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Happy Monday morning! Last week was a crazy week for me.  I wasn’t able to get online much so I have some catching up to do this week on posting reviews that I had scheduled. I spent my weekend watching coverage on the Royal wedding. What a beautiful couple they make. It was amazing watching all the people line up cheering the happy couple. Last night news broke out about the death of Osma Bin Laden and I’ve been watching coverage on that. I can’t imagine how this news impact those that had loved ones who were killed in the 9/11 attack and the soldiers and families that have been in war since 9/11. I do want to acknowledge our soldiers who have been on the front lines fighting this war on terrorist.  It’s a great day but the fight never ends though.

Anywhoo–be sure to stop by this Thursday for my Q&A session with author Carolyn Brown. The rest of this week will be posting of reviews and some great covers that were revealed in the last week or so. Now let’s get to Monday Man Candy for this week. I have for you this morning Justin Clynes.  He’s a model, actor and photographer! He’s beautiful and as always another very lickable specimen! Enjoy and I hope everyone has a great Monday!

SIGH! Off to work now. 
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8 Responses to “MONDAY MAN CANDY #20”

  1. Ing

    @ Kathleen – I absolutely agree. What a way to start the week! 🙂

    @ Blodeuedd – you crack me up girl!

    @ Cheryl c – Yes one less bastard indeed. Our boys certainly executed the mission wonderfully.

    I apologize for making you go through last week w/out eye candy. I endeavor to keep candy in supply for you Cheryl. 🙂

    @ Chrisbails – yea..he definitely makes a nice meal. I’ll lick you bite!

    @ Tyraa – Oh yea girl. I stared at the major tan line for awhile there. His butt is yummy!

    @ Jessica – OMG your bush comment had me cracking up. I was checking out the manscape and thought it was pretty nice though. I thought your Tony the Tiger impression was very spot on! 😛

  2. Yes Osama is dead couldn’t happen to a nicer turd unit. Yay party.

    Also I would like to say those are some sharp tan lines he’s sporting. There grrrrreaaat that was my Tony the tiger impression. I suspect I failed miserably. He needs to thin out the man bush though.

  3. Happy Congrats to William and Kate!

    Yay, USA! One less b**tard in the world!

    Thanks for the man candy, Ing. I want you to know how difficult it was to make it through last week without the Monday dose of
    “candy.” 😉

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