Book Review + Giveaway – Platinum Passion by Jennifer Lynne

Posted by Ing on 13 March, 2012 // ★★ 32 Comments ★★


***I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***

Book Review + Giveaway – Platinum Passion by Jennifer LynnePlatinum Passion by Jennifer Lynne
Series: Gods of Love, #1
Published by Self-Published on December 13, 2011
Genres: Erotica, Fiction, Paranormal
Pages: 49
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Three people. One erotic fantasy. And a twentieth wedding anniversary like no other.

Jeannie longs for the return of passion in her marriage. Jake craves new excitement in the form of another man. Pothos is one of the erotes and an aspect of Eros, the ancient Greek god of love, and this couple's distinctive yearning has called to him. By the power of the erotes he intends to rekindle the flame of Jake and Jeannie's passion in a night of desire that will be the ultimate platinum anniversary gift.

And when the gods of love decide your marriage needs a boost, they never do it by halves.

Platinum Passion is the first in this series of novella-length stories about the erotes: Pothos -- god of sexual yearning, Himeros -- god of sexual desire, and Anteros - god of unrequited/requited love.

The erotes are aspects of the primal god, Eros, and the children of Aphrodite.

Her influence will be evident throughout the Gods of Love series. But the celebration of the ancient Greek gods of love begins in Platinum Passionwith the gorgeous Pothos, god of sexual yearning.

My Review:
Jeannie and Jake are in a rut.  Twenty years of marriage and everyday stresses of life has taken some of the passion out of their marriage.  On the night of their twentieth anniversary Jeannie and Jake is visited by Pothos the Greek god of love.  Pothos has been sent to help kick start some of the passion back into this marriage.  Pothos appears in both their dreams taking them on a journey where he joins in and helps them live out some of their darkest desires!

Platinum Passion is a nice short story packed with some sexy loving. Anyone who has been a relationship where sometimes that spark that was first there dims a bit can relate to the leading couple and what their feeling.  I liked how Jennifer did the whole paranormal aspect of the book with the God of Love, Pothos visiting the couples in their dream.  The way it was set up made the the whole dream sequence with the smoking hot sex between all three somewhat believable emotional and speed-wise.  Seriously Pothos can visit my dreams anytime…I’m just saying.

It took me awhile to get into this short story.  I thought the beginning was a bit slow and boring.  I had to put it down and come back to it later in the day.  Once I got past the whole am I dreaming is it real conversation the heroine was having with herself I was able to enjoy the fantasy and finish the book in less than an hour.  I actually could have done without Jeannie since I found myself much more interested in what was going on with Pothos and Jake.  Definite chemistry with those two.All and all Platinum Passion was a nice easy short read.  It entertained me enough that I’d like to check out the other books to come from this series.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fast sexy read.

★★ Book was read in March 2012. I own my own personal eBook copy. ★★

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About Jennifer Lynne

Jennifer Lynne writes short contemporary erotic romance, often with paranormal/fantasy elements. When she’s not writing what her family and friends call “porn for chicks” and what she prefers to call “super-hot romance for intelligent readers”, Jen is working in the admin day job, running around after teenagers, pampering three cats and trying to find a smidgen of time for her husband. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Jen is published with Red Sage and formerly with Breathless Press. In 2011 she embarked on an indie journey with the publication of her popular GODS OF LOVE romance series featuring erotic Greek gods and modern-day mortals in need of sexual healing. More recently she has co-authored the highly erotic NOT VANILLA series with USA Today Bestselling Author, Roz Lee.


Giveaway Details

Jennifer is giving away a $20 GC to ONE random commenter during this blog tour. Be sure to leave a comment on this blog post and follow this tour along. Be sure to leave comments at the other tour stops to increase your chances at winning. Click HERE to see the other tour stops.

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32 Responses to “Book Review + Giveaway – Platinum Passion by Jennifer Lynne”

  1. @Ing, it was a real pleasure visiting here!

    @Maria, thanks so much for your comment 🙂

    @Z, I use reviews to help pick out books to read, too, and it is always refreshing when a review rings true. I also use excerpts to “taste” a story I might want to buy, and personal recommendations from family/friends. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Anonymous

    Jennifer and Ing
    Ing thanks for the honest review and I’m glad to see you would read the next book also, a good honest review is more likely to sway me than one that doesn’t ring true.
    SeawitchReviews @

  3. Ing

    Thanks Jennifer for the chance to read your book. Looking forward to meeting Himeros, god of sexual desire and Anteros, god of requited/unrequited love. 🙂

  4. I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Platinum Passion book tour – the organizer, Goddess Fish, plus all the fabulous commenters and blog hosts. I’ve had a wonderful time chatting with everyone over the past five days.

    The giveaway draw is now closed and I’ll be announcing the winners on my blog tomorrow

    Once again, thank you everyone!

  5. Dawn Miller

    Wow!! This sounds like a book that I definitey must read. Wish it was around when I was still married I might’ve learned a thing or two. Plz enter me in giveaway. Thanks.

  6. @marybelle
    Thanks Marybelle! Yes, a short read cna be just right at times – life can get so busy, can’t it? Hard to build in reading time some days. But somehow, I always manage it 🙂

  7. @Karen
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, a second date is definitely good 🙂

    Thanks for your comment. You will definitely be entered in the contest!

    @Renee’ S,
    Thanks so much for joining the tour! I’m in rewrites on Himeros’ story right now, to incorporate more about what happens when a god of love is in need of help himself. Hoping to have it out soon!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    Thanks for your comment!

    Thanks for your comments, and glad you enjoyed the excerpt 🙂

  8. Thank you Ing for hosting Jennifer Lynne on your Blog, As the Pages Turn & Thank you Jennifer for privding “Platinum Passion”, Book #1 of Gods of Love for opinions.

    “Pothos, the God of Sexual Yearning” intends to rekindle the flame of Jake and Jeannie’s passion for their 20th wedding anniversary in night of desire that will be the Ultimate Platinum anniversary gift. WooHoo sounds like a winner to me!!!
    “Platinum Passion” sounds like a very sexy start as the 1st Stand-Alone Novella in your Series with the Erotes as a common theme….& WOW does the Erotes sounds like some very HOT Gods!!! Pothos – the God of Sexual Yearning, Himeros – the God of Sexual Desire, and Anteros – the God of Unrequited/Requited love. I can’t wait to read Himeros & Anteros’s Stories.

    Take care Ladies & Wishing You Both Well,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

  9. Hi Ing! I have three books planned for the series so far, though no reason why I couldn’t do more than that. The next one will be about Himeros, god of sexual desire, and his interaction with modern-day career woman, Gina. Book 3 will be about Anteros, god of requited/unrequited love, and his adventure with a couple in a sex club. I had thought of keeping them to about the same length each, and then releasing a print version containing all three novellas.

    But I am itching to write a longer story as well, and have a few ideas I’m playing with at the moment. My first novella, Seducing Serena in Secrets Volume 28 was 35,000 words and that was a great length to really develop the story.

  10. Ing…Thanks for your review. For a short story, it’s tough when the beginning doesn’t grab your attention right from the start. You don’t want to waste those first few pages. It’s funny that there is more chemistry between the two fellas…

  11. Ing

    Thanks Goddess PR and Jennifer for the opportunity to host you on your blog tour!

    Jennifer how many books are you planning for this series? Will we see more of Pothos in any of the other books? Also will the length of each story remain short or will you be expanding the length?

  12. It’s now after 11pm here in Melbourne and I’m heading off to bed, but I’ll be back first thing to check in and respond to any comments or queries while I sleep 🙂 ‘night all!

  13. Thanks for your comment, Lynn. I know first hand how hard it can be to keep the romance going when that first spark is long gone and daily life gets in the way – if only we all had access to our own special Greek god if we needed it 🙂

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