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think Sed and Eric have decided to ditch the interview session since I’ve been
waiting for over an hour and half. It’s been that long since I wrapped up my
session with Brian and Trey. Well shit, what do I do?  Do I go look for them or do I stick around
for another 30 minutes? I decide to stick it out. I’m about to sit down when
the door suddenly opens and in walks Sed and Eric. Whoa..these two make an
imposing picture together. They are over six feet of hotness! I think my tongue
literally rolled out of my mouth and hit the floor.  I touch my lips to make sure I didn’t drool.
smirks and quirks his eyebrow at me. Ummmm…shit my hands are sweating like
crazy! I wipe my hands and introduce myself. “Let’s get this interview over
with…I have a special lady waiting for me,” said Sed as he walks in and goes to
lean against the wall.  Well alrighty
Ing:  Thanks for letting me take up some of your
time tonight!   How does it feel to be
back on the stage again tonight after the break you guys recently had?  Is the vocal cords ok Sed?
Sed: The cords are healing. I’ve promised a certain someone that I talk
as little as possible.
Eric: And I’m supposed to make sure he keeps that promise. If anyone else
gets injured in this band, I’m going to start wearing a suit of armor.
Sed: You would.
Ing: How does it feel
having your stories told to the public? 
Have you read Olivia’s books on yourself and fellow band mate yet?  What did you guys think of the books?
Sed: It doesn’t bother me. I’m used to publicity and people making up
stuff about me.
Eric: Except in this case, it’s all true.
Sed: Not all of it. I don’t moon over Jessica that much.
Eric: I’ll moon her, if you don’t want to.
Sed: Don’t start, Eric.
Ing:  If you’ve read the books were there anything
you were surprised to find out about one another in either Sed’s or Brian’s
book?  Any other stories you’d like to
tell that’s not in the books? 
Sed: Brian asked Myrna to marry him the first day he met her. No wonder
she was freaked out.
Eric: I never realized how much Sed hurt him.
Sed: Yes, I’m an asshole. Moving on.
Ing: Eric when your
story comes out eventually what is it you’d like the readers to get out of your
Eric: A boner. Guys mostly read these books, right? I don’t want any
chicks reading about me.
Sed: I’d be embarrassed to be you, too, Eric.
Eric: Bite me.
Ing: If you could’ve
titled your book what would have you titled it?
Eric: Five Little Hotties Jumping Me In Bed
Sed: They definitely must’ve bumped their heads if they’re jumping you.
Eric: Shut up. Your book should be called Jessica Owns Sed’s Balls
Sed: She’s just leasing them for now.
Ing: As for you Sed, if
you could title Eric’s book what would you title it?
Sed: Done In 60 Seconds
Ing: What
about the other boys…any other titles you would have chosen for the published
and to be published books?
Eric: Brian’s should’ve been called a Tale of Two Titties. Myrna has a
gorgeous pair. Can I say titties on your blog, Ing?

Ing: Say whatever the heck you want, Eric! 

Sed: Trey’s will be Lord of His Fly.
Eric: Or Ben in Hur and Him. Jace’s would be Moby’s Dick Is Jealous
Sed: You’re jealous.
Eric: Not really. That thing is a liability.
Ing:  I think Olivia does an absolutely wonderful
job of conveying the camaraderie between all of you guys in the band.  How long did it truly take you all to gel as
a group would you say?  Could you
pinpoint that one moment when you guys knew holy shit we’ve really got
something good going here? 
Sed: I knew we were destined for greatness the second I heard Brian and
Trey play guitar together. Then Eric started singing and, well, that had to go.
He’s lucky we let him play drums.
Eric: I’m lucky?
Sed: Yeah, you’re lucky. I think the entire band rallies around Brian
and Trey’s long-term friendship.
Eric: I’m lucky?
Sed: Yeah, that’s what I said, you’re lucky. We all have a similar
vision and keep our focus. That’s why we get along so well.
Eric: I think it’s a little more complicated than that.
Ing: What have been
some of the greatest moments in your friendship and the worst moments in your
friendship that you can share? 
Sed: Riding in Eric’s car is beyond horrible.
Eric: You’ll pay for that comment, Lionheart. Especially after I spent
last night in jail with Jace thanks to you. And then you wouldn’t even come
bail us out.
Sed: I was on a boat. Didn’t get your message until this morning.
Eric: Good thing Aggie took pity on us. There was a guy in our cell
eyeing my ass. I probably should have taken my chances with the inmates. Aggie
bailed us out and took us to her hotel, but wouldn’t let me sleep in their bed.
She made me sleep in the hallway because I wouldn’t shut up.
Sed: I need to meet this chick. She sounds awesome.
Eric: She’s way too fine for little man.
Ing:  So Eric what is up with your voyeurism?  Do you still watch Sed now that he’s with
Jessica?  Sed if he hasn’t been would you
ever invite him to watch again? 
Eric: He won’t let me participate with Jessica, so no thank you.
Sed: Not interested in an audience with Jess.
Ing: Since you watch,
Eric…who has the best moves in your opinion between the sheets..?? lol
Eric: Me.
Sed: Yeah, right.
Ing:  Sed are you still walking on cloud nine now
that you and Jessica are back together? 
Do you guys have the wedding all planned out yet?  How long are you going to wait before you
make an honest woman out of the girl finally?
how are you and the guys handling the Sed and Jessica love fest?  Are you nauseated   
Sed: We’re not talking about wedding plans until she’s done with school.
So ask me again in a year.
Eric: Sed and Jess aren’t half as nauseating as Brian with Myrna.
Sed: You don’t think so?
Eric: Not even close.
Sed: I guess I’ll have to try harder. Can’t let Brian one up me.
Eric: Oh God. What have done?
Ing:  So Olivia the awesome was nice enough and is
allowing me to share the song you wrote for Jessica.  Are you nervous about me putting that
up?  Did you ever get to sing it to her
yourself yet and what did she think? 
Sed: You must have missed tonight’s concert.
Eric: Oh yeah. She liked it. Why do you think we were so late for this
Ing:  So Eric are you worried you’ll be the next to
fall in love since it seems like the guys are dropping like flies and strapping
on the ole’ ball and chain?  Who would be
your dream woman? Actually can you even see yourself getting married?  Sed can you describe who the perfect woman
for Eric would be?
Eric: I wouldn’t mind getting married. She’d just have to love me for me.
Sed: That’s a tall order. But he’s right. That’s exactly what he needs.
Too bad he’s a doormat who attracts gold diggers.
Eric: I think your describing yourself.
Ing:  Eric, what’s up with you and Jace?  Why do you pick on the poor guy so much?  And what are you hiding, behind all the jokes
you’re cracking?  Sed any thoughts on
Eric: Nothing. He’s just fun to mess with.
Sed: Eric had a messed up childhood. He wants everyone to be happy.
Eric: Where did you come up with that?
Sed: I heard Myrna talking to Brian about you.
Eric: Myrna was talking about me? Sweet!
Ing: So the band has
technically been around 10 yrs now. 
Neither of you are original members. But since you’ve joined what have
been some of the best and worst times during your times with the band?  
Sed: Other than Jace, we’re all original members of Sinners. Sinners is
my band. That suckage group, Crysys, was a disaster.
Eric: That’s why you wanted to join. Because we were a disaster. Yeah,
Sed. That makes sense. That’s the same reason I wanted to join. Brian and Trey
suck. The curse on this new album is the worst thing going on right now. Before
that it would be all the problems we had with Jon.
Sed: Jon is gone now. Don’t give the guy another thought.
Eric: He was my best friend, Sed.
Sed: He was using you, dude. How many times do I have to tell you that?
Eric: He wasn’t using me. He’s… lost.
Sed: And he doesn’t want to be found. Forget him, Eric. He’s toxic.
Ing:  What are some of the best and worst qualities
from your perspective of each band members including yourselves?  I’ll ask Brian, Trey and Jace this question
Eric: Jace is short. That’s both the best and worst thing about him.
Sed: Eric doesn’t get when he’s taken a joke too far.
Eric: There’s no such thing as taking a joke too far.
Sed: Trust me, there is. Jace never causes a problem, but Trey and
Brian’s bromance gets a bit excessive at times.
Eric: It makes the fangirls wet.
Sed: Well, I’m not a fangirl.
Eric: The worst thing about Sed is…
Sed: What?
Eric: Nothing. Sed’s perfect.
Sed: That’s what I thought you were going to say.
Ing: Since
you guys live in such close quarters most of the time while touring what are
some of the good and bad things about living so closely?
Sed: Small bunks. You learn to sleep without moving.
Eric: That does suck. Jace has plenty of room.
Sed: Yes, we all get that you’re taller than Jace.
Eric: The best part is having plenty of available victims for pranks.
Ing:  You guys seem so free with one another.  Eric you’ve watched Brian and Myrna and also
watched Sed during sex and everyone seems comfortable being naked around one
another.  Do you guys ever compare?  Who’s the biggest..come on do tell…lol! 
me just say that I asked Brian and Trey this question and they said Eric is
jealous of the one who is gifted with the big…I’m just saying!
Sed: Let’s just say none of us have ever been made fun of in a locker
Eric: I’m not jealous. Maybe a little concerned for his back. Lift with
the knees, little man.
Ing:  Who’s the loudest during sex in your opinion?
Don’t look at me like that…you have to  
Sed: No contest. I am.
Eric: No lie. You need two forms of protection in one of Sed’s groupie
orgies. Willy protection and hearing protection.
Sed: Maybe some eye protection, too. But I’m not into that group stuff
Eric: …sigh
Ing:  How do you guys feel about having ladies
around on the bus now?  I know you love
it Sed.  Eric has it cramped your style
having two ladies around? 
Sed: Changing the bed sheets four times a day gets old. We need another
bedroom on the bus.
Eric: They won’t let me make scrambled eggs.
Ing:  I want you to say the first thing when I say
Sed: genius
Eric: beer
Ing: Now Trey… 
Sed: harmony
Eric: poke
Ing: Now Jace…
Sed: secret
Eric: short
Ing:  Now each other…
Sed: audience
Eric: badass
Ing:  Where do you see yourself and the band years
from now?
Sed: Married to Jess with five kids and another on the way. Pregnant
women are sexy. Sinners will be international super stars. And we’ll have more
platinum records than Elvis Presley.
Eric: Dude, you’re crazy.
Sed: Where will you be?
Eric: Wherever you are.
Ing:  I want to thank the both of you for indulging
me today?  You guys are the bestest.  Any last words or any question you want to
ask the readers of my blog?
Sed: If Sinners were to visit your city, where would you suggest a guy
take his lady for some sight-seeing?
Eric: He means to have some public sex with Jess.
Sed: I didn’t say that.
Eric: It’s true though, isn’t it?
Sed: Jess wants me to be more discreet.
Eric: So you ask about it in an interview?
Sed: Was that wrong of me? Forget I asked that. But if you want to
answer it anyway, that would be okay.
Well those two were Eric is going to be a handful for whoever finally lands that boy! I hope you enjoyed that. If you missed my interview session yesterday with Brian and Trey you can click HERE to go enjoy it. Check back tomorrow for my interview with Jace. 
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  1. Ash

    I live in such a small town sometimes it seems as though you can see the whole thing standing in one place so I can’t see Sinners playing here any time soon, though I wouldn’t be complaining if they did. Hot stuff.

    Not a lot of places for semi-private rendevouz’s though. Lots of really nice parks around if you want to give that a shot. But personally I’d recommend hitting up one of the beaches, fairly short drive, those shadowy piers gotta be good for something. ;D

  2. Great interview guys!

    Sed, there are some great secluded waterfalls where I live. That way you can see some pretty sites and be private lol!

    rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

  3. Ahhhhh! I loved the second to last comment between Sed and Eric:

    “Sed: Where will you be?
    Eric: Wherever you are.”

    So cute! I love these guys. All the guys really but all this talk about Jace and secrets has me so wound up for his book!!

    No need to enter me in the contest.

  4. I love you guys!!! Sed, you are bigger than life, and Eric, you are just hysterically funny and adorable. I live near Chicago…so the Sears Tower is a must for the elevator ride alone…that Odyssey boat cruise. All the clubs and blues bars are fun too.

    So Eric what is your idea of a perfect date?

  5. Great interview. The boys sound so real and I love how they get along. I haven’t red Sed’s book yet (though I really, really want to) and this gave me peeks into what happens, making me want to read it more. I’m not really sure where is good for sight-seeing, sorry.
    I’d love to ask Olivia how she came up with so many different and distinctive characters in the band, they’re one of the best bits of the book.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  6. Shell

    Sed – In Ohio, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie, or Cedar Point!! Cedar Point could be very interesting!!!

  7. i’m in brooklyn- not far from dumbo which would be my suggestion…beautiful views and lots of less roads less traveled. though there was a recent conversation involving the manhattan bridge pedestrian walkway…though i don’t know about sight lines to the cars… 😉

    sourire9182 AT

  8. Are we sure Eric is completly straight he keeps giving off vibes…..I’m jsut saying. 🙂

    Sed come to VA we have lots of fun historical places to tour or if Jess want’s more privacy then may I suggest the cliffs at Yorktown, pretty senic beach with less of a risk of being caught on camera again.

  9. I am loving the Sinners and these interviews. They are awesome. I just finished reading Rock Hard and am now such a Sinners Fan. I can’t wait to read about the rest of the guys and look forward to each interview.
    Olivia, you and your Sinners are amazing. Pleaaaase write faster. 🙂

    rjofus AT gmail DOT com

  10. emily c

    these two are charming together! though I have to say that i’m still one for the string masters! cant wait to read jaces interview, though i must say, poor eric needs to find another outlet or his frustration then banging his head against the wall. (or table as the case may be). as for Sed….Bloomington is a college town…so you can draw your own conclusions, but i will say….empty clssrooms!

  11. emily c

    these two are charming together! though I have to say that i’m still one for the string masters! cant wait to read jaces interview, though i must say, poor eric needs to find another outlet or his frustration then banging his head against the wall. (or table as the case may be). as for Sed….Bloomington is a college town…so you can draw your own conclusions, but i will say….empty clssrooms!

  12. Great job on this interview too! You’re doing a great job! I love how Sed and Eric react to one another.
    Sed if you come to Tucson there are a lot of secluded places where you can enjoy the sunset with Jess. Can’t wait for Jace’s interview tomorrow! I should go worship Olivia or something for creating such awesome characters!

  13. I can’t wait for Eric to fall in love! He just makes a girl want to smile and hug him… after doing something naughty in public so he can watch!

  14. Sed, if you are ever in southern, southern MD, you’ll have a choice of lots of beaches…..some more private than others but with water surrounding us, lots of beaches. Actually, if you want private, there are a few islands that you can visit. Sorry, nothing really touristy around here except St Mary’s City. It’s near the college so you might have some problems keeping away from your fans.


  15. This interview was even better than yesterday–Thank God the little ones weren’t home. I laughed out loud and peed my pants…**changes panties, and comes back** I fall a little more in love with Sed every day, even though Jace still owns me.
    Sed, if you ever come to Greenville, SC–there is this wicked nice park in Downtown…Reedy Falls River park.. You and Jess should uh, … check it out.
    And what the hell did you mean by poke when describing Trey?

  16. Eric and Sed its amazing how you are able to click and get along so well. Sed, I live near Washington, DC if you come there are several areas you can get a little more adventuresome with Jess. The national monuments, or botanical garderns would definitely play into your exhibitionist qualities. I am sure you can be discreet since you are so quiet when you make love. Eric, who are you going to watch now since Brian and Sed have closed their doors to you? Good luck on your album and I hope no more tragedies befall you!

  17. A nauseating love fest competition….I love it! I’ve never heard to much from Eric at once that wasn’t a running joke, I’ve got to say I’m more interested in him now than ever. Great interview!

  18. I love these guys! I’ve always said Jace was my favorite, but I think Eric is favorite now. He’s so funny and cocky and cute.

    jcross719 at yahoo dot com

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