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I am so freaking excited about Season Two of Spartacus. Season Two will be titled Vengeance. For other Spartacus fans out there here is a little video teaser that was released today.  We get a peek at of Liam McIntyre as the new Sparty.  Liam took over the role of Spartacus from Andy Whitefield so that Andy could go battle cancer.  Watching the little teaser is making me so excited for the new season even though Andy won’t be there.  Steven DeKnight says Season Two will be even more killings all over the place!  Here’s a snippet and break down of what we can expect from season two for each character courtesy of their QA session at Comic Con this week.

moves on quickly from there because Spartacus will change much in its second
season, partly from the setting moving outside of the ludus. “You may have
noticed that at the end of Season 1 we basically killed practically everybody
and broke out,” he explained. “My plan for this season is to kill
more people. I won’t give it away, but there’s an episode where we kill a lot
of people. This season is just epic. There’s such a grand scale. They’re out
and about causing mayhem and destruction.”

course, where there’s bloodshed, there are also clothes shed. Spartacus would
not be as popular without plenty of sex scenes. “The rebels are out in the
world. They’re meeting new people and they don’t kill all of them,” says
DeKnight. “Some of them, they make the sweet, sweet love.”
else can we expect? We break it down by character:

Spartacus: “In Season 2,
he learns how to be a leader,” DeKnight says. “He goes from a guy
with a serious personal ax to grind to getting the bigger picture.”

(Lucy Lawless)
: “The season is
called Vengeance, so there will be quite a lot of that,” DeKnight says.
“Spartacus isn’t the only one out for vengeance. You may have noticed from
the trailer [that Lucretia] looks a little off.” Lawless chimes in.
“She smells a little off. She’s absolutely bereft. She’s lost her husband,
she’s lost presumably her child … and all her status. So I am going to claw
my way back to some kind of platform of power.”

(Dustin Clare)
: “He’s been
studying to be a hairdresser,” jokes Clare. “He’s been out in the
world, he’s been growing as a man and experiencing different cultures. We
really see that in the costume that he brings back. He’s just been using the
time to enjoy being a free man to experience the world in the structured system
that was the ludus.”

(Manu Bennett)
: “We had gone
from the arena, and he had discovered heart with Naevia,” says Bennett.
“But the struggle continues and the battle continues. As we step outside
of the ludus, it now becomes about leadership and finding common ground.
Conflict rules in our show, so I think [Spartacus and Crixus are] going to
continue to have power struggles.”

(Katrina Law)
: “It’s safe to
say that Mira has a little bit of a crush on Spartacus,” Law says.
“Now that she’s a newly freed slave, she’s going to spend that time
figuring out what that means to be free and what her role is in this new world.
She definitely wants to find Spartacus in love with her as well.”
(Viva Bianca)
: “There’s still
a Roman side to this story and there’s still a lot of decadance and
backstabbing going on there,” DeKnight teases. “Illythia comes back
in grand fashion.” Lawless adds, “Our relationship takes many, many
extreme twists and turns. You can’t even begin to guess what happens.”

(Nick Tarabay)
: “He is wild,
like laugh-out-loud brilliant,” says Lawless. “He occupies a niche
that nobody else has on the show, right? He’s a free radical and totally
dangerous and totally useful and you kind of can’t get rid of him. So he’s back
in a big way.”

(Peter Mensah)
: “He’s totally
in it. You saw him in the trailer [getting whipped],” says Lawless,
“I know, but he deserved it. He did. I’m not saying anything this year,
but it’s so intriguing who’s whipping him and why.”

out Oenomaus getting whipped in this teaser trailer for Season 2 below. The
full Comic-Con trailer will premiere on Friday, July 29 at midnight/11c on
Starz. Spartacus: Vengeance will air in January 2012.

You can read the rest of this article by clicking here.  Also some other big news for this season is we’ll be introduced to a lady warrior. The character will be named Saxa.  She suppose to be kick ass on and off the battlefield.  I can’t wait to meet her character.  This is going to be interesting. This is such an awesome show. I’ve talked about my love for this show several times on this blog here and here. If you haven’t seen this show definitely check it out. I highly, highly and I mean highly recommend the show.  The new season won’t start until January 2012 though. So we still have awhile to wait. Anyway here are some pics that have been released to tease us Sparty fans with!  What do you all think of the new Sparty so far from the teaser above and the pics below?  

Liam McIntyre as Spartacus
Liam looking fierce as Sparty with a sword
Lucy Lawless as Lucretia looking crazy

Here are some promotional pictures that the Starz network released on the Spartacus facebook page!  

So anyone else excited as I am?  I can’t wait!  January can’t get here fast enough!

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