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Power up for
Anne Elizabeth’s newest graphic novel, THE PENDULUM.  Releasing early to
fans of the New York Comic Con AND us as she will be giving away two
copies shipped anywhere in the world (Please note AE is traveling and
the books will be sent at the end of October
).  In this book, her
heroine Tia Stanton is having boyfriend issues. Most of it rooted in all
of that magical power she was willed in during book one of the series – PULSE OF
POWER.  So, taking the issue into her own hands, Tia asks a friend to
help relocate the problematic magic.  The problem is that every ounce of
Tia’s magic is taken away and our favorite super-heroine is left
powerless.  What makes matters worse is that she has to keep all of this a
secret from her boyfriend/the king of Brinn!

Q:  What are the issues facing Tia in The Pendulum?

A:  Tia joins her royal men on a trip to an alien world.
 She’s kidnapped and forced to make her way back to the palace using her
own ingenuity.  But, as she is traveling, she learns the true plight of
the people that kidnapped her.  They have been oppressed by a cruel
dictator and are being systematically wiped out. Tia cannot let the
injustice stand.

 Why tackle this topic?

A:  AE said, “I have many god-children and two grandchildren.  It is
vitally important to share empowering ways to help those in need:
 family, friends, strangers, and those in pain.  This is part of my
personal belief system as well the way I prefer to walk through life.
 If we, as adults, don’t share these valuable messages…who will?”

Q:  How many more books will there be?

A:  AE said, “There will be six more graphic novels to finish the
series.  I am also writing several short-story comics that will be
available digitally over the next six years.”

Q:  What else are you up to?

A:  AE said, “I have a new Navy SEAL Romance series launching in Fall
2012 through Sourcebooks.  It’s very HOT!!!  Also, I have several new
and interesting interviews lined up for my Comic Column in RT Book
Reviews magazine.  Each month will provide insight into the latest
projects and the comic industry.”

Q:  When is your next appearance?

A:  AE said, “I will be at the New York Comic Con from October
13-October 16th. I will be in booth #1142.  Mention Ing’s blog and there
will be a special gift. 🙂 After that, I have a short break before the
TusCon Science Fiction Convention.  I’m sure both of them will be a

Q:  Any question you’d like to ask readers?

A:  AE said, “Yes, I’d like to ask…who is your favorite comicbook
superhero/superheroine, and why?  I’m a huge fan of Veronica & Betty
from Archie, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, Swamp Thing, and many more.  In my
opinion, the best part of any comic is the hero’s/heroine’s journey.  I
love to see the protagonist overcome the odds!  What about you?
Anne is a sweetheart and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  So if you happen to be near NY and attending Comic Con be sure to stop by and say “Hi” to her.  Visit The Pendulum website to learn more about this graphic novel.  Also stop by Anne’s author website to learn more about her and her other books. Now if you are interested in winning a copy of her graphic novel The Pendulum see below for rules and details.

  • Open to US and International residents
  • You MUST leave a comment with your e-mail address 
  • You MUST answer Anne’s
    Who is your favorite comicbook
    superhero/superheroine, and why?
  • Giveaway ends Oct. 21st

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