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can still hear the crowd cheering all the way from inside of the dressing room;
I was escorted to. I’m waiting for Brian Sinclair and Trey Mills, my first two
interview subjects to walk through the doors any moment now.  Sinners had finished up their concert over an
hour ago and I’ve been pacing around the room. 
I nervously wipe my palms on my pants as I continue to wait for Brian and
Trey. I couldn’t believe my luck; I get to spend each night interviewing the guys
from Sinners, Myrna and Jessica.  I hear
footsteps approaching and I quickly stand up as the door opens.  Holy shit…I think to myself, talk about sweaty
hunks walking through the doors.  Rockers
don’t normally do it for me but these two give off some major sex pheromones.
clear my throat and introduce myself. “Thanks for letting me sit down with you
guys tonight. I really appreciate it. 
This shouldn’t be too painful,” I said. 
They both look me over and smile. 
I think I might’ve blushed a bit. 
I look down at my notepad and begin…….
Ing:  So hello again to the both of you.  I am so freaking excited to be here tonight. Thanks for letting me take up some of your time!   This is your first concert since the break you all took for Sedric to recover.  How does it feel to be back on the stage again tonight after the break? 

Trey: It’s about time Sed quit lazing around and got back onstage. What is he thinking taking a whole week off to recover?

Brian: Says the guy who spent almost a month tanning beside his parents’ pool. It feels great to get back on tour, Ing. Maybe this time, we’ll avoid injury long enough to finish our tour dates.

Trey: I was just kidding about Sed being lazy. I can’t believe his doctor gave him permission to sing. Quack.

Ing: How does it feel having your stories told to the public?  Have you read Olivia’s books on yourself and fellow band mate yet?  What did you guys think of the books?

Brian: I read some of Backstage Pass. Skimmed to the good parts, if you know what I mean.

Trey: The parts with me in it?

Brian: Yeah, that’s what I meant, Trey. I haven’t read Rock Hard. Sed forbids it. Says we have no business reading the mushy exaggerations of how he won Jess back.

Trey: Eric has read it like ten times. He keeps quoting Sed, who says he never said half that stuff to Jess.

Brian: I’m sure he said it. He’s just embarrassed that he’s so pussy-whipped. I want to read Jace’s book. I never know what that guy is up to.

Trey: His book will probably be three pages long. He has no life.

Ing:  If you’ve read the books were there anything you were surprised to find out about one another in either Brian’s or Sed’s book?  Any other stories you’d like to tell that’s not in the books? 

Trey: That Myrna has a nickname for Brian’s dick. She calls it-

Brian: Hey, shut up! You know, Olivia conveniently leaves out most of Trey’s sexual conquests. I don’t think anyone realizes how often this guy gets laid.

Trey: Not as often as you do.

Brian: That’s different. I’m married.

Trey: Which reminds me. Olivia is supposed to be releasing an epilogue to Brian’s book soon. Then everyone can see how nauseatingly lovey dovey Brian and Myrna are when they’re together.

Brian: I hope Olivia left out some of our wedding night.

Trey: Why; what happened?

Brian: Nothing.

Ing: So I really love the dynamics between the two of you.  I think it’s great how you’ve both been best friends since elementary school.  Can you go back and tell us a little about that day, the day you guys first met?  Who approached who and exactly how did you meet and become friends? 

Brian: Trey was getting his ass kicked by a bunch of bullies on the first day of school. I’d just moved in to the neighborhood and didn’t have any friends yet. Not sure why I sided with the loser. He was talking smack to those guys the entire time they kicked his ass. I guess I respected that.

Trey: I wasn’t getting my ass kicked. I was merely having my face introduced to the sidewalk. I’d already taken down a couple of them when you decided to say hey repeatedly until the principal showed up.

Brian: I still don’t know why they were trying to beat you up.

Trey: I kissed some girl not knowing one of the bullies thought she was his girlfriend. Later, she told me she was trying to make him jealous.

Brian: Figures. Anyway, while we sat in the principal’s office waiting for our parents to come pick us up, we started talking and discovered we both played guitar. Thought it would be cool to start a band.

Trey: And we did. We sucked.

Ing: What have been some of the greatest moments in your friendship and the worst moments in your friendship that you can share? 

Brian: The worst was having my honeymoon interrupted because some stubborn rhythm guitarist ended up in the hospital.

Trey: That did suck. Not as much as it sucked when I first quit smoking.

Brian: Okay, second that. You were intolerable.

Trey: Or when… Kara died.

Brian: Yeah, you’re right, that was the worst.

Trey: Sorry I brought it up.

Brian: We’ve had more good times than bad.

Trey: Yeah.
Ing:  You’ve done a lot together literally.  Brian in your book you had revealed that you and Trey did the dirty.  How the heck did that come about and how long did that relationship last? 

Brian: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
I give Brian the eye but the boy is mum about this one. Trey isn’t making eye contact! Well then….moving on!  

Ing: Brian congratulations are in order for you.  You finally got that classy professor, Myrna to marry you!  How does it feel to be a married man?  Are you planning on starting a family right away?  How have your groupies handled the news? 
Brian: Being married is great. I really can’t say anything about starting a family, yet. Hopefully soon. As for groupies, strangely I haven’t talked to many of them lately.

Trey: They complain to me about it.

Brian: Thanks for consoling them.

Trey: No problem.

Ing: Brian how is things with your parent’s now?  Were they happy for you about the marriage? 
Brian: My mom is still pissed that we didn’t have a big wedding. She wanted to have a huge ceremony and invite all of Hollywood. No, thank you. Dad is getting ready to head out on a reunion tour with his band and he’s taking her with him this time. It’s gotten her off my back a little. She doesn’t want grandchildren though. She’s made it perfectly clear that she’s too young to be a grandmother.

Ing:  {{Brian excuses himself and gets up to go to the bathroom}} I look over at Trey and lean forward….I’m glad to see you doing better.  You gave the fans a scare there for a bit.  How are you feeling now?

Trey: I’m good. Fingers work fine now. Ask anyone. *wink*

Ing: {{I blush a bit here, imaging how well Trey’s fingers probably work now. Snaps myself out of daydreaming}} Trey, since I have you to myself, how do you truly feel about Brian being married now?  After reading Brian’s book I got the feeling you love him as more than a friend.  I can’t imagine how you’re feeling.  I think Myrna knows how you feel too.  Has she ever said anything to you?
Trey: I’m glad Brian’s happy. And… that’s all I’m going to say about that. Myrna doesn’t know anything. It’s best if it stays that way.
Trey and I are both quiet for a moment. He looks down and I can’t help but feel my heart break for the guy! SIGH!

Ing: {{Brian comes back from the restroom, he stops and looks at the both of us…Ummm what did I miss?}}  I smile and say nothing!  So the band has technically been around 10 yrs now.  You guys are the two original members.  You’ve seen the band from the beginning to what it is today.  What have been some of the best and worst times during these 10 yrs?  
Brian: The transmission went out on our tour bus in the desert. We pushed it over a mile to the nearest service station only to find that Jon had spent our emergency cash on… something he shouldn’t have. We were stuck there for days.

Trey: The band meeting where Sed told Jon he was out of the band was pretty bad, too.

Brian: Yeah, but that first gold record was awesome.

Trey: And when we signed with the record label.

Brian: Our first sold out stadium.

Trey: Making the video for Twisted.

Ing: What are some of the best and worst qualities from your perspective of each band members including yourselves?  I’ll ask Sed, Eric and Jace this question too?

Brian: Sed is a good leader, but a total know-it-all.

Trey: Sed is softie, who pretends to be a badass.

Brian: Eric still hasn’t figured that out about Sed. So clueless. Eric is a musical genius. He has bad taste in hairstyles.

Trey: Eric makes jokes because he can’t handle anyone being sad. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Brian: Jace is a natural musician. Bad people skills.

Trey: I don’t get him at all. Like why does he put up with Eric? He’s a wimp. Yeah, I don’t get him.

Brian: Which is a strange thing for Trey to say. He gets everyone. Instantly.

Trey: I’m a mind reader. Actually, it’s body language. I watch a lot of bodies. Brian’s talent is his best trait. His worst? He’s married.

Brian: The married is the best part.

Trey: What’s good about me?

Brian: I already said, you get people.

Trey: That’s it?

Brian: Trey is comfortable with himself, which makes others comfortable with him.

Trey: Want to get comfortable with me?

Brian: The worst thing about Trey is he makes sexual innuendos out of every comment.

Trey: That’s bad?

Ing: Since you guys live in such close quarters most of the time while touring what are some of the good and bad things about living so closely?

Brian: You always have someone to talk to. The worst part? Odors.

Trey: Yep, odors.

Ing: You guys seem so free with one another.  I believe Eric has watched Brian and Myrna and he’s also watched Sed during sex and everyone seems comfortable being naked around one another.  Do you guys ever compare?  Who’s the biggest..come on do tell…lol!  

Brian: Jace. And it drives Eric nuts.

Trey: Speaking of Eric’s nuts.

Brian: I’d rather not.

Ing: Who’s the loudest during sex in your opinion? LOL…Yea I’m asking! 

Brian: Sed.

Trey: Definitely Sed. You can hear him outside the bus. It’s like a competition to him or something.

Brian: Well he does scream for a living.

Ing: What’s up with Eric and his voyeurism?  I know he participated in some of your time with Myrna, Brian..can we say hotel bathtub scene! {{get’s far away look and sighs…}} Right back to you! So my point is what’s up with that and has he watched before during your times, Trey?   

Brian: Eric has issues, but he’s fun so we forgive him.

Trey: He doesn’t bother me with it often. He’s afraid I’ll make a move on him. He flatters himself. He’s so not my type.

Ing:  I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind when I say Sed….go! 

Brian: mack

Trey: stud

Ing: Now Eric… 

Brian: hat

Trey: tall

Ing: Now Jace…

Brian: leather

Trey: silent

Ing: Now each other…

Brian: talented

Trey: sexy

Brian: sexy?

Trey: I mean, uh, talented

Ing: Where do you see yourself and the band years from now?

Brian: Married with children. Sinners will still be on tour.

Trey: Not married. No children. Sinners will definitely still be on tour.

Ing: Seriously thanks guys for indulging me and answering my questions?  Any last words any question you want to ask the readers of my blog?

Brian: What’s the best way to remind your woman you love her when you’re forced to be apart?

Trey: Seriously, Brian? Do you think about anything other than Myrna?

Brian: Not really.
I hope you all enjoyed that! How funny and sweet are those two friends. I can’t wait for Trey’s story. Now hopefully you’ll join me back here tomorrow and the rest of the week. Tomorrow we’ll have an interview with Sedric and Eric. That should be lots of fun. 
Now for the Day 1 giveaway I’m offering signed print copies of both Backstage Pass and Rock Hard. If you’d like a chance to win this prize see below for the rules and details.

  • Day 1 is open to US and Canada only
  • You have until May 15th to earn entry points
  • You MUST leave an e-mail address if it’s not on your profile in the comment for your comment to be counted as an entry
  • To
    earn prize entries you have to leave a comment or question for the
    characters or Olivia each day. If you have some advice for Brian let him know below as well. If you leave a comment everyday
    during the 5 days event you earn 5 prize entry points.
  • To earn extra points Twitter or Blog to spread the word about this event and you’ll earn 2 prize entry points for
    each social network pimpage!  You only have to social pimp this event
    once on any of the social network above.  So if you pimp this event on both you earn 4 prize entry points.


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  1. Ash

    Oh God they are both so YUMMY. I love the interaction between them, how they both play off of one another. Lucky Myrna getting both of them. My question is, will there be a repeat performance?

  2. Poor Trey. Great job on asking the hard hitting questions, Ing. I’m just bummed that we have to wait so long for Trey’s book. The boy needs an HEA for sure!

    No need to enter me in the contest.

  3. I would say Brian maybe when you can fly in and surprise her. Might not happen much but its those special few moments that count.


  4. I love you guys!!! I know I say it every time, but I do. Brian, you are such a lover. Myrna is sooooo lucky to have you. Trey, you have got to be one of the sexiest men I have ever seen…and I love that your such a flirt.

    Brian, I love a well-timed sext message…like when she’s in a meeting. She’ll lose focus and be thinking about you until she can get a moment to call to hear your voice. I also think skype and FaceTime have changed phone sex forever…so do that often!

  5. Ok just a bit of advice from a dear fan guys, Brian just give into Trey and become a threesome. Myrna would have it all, (two hot men) and Trey would have the love of his life just like the two of you do…Just saying and I would be one happy fan… lots of love

  6. Brian- you should send her something, not flowers or candy or anything staid like that, but somethign that only she would get.

    Trey when did you first realise that you like guys as well as girls, and when did you first admit it to anybody.


  7. Thanks for the interview. Sinners is an awesome group. I cannot wait to read everyone’s story.
    Brian,just be yourself for her. That’s all she wants.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  8. I loved Backstage Pass, and I can’t wait to read Rock Hard. I really can’t wait to read Jace’s story.

    jcross719 at yahoo dot com

  9. I’m not entering the contest (I’m international) but I gotta say that interview was awesome 🙂
    It totally reminds me why I can’t wait to read more of these books.

    Sorry Brian, I’ve got no advice for you. But really, it’s not like you need it.


  10. Ing~ Great interview!

    Brian~ I really enjoyed reading your story and I’m happy that you and Myrna tied the knot. Can I just say, your such a sweetiepie.

    Olivia~ Is it safe to assume that in Trey’s story his alleged feelings for Brian will be examined? perhaps made public?

    rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

  11. Okay just let me say this was one of the hotest interviews I have every read..
    I am new to your band.. But you have made me a fan.
    So yes I do want a chance to win these two books

    Question for Brian..When you have childre, what names would you pick for a dauther or a son?

    Question for Trey.. What is the first thing that attracts you to a new partner???

  12. I have got to get these books…they sound great. I have Backstage Pass on e-book, but with all my TBR pile, both print and e-book, I have not read it yet. I would love to win print copies of these two. US resident

    GFC: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  13. I used to skate, but haven’t had much time for it in the past decade or so. I like to hot tub. Preferably naked.

    I don’t really see the point of settling down with one person. Doesn’t it get boring?

    Cherry just tastes good to me. Do I look like someone who would put a dum-dum in my mouth? I like them big and hard.

  14. Thanks for the interview! I laughed so hard when Brian mentioned the lucky hat! Poor poor Eric! I’m excited for the next one, can’t wait to hear more about the other boys in the band *cough* Jace *cough*.Off to go pimp this page out! Thanks again!

  15. Great interview!
    Brian, I love the sticky note idea, then she finds them at random intervals.
    Trey, You are a great guy and you will find who you are supposed to be with just be patient.
    Cannot wait to read more about the group!!!!!

    froggykm at gmail

  16. Wow!! Loved the interview!
    Its great to learn more about the sinners!!!

    Question for Brian, do u always hear music when w/myrna??? Like every time or do u hav to concentrate?!?
    ohh n just call her or text her short message, at random times of the day..i bet u she will have a smile on her face the rest of the of the day;)
    p.s. she will b super anxious to see u!

    Love u guys!!
    tweeted this..

  17. It’s always great to learn more about elusive rock stars. You can’t always beleive what you google. 😉

    I do have question for Trey: Why cherry? Why not grape or strawberry or banana? Also, are they just regular Dum-Dum suckers (Which are too fricken small anyway. Good for a couple sucks and your done. I personally prefer something that lasts a little longer, but I digress.) or something like Tootsie Roll Pops or Blow-Pops?

    Dude, your mouth must be stained red from all those suckers. Hmmm, wonder if that transfers when you…

  18. Great interview guys.

    Brian….when far apart, I suggest hiding little notes around Myrna’s apartment where she wouldn’t normally look for them like taped to the inside of a cabinet or in the pocket of a favorite pair of pants or in the frig on her water bottle or … get the idea. Then, as she finds them, she’ll remember how much you truly love her. Also, drop a postcard in the mail every once in a while with a thinking of you, which you were here type of message. It’s the little things that count.

    Trey, congrats on getting yourself together. Love comes when you don’t expect it and sometimes in places you don’t look. Enjoy being single and if that’s how you end up, than you’ll have some fantastic memories and will still have some fantastic friends. Don’t look so hard at what you can’t have but look towards what may be.

    Have a great tour and thanks for taking the time to do that interview

  19. Christy- A gift that reminds me of something special between us? Like a vibrating co- em… yeah, gotcha.

    trishd & Darci- There are other hobbies besides music and sex? Are you sure about that? Oh yeah, tattoos.

    Kristin- If Myrna wants to. I know Trey is game. The only thing I’d do differently is add more “equipment” and try not to let the music writing break my concentration.

    Emily (and Autumn)- Eric prefers to watch if he can participate afterwards and since I know he has a crush on my wife, he’s not touching her. I doubt he’ll ask. As for the hat, Eric takes a joke really well. He’ll probably try to get me back somehow though.

    Brandi- I keep her in bed most of the time. Myrna knows I have no interest in groupies. She trusts me.

  20. Man, oh MAN I love these guys! All of them. Every time I think I like one best, then another does something so hot, and so sweet…I’m looking forward to hearing more about Jace. I do love the dark, secretive ones!

  21. I’m so excited to see interviews with all of the band! All the best to you Brian. Just remember to make each moment together count and that some times the best moments are the most normal ones. Trey, I’m sure you’ll find more special people to fill your life. (Also I’m willing to help! 🙂 )

  22. Wow! Thanks so much for the interview and getting a glimpse of the interaction between Trey and Brian. I actually have advice for Trey, through out the interview you stated you would never get married and love living life remaining single. I have feeling since you are so set on living that life you will meet someone will throw all those thoughts right out of the tour bus. What would you do when that occurs? remain in denial? My question for Brian is how to you plan to keep Myrna to continue to fall in love with you? How will you make her feel special when your groupies are so set against her?

  23. Emily

    First off, loved Backstage Pass, guitarists always have struck me as hopeless romantics. My question though would be for Brian, would you ever allow Eric to watch again, and what would you do when he finds out about your lucky hat? Let her know you can’t wait to see her!

  24. I love the interview and the only question I would ask Brian is if he will Myran again with Trey? And, if so what would he do differently?

  25. What an awesome interview with such talented AND sexy men. My question for both Brian and Trey is this-besides your love of music and uh…sex,…is there something that you secretly love to do that makes you happy that no one knows about? And that would surprise us? I know it’s hard to have secrets in such a cramped living space on the tour bus and all.

  26. Jen

    Awesome interview guys!!! And thanks to Olivia for giving us the “inside” scoop on your romantic lives in her awesome books!!! Can’t wait for the rest of the interviews, and the books on the other guys too!!! 😉

  27. Thank you for the interview it was awesome! It was cool to learn how the guys thought about each other and revealed a few things that we didn’t already know! Brian, its the little things…call for no reason, send her a gift that would remind her of something special between the two of you, but most of all let her know that you miss her as much as she misses you! Great to hear from you guys, have a great day!

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