGGER ISSUES”

  1. Ing

    @VFG – it’s crazy. I’m not sure what the heck the fixed because what was broken is still broken..oh well!

    @Olivia – I hope so. They said they were going to restore but who knows how long that will take. Thanks for doing this again and your patience!

    @angel – thanks girl. The posts are up now so I’m hope you enjoy the rest.

  2. I will def check back later this afternoon! I want to know all there is about The Sinners and their ladies!!! I’d rewrite what I wrote yesterday but I don’t remember what I wrote:( Short term memory loss sux:))

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