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and Myrna have kidnapped me and we’re at a diner near the concert area. I would
say its ladies night but Brian and Sed didn’t want their ladies out of their
sight so those two hotties are parked 3 booths down from us. I shake my head
and turn to the ladies.
they are pretty. I seriously hate! 
So ladies thanks so much for sitting down with me. It took a lot of
begging and begging before they agreed to let me talk to you guys.  Myrna and Jessica look at each other and
shrug! “We’re not surprised,” they both replied and smile.  I don’t want to keep you both too long so
let’s get started.  I’m sure they are
anxious to have you all to themselves…
Ing: Myrna congratulations to you on the
marriage and congratulations to you Jessica on the engagement.  Are you ladies ever shocked at where you are
right now in your lives?
Myrna: If you would have told me six months ago that I would meet Brian
Sinclair, I would have asked you what you’d been smokin’. If you’d have told me
I’d be married to anyone (much less that sexy beast), I’d have had you sent in
for a psychiatric evaluation. Shocked? You might say that. And yet, it feels
Jessica: I never thought I’d see Sed again. I sure didn’t think I could ever
love him again.
Myrna: I knew. The moment I saw you behind the stadium—all fire and fury—I
thought to myself, that woman has what it takes to keep Sed in line. And I
already knew how much he loved you.
Jessica: He’s settled quite a bit in the past week. That duct tape sure
comes in handy.
Myrna: Duct tape has nothing to do with it.
Ing: How are you both coping with the
changes in lifestyle?
Myrna: Living on the tour bus was fun. Truly. Never a dull moment with
Sinners. The guys tease and joke around, but they’ve been so accepting it’s
impossible not to want to be a part of that. I miss them now that I’m back at
work in Kansas City. I’m not supposed to be here tonight. I had to take a
personal day and have a red-eye flight back home.
Jessica: I’m sure Sed will come home whenever he has the chance. I’m
prepared to get zero studying done when he’s home.
Ing: How is the groupie research coming
along?  Are you wrapping up on that yet,
Myrna?  How have they reacted to you
since the news of your marriage to Brian and to you Jessica since your
engagement to Sed? Has there been overwhelming hate mails or more support
Myrna: I wrapped up the data collection portion of the project and now I’m
crunching data. Lots of interesting things to report. I don’t know what kind of
professional journal will publish the results. I don’t hear much from Brian’s
fans. I think they’re afraid I’ll use them in a character study.
Jessica: You would not believe the hate mail I get. How do these women find
Ing: Myrna did you do anything special
or have any kind of ceremony/celebration to officially welcome Jessica into the
Sinners wives/fiancée club? Maybe start a tradition with some tattoos or
How are you ladies getting along?
Myrna: There’s a club? I was not aware of that.
Jessica: As an original member, I can attest that, no, there’s no club.
Maybe we should start one. How should new members be initiated?
Myrna: How about a long passionate kiss with each of the guys of the band?
Jessica: Oh yeah, I could get behind that idea.
Sed and Brian: No way in hell!
Myrna: That’s what you get for eavesdropping, guys.
Ing: Jessica how is the case against
Dean Taylor coming along? I just want to say how awesome it is what you are doing!
Did you ever have a come to Jesus talk with Dr. Ellington and are you still in
her class right now? 
Jessica: I can’t talk about any specifics. I’m still putting the case
together. Class with Ellington is a bit tense, but I’ll get through it. Even if
I lose my full-tuition scholarship.
Myrna: You’re looking a little green there, Jess.
Jessica: That’s a lot of money. Do you know how hard it is to get a full
scholarship to law school?
Myrna: I can only imagine.
Ing: So when will wedding bells be
ringing for you and Sed, Jessica? Sed said he wants to wait a year but do you
have any plans to bring him to the alter sooner?
Jessica: It’s best that I finish school first. The man is too tempting for
his own good.
Sed: Ha!
Ing: BTW Myrna I thought yours and
Brian’s Vegas drive thru wedding was really romantic! Too cute.
Myrna: Thanks. It was definitely memorable.
Brian: But not as memorable as the honeymoon.
Myrna: You got that right. Don’t you guys have some place to be?
Brian: Nope. Hurry up, will you? You have to be on a plane back to Kansas
City in a few hours and I haven’t had my fill of you, yet.
Ing: How long do you think you both will
wait to start a family?  And how many
kids do you all want? Will you bring the kidlets on tour too when you
eventually have some?
Myrna: Brian and I will need to start soon. And I don’t think a tour bus
is a good environment for kids.
Jessica: I don’t see myself becoming a mother for quite a while. And then
maybe one or two kids. Maximum.
Sed: Five. Minimum.
Jessica: You wouldn’t say that if you were the one who had to give birth to
Sed: Ouch.
Myrna it has been stated earlier tonight that you and Brian are
nauseating with your love fest.  How do
you feel about this and will you do more to nauseate the others now that you {{wink}}
Myrna: Just showing my man affection. It’s not intentional.
Brian: I love you, baby!
Myrna: I’m going to show you how much I love you in about ten minutes.
Jessica any plans
to increase your love fest status to even more nauseating then Brian and
Jessica: I’d show Sed how much I love him right now if he were sitting in
the booth beside me. But no one needs to know but the two of us. Those two are
always blurting their feelings aloud. It’s definitely nauseating.
Myrna: Sed and Jessica are more touchy-feely, which is also nauseating.
Ing: Have you had a chance to read your
books yet?  What did you think of how
Olivia portrayed you both?  Was there anything
that surprised you both from either book? 
Are there any additional stories you’d like to share that were left out
of the books?  What the heck did you
think of the steamy scenes?  You ladies
have made a lot of ladies out there jealous with all the hot lovin’ you both
Myrna: I think there should have been more groupie interviews put in my
book. Some of those women are out there.
Jessica: Believe it or not, Sed and I do not have sex every five minutes.
Sed: I need at least ten minutes before I’m ready to go again.
Ing: What band member’s book are you
looking forward to reading about next and why?
If you could’ve titled the book
yourselves what title would you have chosen for each of your books and any of
the upcoming ones?
Myrna: Eric needs a woman. Like yesterday. So I can’t wait for him to fall
in love.
Jessica: I agree. But I do wonder what is going on in Jace’s head. He’s so
Myrna: As for titles, I like the current ones.
Jessica: Rock Hard is definitely a perfect title for Sed’s book.
Sed: Glad you noticed.
Myrna: *whispers* They’re still eavesdropping.
Jessica: *whispers* We’ll get them back.
Ing: I would really love both of your
points of view and why each guy in the group is needed to make Sinners the band
it is today.
Jessica: There’s nothing really special about any of them.
Myrna: I totally agree. An average garage band has more skill. They just
got lucky. Sold their souls to the devil or something.
Jessica: Have you met Jerry? He does have a devilish look to him.
Myrna: Well that explains everything. How else could they be such a
success? *wink*
Sed: Okay, we get it. We’ll go wait on the curb.
Ing: What are some of the best and worst
qualities from your perspective of each band members?    
Myrna: Brian is perfect. Sweet, sensitive, sensual, sexy, talented,
gorgeous, fun, inventive—
Jessica: I think we get the point.
Myrna: Sed takes charge. It’s a good quality, but exasperating at times.
Jessica: That’s true. He’s also tender, loving, protective, handsome,
Sed: Not to mention a sex god.
Jessica: Arrogant, conceited, full of himself—
Sed: Hey!
Myrna: Jace is a total sweetheart.
Jessica: I don’t know Jace very well. He’s really quiet.
Myrna: Eric is…
Jessica: Eric.
Myrna: Exactly. Trey is lickable.
Jessica: You mean likable.
Myrna: No, I mean lickable.
Ing: What have been the highlight and
low point of each of your relationships so far with your men?  
Myrna: Marrying Brian was the highlight so far. And hearing him say he
loved me for the first time. I can’t remember anything bad. I’m sure there were
things, but the happy is outshining them at the moment.
Jessica: How do I top that? Um… When Sed brought me onstage tonight and
sang to me on his knees. That was pretty wonderful. He pisses me off so often I
could start a list on low points.
Sed: I don’t mean to.
Jessica: I know, sweetheart. I get you now.
Sed: I get you, too.
Myrna: And that’s why they’ll make it work.
Ing: Since you both have had time to get
to know the boys a bit better for the ones that are still unattached at the
moment.  In your opinion what kind of
women or man would it take to capture the hearts of Trey, Eric or Jace?
Why do you ladies think you were the
perfect ones for your men?
Myrna: I honestly don’t see Trey ever settling down. Eric needs a total
sweetheart who won’t take advantage of him. Jace… well, I think he’s working
on that and I think she has her work cut out for her. The guy has an emotional
wall unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
Jessica: Trey might find someone. He just loses interest so fast. I’m not
sure if there’s anyone out there who can keep his attention for longer than a
couple hours.
Myrna: I still think the main reason Brian loves me is because I didn’t
jump in bed with Sed. Not that I wasn’t tempted. I mean look at the guy. Who
wouldn’t want to take that stud for a ride?
Jessica: That’s not funny, Myrna.
Brian: Yeah, that’s not funny.
Sed: I find it amusing.
Myrna: Jessica is perfect for Sed because she doesn’t let him get away
with bullshit. He seriously has women willing to do anything for him.
Jessica: It’s purely sexual.
Sed: You don’t really believe that?
Jessica: I thought you were going to go wait by the curb.
Brian: I think she just kicked you to the curb, buddy.
Sed: She wouldn’t.
Ing: The guys live in close quarters
most of the time while touring. When they are on tour do you ladies stay with
them for the most part?  What are some of
the good and bad things about living so closely with so many single men around?
Myrna: I’m officially off tour, but trying to keep them from drowning in
their own filth was my biggest problem. That and the lack of privacy.
Jessica: I still don’t know how she convinced them to clean the bus. The
woman is a miracle worker.
Sed: We’re all terrified of her. Even Brian.
Myrna: The best is seeing Eric in his underwear.
Jessica: I’ll second that.
Brian and Sed: Hey!
Ing: I think Olivia does an absolutely
wonderful job of conveying the camaraderie between all the guys in the band.
From each of your viewpoint since you’ve become a part of their lives would you
say have been some of the highpoints and low points in the band with their
Myrna: I still feel bad that Brian and I were so wrapped up in each other
that we didn’t recognize that Trey had a serious problem.
Jessica: Sed and I had him covered.
Myrna: That’s what’s great about these guys. They look out for each other.
All of them.
Ing: What are some of the most bizarre
quirks that you’ve noticed about each guys?  
Myrna: Trey has his cherry sucker thing.
Jessica: He smoked when I knew him. I’m glad he quit. I always wondered why
Jace blushes so much. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to blush.
Myrna: He’s so cute when he blushes though. Brian likes his toys in the
Jessica: That’s a quirk?
Myrna: Well, he doesn’t really need them. Not that I’m complaining.
Jessica: At home, Sed sings in the shower.
Myrna: That’s not weird. He’s a singer.
Jessica: He sings show tunes. His favorite is Tomorrow by Little Orph—
Sed: Hey, hey, let’s keep that to ourselves.
Myrna: Eric bangs his head on the wall a lot.
Jessica: He does?
Myrna: You never noticed that?
Brian: Myrna, he only does that around you.
Myrna: Really? Why’s that?
Brian: He wants to bone you.
Ing: What are some other activities you
enjoy doing with your men outside of the bedroom?  Have they gone easily into doing these other
activities or have there been some moaning and groaning? 
Myrna: Brian and I play guitar hero whenever he visits me in Kansas City.
He hasn’t complained yet.
Jessica: Sed and I like to go sight-seeing. No complaints out of him,
Ing: Which of the boys that are not your
significant others have you growth closest too and why do you think you click
with this person?  
Myrna: Trey. I know him. Really know him.
Jessica: Eric. He cares.
Ing: I want you to say the first thing
when I say Brian….go! 
Myrna: lover
Jessica: niiiiiiice
Now Trey… 
Myrna: tongue
Brian: WHAT?
Jessica: naughty
Ing: Now Sed…
Myrna: tender
Jessica: mine
Ing: Now Eric….
Myrna: hair gel
Jessica: lol
Ing: Now Jace….
Myrna: sweet
Jessica: adorable
Ing: Each other….
Myrna: fighter
Jessica: mentor
Myrna: Are you trying to make me feel old?
Jessica: Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.
Ing: Where do you see yourself years
from now?
Myrna: Best-selling non-fiction author who writes biographies about people
in the music business. So I can stay home with my children.
Brian: Sweet!
Myrna: And interview hot rock stars.
Brian: Wait…
Jessica: I’d like to have my own law firm that specializes in protecting
women’s rights. Oh and married to what’s-his-face.
Sed: With five kids.
Jessica: I am not entering into a binding verbal contract by agreeing, Sedric.
Sed: Is it time for sex, yet? You all just keep jabbering and jabbering
and jabbering.
Ing: Thank you to the both of you for
meeting with me? Any last words or any question you want to ask the readers of
my blog?
Jessica: Any advice on how to balance a demanding husband, high-profile
career and kids would be greatly appreciated.
Myrna: I’ve got to go. Brian’s getting antsy.
The ladies were so much fun! Too funny on Brian and Sed sticking their nose in on the interviews!  I hope you enjoyed that. If you missed

my interview session from Monday, with Brian and Trey, you can click HERE. To view my interview session Tuesday, with Sed and Eric, you can click HERE.
To view my interview my session Wednesday, with Jace, you can click HERE. Go forth and enjoy these interviews. Check back tomorrow for my 10 Fun Facts about the boys of Sinners and the lyrics to Jessica’s song. 

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  1. Ash

    I love both of these girls but I have to admit that Myrna is my favorite, and not just because I’m head over heels for her man. I’d love to hang out with the both of them though.

    As for Jessica’s question, my best advice would be to communicate and compromise. Neither of you should have to give up everything or give up on who you want to be and what you want to do. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  2. Great interview ladies!!!

    Jess just make sure you are both honest with each other…make sure to make some time 4 ur selves!! Don’t get Too consumed w/work..

    Thanx for the giveaway!!


  3. Great interview ladies!

    Jess, it was good to get to know you better since I haven’t read your book. My advice to you would be to find a great childcare worker as a nanny/babysitter. Trying to balance the three most important things in your life is really hard. With both your and Sed’s careers being so time consuming it just makes the balancing act harder. A good support system helps a little. Having someone you trust there to help with the *cough* five kids will help.

    rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

  4. If Sed thinks he has it bad now, wait until the 10 weeks you spend between graduation and taking the bar exam, studying until your eyes bleed! Then if you’re lucky to live in a state like NY the 5 months they make you wait to get your results. Hope he takes you away someplace nice!

    Great interview!

  5. StacieDM

    I say delegate as much as possible. You can’t do everything 110% so don’t even try. Prioritize and don’t feel guilty if something is overlooked.

    User1123 AT comcast DOT net

  6. Jessica . . just take it one day at a time. And never let a day go by without telling those you love them, just that! Today is a gift, and tomorrow isn’t a promise!

    Still torn between Jace and Trey . . sigh.


  7. I love you ladies!!! So glad Brian and Sed found you. I don’t really remember how I answered before. Patience, love, and communication are key. Pick out what is most important to you and prioritize from there. Lots and lots of coffee. Being a ballbuster in the courtroom as well as other areas will get you far.

    vampgirl99 at comcast dot net

  8. It was great to get to know more about the ladies…they are strong and fun…keep those boys in line…lol
    As for Jessica’s question: it is a day by day juggle 😉


  9. Great interview, thanks! You do not always get to hear the woman perspective after the books are written. I loved hearing the guys interject their comments, it made the interview more special. Cannot wait to read mre of them.

  10. Dang I got deleted but I love these girls and how they can keep their men under control! They are perfect for one another! Thanks for the great interview! Can’t wait to meet the other girls that make these Sinners hearts sing.

  11. I loved this interview. It just made me want to read these books all that much more.

    Not too sure what advice to give Jessica since I don’t have any kids yet. I would say to just take it one day at a time and find something that helps her destress.

  12. Another awesome interview! I don’t really have much advice for Jessica because I’ve never had to balance that much. Just remember that you’re doing what you love and you’ve got Sed.
    I’ve got nothing much else to say, except to gush over how awesome these books are, and thank Olivia so, so, so much for writing them.


  13. Wonderful interview! It was good to watch Myrna and Jessica together outside of Rock Hard, we didn’t get to see much of their relationship in the book. The guys make it great as always! Thanks Again!

  14. loved this interview…so hilarious…still I am jealous of these women…sigh* but they are good for their men…

    jessica…be sure to start your own practice, be your on boss, leave when needed or bring them in at times…but don’t make all the sacrifices…SED can compromise too!!! yor career and mommie status is just as important as his Rockstar Daddy status…

    Respectfully a fan of the SINNERS & Olivia too

  15. Loved the interview and especially the way the guys keept interupting. Single so the only advice I can give is to respect each other, don’t old onto the past mistakes, and don’t let anyone bully you.

    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  16. Ladies thank you so much for the interview. I like how ya’ll have clicked with the group and how strong you are to deal with those strong personalities. I can’t wait to read your stories.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  17. Loved the guys cutting in all the time! 🙂 Great interview!

    I have a feeling if I keep showing all my love to Jace in these comments Aggie might attack me lol So I’ll share my love. I agree with Myrna, Eric needs to fall in love. He seems like such a sweetheart, always making everyone laugh…. I might be falling for him xD As for Jessica’s question I’m utterly stumped, no experience with a husband yet 😛 Good luck!

  18. Loved this! Especially how the guys kept cutting in. 😉 Those boys are all about their ladies. I wish my hubs was that wrapped up into me. Well, on second thought maybe not. Could be a bit suficating. *wink*

    No need to enter me in the contest.

  19. Great interview. I really enjoyed it even if the guys did butt in!

    As for balancing, work, kids, husband and life. First, take one day at a time. Next, prioritize your life. My family always came first and everyone I worked for/with knew that. I have been known to walk off the job with family emergencies….broke arms, arrests, and stuff like that. Good day care also goes a long way. Knowing your kids are in a safe environment with someone you trust. Don’t let your work becomes your life. And don’t let Sed get out of daddy duty. Take some time for yourself, even if it’s just to sit and listen to nothing. Finally, remember to spend time with your husband. The kids will go up and leave. You don’t want him to leave too.


    Jess: What if at your firm, you hired someone to take care of childcare? You cold do your work, take the kids with, and still be able to see them. As for Sed, well…..just tie him up if he misbehaves, he probably wont mind anyway.

    Myrna: I gotta say, I’m in love with your groupie research, very fascinating! I must ask though, Before having kids, shouldnt you get maybe a dog? Or Perhaps Jace will let you care for his little kitty cat sometimes.

    Love the Sinners, and at least Trey is still available!


  21. Great interview, it was fun seeing Myrna and Jessica relate to each other, and the guys were hilarious! It’s nice to see them balanced in life, thanks again.

  22. Myrna you should just give in and let Trey become your third that way he can have Brian and you become one lucky lady and Jessica since Eric always liked to watch Sed you should just include him on your site seeing and that leaves Jace for me!!! Make room for me on the bus, see you soon…

  23. Single so I don’t really have any suggestions/advise other than to keep positive and don’t try to hurt each other, be respectful.

    Great interview, the guys in the background added alot of humor. LOVED it.

    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  24. Completely love you ladies so much! So glad Brian and Sed found you! Your interview is fantastic…makes me want to hang out.
    I’m a total Sinners fangirl!

    As for balancing life…lots and lots of strong coffee. Know what is most important to you and let everything else fall into place. Patience and Love. Finally being a ball buster will take you far in all of your endeavors (people will be to afraid to contradict you)!
    Love you both!

    vampgirl99 at comcast dot net

  25. How to balance . . take it one day at time and don’t ever take anything for granted. (Just because it’s here today, doesn’t mean it will be here tomorrow). Always make sure what you say last would be ok, if you never came back . . meaning, always let the ones you love . . know it!

    This was a great interview!


  26. LOL!!! Glad the guys didn’t listen and go out to the curb. It must have been fun to watch them squirm over the ladies answers to come of these questions.

    Jessica – The best advice I can give you is realize your limits and don’t let Sed slack off, especially with the kids. He needs to help with the changing, feeding and raising as much as you do. Also, make sure you get a little “me” time each day. A half an hour goes a long way in saving ones sanity.

  27. Now that was a funny/great interview…i am so jealous of the women but hey they are perfect mix/matches to their men

    Jessica – Start yourown firm where you can bring the lil ones or make you own schedule to fit them & Sed in…but make sure he keeps himself in check too…and not always you who has to compromise.

    respectfully a fan of SINNERS & Olivia…

  28. That was the best interview by far! Myrna and Jessica work well with one another and bring Brian and Sed to their breaking point since they are unable to be away from them during the short interview.

    Jessica- you will have to take each day as it comes, and not forget what is really important. At times you may feel overwhelmed but leaning on Sed will provide the relief you need. Dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Good luck with your case and I wish you the best of luck with having 5 kids.

    Myrna- Hope to see your study printed in a journal to provide insight into a groupies behavior.

    It is always a pleasure to see both couples interact with one another and wish you continued success on your tour.

  29. Shell

    This interview was the best!! Hearing Sed and Brian in the background made everything better!

    Jessica – It will be difficult at times, but where there is a will there is a way, but most importantly make Sed help with the kids, and house work (when he isn’t on tour)! You are a strong woman there is not doubt in my mind you will make it work.

    Myrna – You are amazing! Someone who can live with five guys and whip them in to shape is inspiring! I like that you are honest about everything even though you are married to Brian you are not blind to the other guys.

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