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Happy Monday morning everyone! Seriously the weekends just fly by way too fast. School is about to start so we did some clothes shopping for my daughter. Can I just say “What the hell are designers thinking”?? Seriously some of the clothes that are being sold for pre-teens are just straight up skanky! And I just don’t understand skinny jeans.  It looks so uncomfortable and why do boys wear them?  Anywhoo–my baby is going to middle school.  I’m scared to death! I watch too many specials about bullies and parents tell me this is when the cliques and all that start! Dear God help me!

It’ll be reviews, silly post, movies and whatever craziness I decide to chat to you all about this week. I have some upcoming special giveaways coming up that I’m excited about.  Gotta get it finalized and I’ll tell you all about it!

In the meantime here is a bit of man candy to start off your day. I present Michael Radon. Michael is a former Canadian football league and U.S. Arena football league player turn into male hottie model!  Isn’t he beautiful?  This guy is so SIGH!  Enjoy and have a great Monday!  As always try to keep the drool to minimum, seriously you people are flooding my blog with your drool! 🙂

Crap I didn’t rip that shirt off right the first time…

Now Michael if you could just move the towel a bit to the left….

I find this outfit strangely arousing!

THUD! Oh yea ride it!

Glasses are hot! Just saying! And seriously those abs? Yummy!

Don’t be shy..hand over the pillow…that’s right come on give me the pillow

He’s still hot even when he smiles…just wrong! 😛

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10 Responses to “MONDAY MAN CANDY #26”

  1. Ing

    @ Blodeuedd – yes the hood was very nice. I kept coming back to picture and the one on the horse! 🙂

    @ BlackwaterMama – you’re welcome! Candy is the best way to start the morning i think.

    @ Dalila G – you are so sweet. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Please comment anytime. I don’t always get a chance to respond but I do read and absolutely appreciate any comments left. And I hear you…sometimes when I put words down they do not come out at all what I meant. I have to re-read over and over before I send or publish Gift cards are always a plus. The clothes out there now a days is just straight up skank city. I swear. I just shake my head.

    Glad you love the candy. Drool away girl..just be sure to wipe after yourself. 🙂

    @ Barbara – I hear you girl. I kept buying capris instead because some of those shorts were crazy shorts. I just shake my head at some of these clothes.

  2. I am with you on the clothes.. My god, its too much. I am taking my niece and nephews out on Wednesday and I tell you I am not spending my hard earn money on anything like this. I will get them clothes that they can where to just hang around in not wear to school.

    And your Eye Candy for this week.. all I can say is’ Oh Canada”…

  3. Oh believe me, I couldn’t agree more about the kids clothes. I bought my daughters a few new outfits for vacation. One pair of my eldest’s shorts could have been considered underwear (two sizes too small)! Insane. I told her that was the first and last time she’d be wearing them.

  4. ‘Happy Monday’ back atcha! =)

    First off Ing, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog!
    It’s great, you’re doing a wonderful job with it…..BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!
    I read you all of the time, I’m really not must for putting in my two-cents…. today I will! LOL! Sometimes my words don’t come out right,my brain tells my fingers to type one thing, but my fingers type another…sheesh! :/

    I have to agree with you on the preteen girls clothes, my sister is having a heck of a time buying clothes for my niece. I did it the easy way, just gave her a gift card to Target, she can shop with my niece. Hehehe…

    LOVIN’ your Man Candy….always makes my Monday’s go by in a cloud of happiness!! I did keep drool to a miniumum, must not be messy all of the time! 😀

    Have a wonderful day!

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