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Welcome to Day 1 of the Stephissa Event.  First series up is Stephanie Tyler’s “The Shadow Forces series“.  This series is a loose spin-off of Stephanie’s Hold to Hold trilogy (which will be discussed later this week). Kathleen a fellow book lover and Stephanie Tyler fan, is taking over today to tell the readers of this blog why she loves this series and why you should check it! Be sure to checkout the giveaway details at the end of the post!
Guest post by Kathleen – Why she loves the Shadow Force series
I was drawn to Stephanie Tyler’s books because I love stories that involved the Military and especially those Military Black OPS teams or as in Stephanie’s books The Shadow Force series.

These hard edged rugged men do things that other mere men could not possibly do. They are highly trained men of honor and have a code to protect and rescue people in peril. The one for all and all for one hero’s, who never leave anyone behind. How could you not love these Shadow Force men, when they go into impossible citations and rescue woman who are just as tough and courageous as the men who love them.

The heroines of her stories do not stop to think about what could happen to them. They are the same savior of people in peril as these rugged, hunky shadow force men are. But where the men are using skill and training, these feisty, beautiful women, are using their hearts. Especially where children are involved. They will go to any lengths to save people, who are being abused by bullies and drug runners, with what ever they have on hand. Even if they put themselves between the enemy and those they want to help.

Stephanie’s books are compelling stories, and her writing shows that even in the most difficult of times, two people can find a common bond and that chemistry and passion does not care where or who they are. Her heroes and heroine’s love and passion just leap out of each page. You can feel and almost touch those moments when passion rules them and the danger is near at hand. These are gripping, wonderful books that keeps her readers wanting more and more from these Shadow Force hero’s and the woman they love no matter what the danger…

Book 1 of The Shadow Forces series

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Forced together by fate, bound
together by desire.

Framed for a double murder, Delta Force operative Cameron
is given a new
lease on life by the CIA—provided he pays them back by doing their black ops
dirty work. Now Cam is ready to renegotiate their deal, and he thinks he’s found
the perfect bargaining chip: Skylar Slavin, bestselling author of espionage thrillers
and the daughter of the CIA man who saved him from a prison sentence.

Skylar has been living in anonymity, never suspecting that someone so dangerous—and
so desirable—would plunge her into a world as treacherous as one of her spy novels.
But how can Cam go through with his plan to kidnap Skylar when just the sight
of her sets off an explosive attraction he’s never experienced before? And when
Skylar falls prey to an even more perilous threat, this special ops soldier must
call upon all his combat skills to protect the one person who can help him win
his freedom—and the only woman he’s ever loved.

Book 2 of The Shadow Forces series

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On the run, in each other’s arms, with one last
chance to survive.

A rugged Navy SEAL, Zane Scott was part of a failed mission to rescue Dr. Olivia
from abduction by the terrorist group Dead Man’s Hand (DMH)—and her anguished
screams have haunted him ever since. So when he gets word that the beautiful
physician has escaped from her captors in Africa, he’s got personal reasons to
storm the continent and save her.

Like her would-be liberator, Olivia carries the burden of a dark secret from
her past. Ruthless and relentless, the DMH has threatened to hunt her down –
and to systematically hurt anyone she’s close to. The last thing she wants is
to be rescued—even by someone as shockingly handsome as Zane. Yet the hot-headed
special ops hero has come for her, and together she and Zane just might have
a shot at not only stopping DMH’s reign of terror, but also saving what’s left
of their souls.

Book 3 of The Shadow Forces series 

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With danger closing in, all they have is each other. 

Haunted by a mission he barely survived, Delta Force operative Mace Stevens
still carries a soldier’s burden. Running a small bar in upstate New
York, he remains a stone cold warrior who guards dangerous secrets and
stays ready for anything. Anything except beautiful, vulnerable Paige Grayson, who shows up at his door, demanding answers about her heroic stepbrother’s death under his command.

Paige bears burdens, too. She’s plagued by demons unleashed by an older
brother who committed mass murder before her eyes. But here in this
snowy haven with Mace, she almost feels safe from the menacing promises
of her insane sibling. As a nurse whose hands can read the deepest
thoughts of anyone she touches, Paige knows Mace needs her as
desperately as she needs him. And when a faceless killer begins
unleashing fresh terror, Mace proves just how far he will go to save the
woman who means everything to him.

Book 4 of The Shadow Forces series 

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Anything can happen under the cover of darkness. 

Kell Roberts has walked the thin line between life
and death for so long that it now feels like home. He is a soldier, a
survivor, and a loner. Still, Kell cannot turn his back on the
beautiful woman caught in his firefight against the drug lords of
Mexico. She says her name is Teddie, but Kell senses there’s much more
to her story—and it’s about to pull him into a mission he didn’t sign
on for: keeping her alive.

Teddie Lassiter
knows this lean, mean rescuer just
saved her life, but the steel glint behind those soft gray eyes seem
to be hiding something deep. The men after Teddie are deadly, but the
man who holds her life in his hands and tempts her with his wicked
touch is even more dangerous. He could make her dream about living and
loving again. And if they can survive, maybe, just maybe, they can stop
fighting the world and each other—and simply surrender.

Thanks Kathleen for the great post!  So are you interested in giving this series a try?  I hope you are.  You won’t regret it.  See rules and details below.
DAY 1 PRIZE IS: The Shadow Forces series + swag (swag is only being offered to US residents only…sorry)
Leave a comment under DAY 1 post and ONE reader of the blog will be entered for a chance at
winning THE SHADOW FORCES SERIES. That’s 4 books total. 

Optional: Spread the word on Twitter (+1),
(+1) or your Blog (+1) and your chances will increase more. You do not have to Twitter (+1), Blog (+1) or Facebook (+1)
about the event everyday.  Once you’ve done any of the above those
extra entry point will count for any of the prizes where you leave a
comment.  So if you leave a comment for Day 1 and Day 2 and you did all
three you will automatically have 3 extra entries for each of those days
plus entry for leaving a comment (+1).  So that’s a possible total of 4
entries per day. 

Fill out the form below to indicate if you have Twitter, Facebook or Blog about the event.  The form below will be under every post for this event.  So if you advertised the event already and you decide to enter tomorrow or the upcoming days still fill out the form and indicate that you’ve advertised already.  


  • Today’s giveaway is open to US and International residents only where Book Depository ships to
  • You MUST leave a comment with your e-mail address if it’s not on your profile so I can contact you if you win.
  • You MUST answer this question: Why does this series interest you?
  • Giveaway ends Nov 14th

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  1. I want to read this series because of this mentioned above: “The heroines of her stories do not stop to think about what could happen to them. They are the same savior of people in peril as these rugged, hunky shadow force men are.” That’s what I like about the heroines in these types of stories, their strength:)
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  2. I really like to read stories by new authors, and next year i’m participating in a reading challenge about men in uniforms.. :p
    thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Why does this series interest you? Stephanie is a new to me author and I would like to read more of her books. This series looks great.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    flaca798 at hotmail dot com

  4. I am looking forward to reading this series. I enjoy reading about Navy Seals or CIA men- there is something so strong and sexy about their presence. Thanks for this giveaway.

    your1chef at aol dot com

  5. I hadn’t heard about this series before. I read the excerpt of first book and it sounds amazing. Very interesting characters.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  6. It’s a new discovery for me and i really like this post so i would like to discover more about this author and univers

    thanks you


  7. Anonymous

    Love Stephanie Tyler’s writing 🙂 Can’t wait to read Night Moves, the Shadow Force series is great.


  8. ML

    Thanks for the giveaway. This series interests me because I love alpha characters. I think the reviewer hit the nail on the head-the heroes are loyal, honorable, and do what they have to do while their heroines are strong and capable as well. Great characters make for great stories in tough situations.

    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

  9. Kami Collier

    Whoops forgot to answer the question lol. I have read most of stephanie tyler’s books I just have had the chance to get to these yet and am really looking forward to the chance.

  10. Stephanie’s books are some of the most interesting books, I have had them as part of my TBR pile forever. I would love a chance to check them out. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. Chelsea B.

    Wow! This series sounds fantastic! I have heard such great things about this author!


  12. I have read everyone of Larissa’a books and LOVE her stories. But sadly I haven’t read anything by Stephanie. Whenever I look for a different genre it’s usually with a Military story, especially those Black Ops. My sons are career military and many family members. I admire these Heroes and love reading about them . I’m definitely putting Stephanie on my Author to read list. Thanks for this opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  13. I haven’t really read many books about military/black ops characters, but I can see how they’d be awesome. Thanks!


  14. Di

    I love to read stories about military type men & their feisty heroines. It seems particularly appropriate these days & in particular as we are approaching Veterans Day.

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  15. Thanks for the chance to check out a new author. Great excerpts for Stephanie’s stories, I have definitely become a new fan of this series.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  16. I’ve only read the ARCO books, so this is a great introduction to Stephanie’s other series. Thanks for the giveaway!


  17. Jet

    I have started branching out from my regular PNR reads and I have read a couple of good romantic suspense and would love to read some more!


  18. I have not read any of Stephanie’s books yet but they do sound great. I am sure she must be a great author (she teams up with Larissa Ione, one of my favorite authors!) Thank you for the chance to read Stephanie’s Shadow Forces. I do love romantic suspense stories.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  19. Andra, I am with you on loving Military romance and Stephanie is one of the best writers of this genre… your oversight is forgiven as I know you will get to these books now that you have discovered her wonderful Shadow Force men of action…

    Kaetrin, Don’t you just love discovering new authors in the genre you love to read.. Navy Seals be still my heart….

    Bluesun1218, You are just going to be an instant fan the minute you start to read Stephanie’s Military Men of Action…

    Anonymous, you will fall in love with this Shadow Force hero’s you mark my word…

  20. PamK,
    when you get around to them you are just going to devour them and wonder why you never started sooner. That’s they way I felt after I read my first one…enjoy

  21. Anonymous

    I love all books, from Historical, Regency, Paranormal, and Crime to. This books sound interesting, want me to read it!!


  22. I love RS and stories featuring Navy Seals and I’ve heard good things about this series so please count me in.

    Hankts AT Internode DOT on DOT net

  23. I love, love, love military romance but I haven’t read Stephanie yet (what a horrible oversight, I know!)

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  24. Anonymous, I can’t argue with you here… who doesn’t love a good military man in a book, especially these HOT Shadow Force guys…

    Leigh, you sure summed it up with honorable military men.. They are hot and enticing for sure.

    Debbie, WOW having your own HERO and then reading about them too.. What more could a girl want…Military books have always interested me, because my father was in the RAF. And if I may be biased here, he cut quite a dashing flyer in his uniform…

    Under the Covers, Well I think this would be a great series for you to get into for your foray into romantic suspense. You will not be sorry, believe me…

    Jane, I agree with you this give away is awesome and I wish you good luck in winning these wonderful books.

    Mariee, Yep lots of Sexy Alpha Romanic heroes her for you to love, with a Suspense and intrigue to keep a girl wanting more..

    Glittergirl, Look no more. These black ops heroes are going to walking right down your alley right into your heart…

    Daniella, Romance and Delta Force heroes, the two just go hand in hand..

    Thank you all for joining myself and Ing today.. Again it was a thrill to be a part of these first day of a great week of wonderful authors… Good luck to all…

  25. Monikarw, if you love romantic suspense with a heap of HOT, you are going to love the Shadow Force hero’s and heroines.

    Raaonaid Luckwell, Good for you for sharing your love of these fine writers…

    FairyTaleFloozy, you must, oh yes you must get acquainted with Ms. Tyler and her wonderful stories. You will not regret it.

    Winnie, you will not be disappointed.

    Danielle Gorman, glad you could join us..

    LadyVampire2u, It is so great when you know the authors work and to find that she collaborates with another is liking finding the prize in the box of Cracker Jacks…

    BLHmistress, Don’t wait anymore… get thee to your bookseller and start reading these great and wonderful books….

    Blodeuedd, Ah more romance with suspense…You came to the right place… You will get it in spades…It is a thrill on every page.

    Maria, Wonder no more, you will get more than you can handle with these Military men…The books are action packed for sure.

    Trblcmm, Well I just love your top picks.. And devouring these books is a great way to read them… It leaves you hungry for more!!!!

    StickieKittie, Well the time is right to start these books, especially on these long cold late Autumn nights.. They will thrill and amaze you and keep you warm all night long.

  26. Michelle Bledsoe: Oh how I know about those long, long tbr list.. But I am happy you will add Stephanie’s books to your list…

    Tamara Hoffa: So glad you are a fan of all these wonderful authors.

    Donna: I could not agree with your more…

    Fcammer2: When you get to that wish list you are going to think it is Christmas and your birthday all in one… enjoy.

    Sara M: Oh there is lots of suspense and intrigue in these books. You never know where these special ops men are going to be or what they are going to be doing.. Keeps you riveted to them that’s for sure.

    The Brunette Librarian: I would have to agree whole heartily about these Military men. You cannot get any better….

    My4foursons: When you get to them in your pile, you are going to be glad you did…

    Mrsworldwidewebb: It is always great to buy are fav author books, and even better to win them. Good luck.

    Victoria: SEALs and strong heroines go hand and hand. No better combination.

  27. I loved all of your comments.

    Pat L: I too find this a great way to find new authors and I assure you, after reading your first Stephanie Tyler book you are going to be hooked for life.

    Amy: I have not had the pleasure of reading Sydney Croft books, but I am going to indulge soon… thanks for joining us today.

    Gail: You will love these “Bad Boys” for sure…

    Eli Yanti: Finding new authors is always a great time, enjoy Stephanie’s books.

    Ren: You don’t have to read the HOLD books first. But some of the characters are brought up in the Shadow Force series. It would just give you a little more background. But by all means read them as individual series… It just like visiting old friends…

    Gena R: You’re a girl after my own heart… I could “sip” on any one of these fine bad boys.

    Brenda D: Finding new authors is always great. I just love it when there books grab me and I can’t wait to hold their next book in my hand.

    Schrock: I have not read any of Larissa Ione or Sydney Croft books, so you are a head of me. I hope you enjoy Stephanie’s books as much.

    Alainala: you are so right these covers are very hot.. You might have to use asbestos gloves when you start reading them.

    Jessica: I always love putting new authors on my TBR list… Enjoy the books when you get a chance to read them.

    Jay: You are in for a treat with the next book in this series. Each one is better than the one before…

  28. Hi
    Because I love romance books and these spy/Delta force stories sound very interesting.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    dany7578 at hotmail dot com

  29. Thank you Ing for asking me to be a part of this fantastic week of STEPHISSA week… I hope everyone enjoys these books as much as I do.. Keep them coming Stephanie…

  30. This series sounds right up my alley. I love books about special/black ops. I’ve been looking at Stephanie’s books wondering if I’d like them, now I know! Thanks for the contest. glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

  31. I’m just getting into romantic suspense, so this series seems right up my alley. I have read Croft’s work and all of Ione’s so it would be great to have a chance to see Tyler’s work!

    alltherhage AT gmail DOT com

  32. I have read all of Larissa Iones books and all the Sydney Croft ARCO series and I loved , loved, loved them!!! I am interested in reading this series because my hubby was in the Army and anything military interests me. I know that Stephanie Tyler is a great woman and have chatted with her before and I know that this series will be great!!! I also need a good series to read while I wait for her Dire Wolf series to come out
    thanks for the contest,

  33. I have read the ACRO books, which I love, but haven’t read any of Stephanie’s individual works. I would love to, however. I know I’ll love her writing since I enjoyed ACRO so much, and a series about such honorable, military men is very enticing!

    Email is

  34. I have wanted to start this series for the longest time and this is the perfect opportunity to! To get the entire series would be amazing!!!!

    This series interests me because romantic suspense is one of my favorite types of romance, and who doesn’t like any military style guys just losing it over a woman? XD

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I love it!

    stickiekittie [at] gmail [dot] com

  35. I have had this series on my TBR list for a while now. The thought of some sexy military men sound good. Plus, I like action with my romance and these books sound like they have some.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I have been wanting to read Stephanie Tyler since I first read Larissa and found out they were collaborating together.


    I have been anxiously waiting for this event to take place too.

  37. To be honest, what first appealed to me about this series is the author. I know Larissa Ione and I love her books but I didnt know she had other series and names. SO I am curious to read her books and I already know I will love them simply because I so enjoy her style of writing. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  38. I’m interested in this series because I generally love reading romantic suspense books and I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet! Would love to be entered for the giveaway! 🙂


  39. Monikarw

    I want to read this series ’cause I love romantic suspense and I’ve heard great things about it!: )
    thanks for the giveaway!: )


  40. I already own all of this series but wanted to answer the question. I was drawn to the series because I have read most of Stephanie’s work and loved it. I new that these SEALs would be wonderful characters and that the heroines would all be strong females. Excellent series 🙂


  41. I am loving all the books! Love me some Stephanie and Larissa… Love these books! Would love to win them 🙂

    Thanks for the contest!


    aka Kathy 🙂

  42. I’ve had these books on my wish list for a very long time so I’d love to read them. I’ve read Larissa’s books but not Stephanies or Sydney Crofts yet.

  43. I am interested in this series because I absolutely love the combination of strength, intelligence and passion, whether that passion be about a mission or about loving someone. And there is something about reading really well written characters and strong story lines that lifts me out of everyday life and allows me to have imaginary experiences that are amazing and freeing.

    donnafisk at

  44. Jay

    I have read the first 2 books in this series and I absolutely love them. I have to say that this series is very loosely based on the Hard to Hold series. You barely get a mention of them. That’s ok because the men you meet here will make you not miss them.

  45. i havent read her before, but would love the chance! this series sounds really interesting, the characters seem interesting.. (and the covers.. HOT!)

    alainala At hotmail DOT ca

  46. I haven’t had the opportunity to read any of these books yet. They sound like my type of book! I am going to put them on my tbr pile. I love events like this that introduce me to new authors and new series. Thank you!

  47. Gena R

    Stephanie Tyler is on my TBR list ever since I found Larissa Ione. I am a voracious reader, but can’t afford all of the books as fast as I can read them! I know I’m going to love Ms. Tyler’s books as her excerpts are like a sip of water to a parched person in the middle of the desert, lol! Love her Alpha males *shiver*

  48. Ren

    Thanks for the post. So Shadow Force is a spin off of Hold trilogy. its mean we can read it out of order?

    sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com

  49. Amy

    I have only read Larissa and Stephanie’s (Sydney Croft) books loved them and her books sound hot whats not to love about Big Sexy Military or special forces..any man in a uniform is smokin’ hot!! Always a good read!

    Thanks for giveaway!!

  50. This is a wonderful opportunity to try new authors, I have a few of Stephanie’s on my tbr but would love to try the other authors.

    Thanks for offering this contest.

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