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Good morning peeps!  It’s getting close to Halloween and the candy shopping has begun. Curse those Kit Kat bars and Twix.  I picked up a bag yesterday and was already dipping my fingers into it.  I LURVV candy well actually I just LURVV sweets period.  It’s a sickness I tell you!  So I have a party that I go to every year and I’m having trouble deciding what to dress up as.  Last year I was Velma from Scoopy Doo.  Not sure what to do this year.  Any suggestions?

BTW the blog as a Facebook page now!  So if you are on Facebook be sure to friend me.  I wanted to also give you all a heads up about the next big event on the blog.  The week of Nov 7th thru 11th is the Stephissa week long celebration. Join me that week cause I’ll be pimping out two of my favorite peeps/author Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione. I
and fellow guest bloggers will be gushing about the series that each
ladies write together and as individuals. Each day I’ll be giving away
the complete series to date from these ladies. So mark your calendars
and come join the fun.
Now onto some cover goodness! These are some of the books I’m really looking forward to.  Some of the authors I haven’t read before but the cover(s) caught my.  Enjoy and I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.  Be sure to drop by tomorrow and visit with author Karyn Gerrard!


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  1. Great list of books!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on THE SAINT by Monica McCarty!
    Also adding to my list will be Sabrina Jeffries and Stefanie Sloane.

  2. Sabrina has another book that comes out sooner in that series – To Wed A Wild Lord. I canna wait for them to come out. I love Larissa books and I love the rest of the covers you’ve posted Ing. i had already liked your page, yeah me and I saw you like mine too, thank you so much. I’ll be looking forward to the blog tour.
    seawitchreviews @

  3. Ing

    @ Chrisbails – I definitely want the Jeffries book too. I’ve been wanting Celia and Pinter since the start. I can’t wait to see how the bow street runner and Celia do battles.

  4. Ing

    @ Kathleen O – I love Stephanie. You must try Larissa if you like paranormal romances. She is excellent.

    @ Mandi – I haven’t read Lisa Marie Rice in awhile but the cover for that one caught my eye. I’m with you I’m very excited about Julie’s book. And how much do you love the cover of Cherished? The red really pops.

    @ Maria D – You’re welcome. Aren’t they pretty. I can’t wait for these books.

  5. I will put these dates on my calendar… Stphenie Tyler is one of my favs.. I have not read anyhting by Ms Isone..
    But I have read some of these great book you have listed… Will be putting some new authors on my list of books to read..

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