Monday Man Candy #41

Posted by Ing on 27 February, 2012 // ★★ 4 Comments ★★

Happy early Monday morning (technically Sunday night).  I wanted to post Monday Man Candy a bit early since I have a fun guest stopping Monday morning.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Be sure to stop by this week.  I have the following fun lineup!

Now for this week’s Monday Man Candy I offer you Josh Ohl.  He’s an American male model.  He’s a cuttie you all.  Enjoy him and as always drool bibs to the side.  Have a great Monday.  

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4 Responses to “Monday Man Candy #41”

  1. Kathleen I’m with you on that one!! I also wish he’d move his hand from between his legs in the second pic…he’s blocking my view lol!!!!

  2. Josh, could you move that left leg just a little more to the left..thanks
    OMG what a bod… I love your Monday Morning Eye Candy…
    Thanks for heating up this cold day…

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