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Good morning peeps! It’s another Monday morning (sorta…posting this a bit early). Back to the work grind. I can’t believe Halloween is right around the corner. Where has the time gone?  We did some costume shopping this weekend. My daughter is going to be a ladybug. She wore the costume all weekend. LOL!  I’m not sure what I want to do this year. I’ll probably wait til the last minute again. What about any of you?  Any of you dressing up?

Ok this is going to be an exciting week. I’m going to highlight and pimp one of my favorite authors, Monica McCarty and her Highland Guard series. The 4th book in the series “The Viper” is releasing tomorrow so to celebrate the release I’m giving away copies of “The Viper” and all the books in the series so far. Also towards the end of the week I’ll be reviewing Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis and giving away copies of that too.  Jill is another author that I absolutely adore. This book was another great book that showcases her awesomeness! Both of these ladies and their books are da’ bomb peoples.  Seriously they are some very talented ladies.  Love both of them. So if you’ve never read either of them be sure to stop by for a chance at their books this week.

Anyway it’s going to be a fun week. I hope you’ll join in. I still have some giveaways that are open so be sure to check the upper right corner! 😉 Now on to the Monday Man Candy for today. I give you the delicious and very lick-able and I mean lick-able Stuart Reardon. Ladies he is 6 ft of yummy goodness. He is an English professional Rugby player and part time model. You’ll definitely be needing the drool bib for this one.  Enjoy and have a great day!

Seriously?  How can one man be so perfect?

Check out the arms…holy mother of God!

I think I just drooled

That TAT is HAWT…who am I kidding the man is smoking


Here’s bib…I’m mesmerized..sigh


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9 Responses to “MONDAY MAN CANDY #29”

  1. Ing

    @ Gabrielle – waving HI. I got your e-mail and just sent you a response back. 🙂

    @ Dannika Dark – agreed le sigh indeed. 😉

    @ Kathleen O – The Viper was so worth the wait, lady. Lachlan lived up to all my expectations. Stuart is pretty isn’t he. I really love the tats.

    @ Dalila G – I’m with you girl…I’d walk my finger all over the man not just the stomach! 🙂

    Here is the bib for the drool. Wipe up girl.

    Yea my little munchkin wore it all weekend. She’s A cowgirl…might need to do that for next year.

    @ Tyraa – I know I looked, I drooled and drooled some more. He is too pretty girl.

    @ Cheryl c – What? Can’t believe you don’t like the tats. I’ll have a tat-less dude for you next week.

    @ Krazymama – lol…never too much tat..lady! I’d like his pants off!

    @ Anon – Yes isn’t he pretty. You have to check Monica’s book out when you get a chance. She rocks.

  2. Yowza!!
    What a hunk of yumminess!!
    I just want to walk my fingers up and down his stomach…..that’s all I’m going to say for now! 😉
    TYVM for making my Monday night!
    You rock Ing!!

    Yes, there was drool…..

    A ladybuy, how cute and she wore it all weekend, too funny!
    I plan on digging up my old cowgirl costume, if that’s not happening I do have my witch stand-by, warts and all, even the green skin. 🙂

    Looking forward to this week’s post.

  3. I cannot wait for The Viper to come out.. It seems like forever we have been waiting on this book…

    And let’s just say that this guy is one put together hunk….Thanks for today’s eye candy…

  4. That is so nice! Thanks 😉 BTW, I got your email and emailed back, so if you haven’t seen it in your inbox, it’s lurking somewhere there. LOL

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