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You’d think a caseworker who saw people mess up their lives by making
bad choices would have her own life planned out in cautious detail. But Marly
O’Shea had always jumped into action first and picked up the pieces later.
Well, her life was definitely in pieces right now. So perhaps it was time she
followed her own advice. Yes, that’s what she needed: a list of precautions
that would keep her life chaos-free. She found a pen and piece of paper and
started writing. First on the list would be…
1. Keep your taser in your purse and don’t threaten the deputy who is
supposed to help you.
sigh of relief flowed through Marly’s body, brought up short by the sudden
reappearance of the man beside her vehicle. Many times her brothers scolded her
for being too trusting. Narrow hips and long legs snugly encased in worn blue
jeans could belong to a serial killer as easily as a white knight.
out while I check your vehicle for damage.” A jagged scar over the man’s right
eyebrow gleamed as he reached for her door handle.
murder mystery she read as a teenager gave the bad guy a scar. She wasn’t
taking any chances. Adrenaline pumped through Marly’s body once again as she
leveled the taser at the man’s chest. “Stop right there.” **
Well, how could she know he was an undercover
deputy–and her contact in the tiny town of Halo to help her find the woman who
could make or break her social work career. Rather than laugh off the incident,
the guy stalled her. She ended up playing cards for an entire day with the two
gossipy sisters who owned the boarding house. Finally fed up, she went looking
for him, which led to the second precaution on her list…
2. Don’t peek in windows looking for trouble in a uniform.
moved down the sidewalk, considering her options. She could look for him and
run the risk of frostbite. Or she could cause enough of a commotion for him to
come to her.
stood in front of the Assayer’s Office, wondering if breaking a small window
would cause enough noise to bring the deputy. Then she noticed several people
in this supposedly empty building.
of them was Deputy Dawson Browning.**
She could have walked away once he agreed to take her to talk to the
woman she was looking for. Instead she felt guilty about cornering him in front
of several townspeople and got caught up in their efforts to generate jobs for
a town struggling just to stay alive. That and her damnable weakness to rise to
a challenge, no matter how foolish. Which brought her to the next item on her
3. Don’t agree to pose for wedding photos unless you know the ceremony
isn’t real.
sure a city girl like Marly doesn’t care what happens to Halo.”
met the challenge in Dawson’s eyes with one of her own. Okay, so she had
threatened him with a taser. Perhaps his payback was making her cool her heels
in town when she wanted to be searching for the mother of the Midassen baby.
However, she wasn’t going to silently accept his continued needling.
model if you will, Deputy.” **
Who would have thought hundred-year-old laws giving the town’s mayor
the power to perform marriages had never been changed? It was supposed to be a
photo shoot…in spite of a kiss at the end of the ceremony that sizzled in her
toes and a few other parts of her body. She told herself she’d never see the
deputy again, but her boss demanded she return to Halo to find out for sure if
the woman was the baby’s biological mother. Not wanting another encounter with
the deputy, Marly violated the next precaution on her list…
4. Don’t go up Fool’s Gold Road alone.
once-neat trailer looked as though a tornado had spun through, knocking over
lamps, flipping couch cushions, shattering knick-knacks. Worst, though, was
Claudia’s body crumpled on the floor like a broken doll…
clasped a hand over her mouth, holding back the bile rising in her throat. This
was her fault. She had brought this tragedy to Claudia.**
Never before had Marly’s actions endangered another’s life.
Caseworkers were supposed to save lives, not endanger them. Maybe she wasn’t
such a good caseworker after all. Maybe she could never live up to her father’s
legacy. Even when she realized it wasn’t her fault Claudia had been attacked,
Marly felt responsible for the woman’s safety. So she talked her mother into
letting Claudia stay with her to recover.
Just when she thought this case might work out after all, the woman
who had adopted the stolen baby called her. Marly had always been a sucker for
people in crisis, which led to another precaution which should have been
tattooed on her eyelids…
5. Don’t make promises to a woman who is falling apart.
have to talk to you.” The woman’s soft, pleading voice reminded Marly of a lost
child. “No one else will listen. I dreamed about him. He cried all night long.
I need to see my baby.”
The woman’s anguished
voice twisted into Marly’s heart. These were the times she wished for the
distance some of her co-workers seemed to find when managing cases.**
Someone else could have dashed to her rescue, and could have broken
the news to her husband that she tried to commit suicide. But, oh no. Marly
stayed at the hospital until the woman stabilized, then wracked her brain on
how to put the broken pieces of two families back together. Only to find the
sexy deputy waiting for her when she finally dragged her exhausted body home.
She should have sent him to a hotel for the night, which brought her to the
next item on her list of precautions…
6. Don’t offer your guest room–with a shared bathroom–to a sexy man
after you’ve suffered one of your worst days at work.
stepped under the spray of water and quickly soaped her body and shampooed her
hair. One thing about a ten-minute hot water limit was she had learned to clean
all the necessary body parts in record time.
…[And] What was
Dawson doing in Portland? His nonanswer about wanting to talk to her didn’t
ring completely true, but she was simply too exhausted tonight to dig for the
real reason. With a sigh, she
lifted her arms to remove the towel from her hair.
The creak of hinges
gave her only a split-second warning before the bathroom door swung open,
revealing Dawson’s bare torso and stunned expression. An expression that turned
very interested as his gaze burned over every bare inch of her skin.**
Who could blame her for making love with the guy? She’d had a rough
day. A rough month. Why try to come up with excuses? She wanted this hot
cowboy. Unfortunately, her seven brothers always seemed to know when she was
serious enough to let a man into her bed, and she chided herself for not
following the next precaution on her list…
7. Have locks on your house that your brothers can’t pick.
Marly’s body melted against Dawson, his mind registered the snick of the lock
downstairs being picked. He cursed. “Someone’s breaking in. I’ll get my gun.”
as the thought appeals to me, it’s just one of my brothers–“**
She had another chance to install more secure locks on her doors when
she threw her brothers out and Dawson along with them, and should have taken
it. If  they hadn’t slipped back into her
house, she might never have discovered Dawson’s less-than-ideal childhood from
her brother-the-priest, and violated the next precaution on her list…
8. Don’t see the insecure little boy underneath the macho man in a
Dawson lived the same harsh reality we all did. Maybe he needs to meet our
challenges to prove to himself he’s worthy of marriage to a woman who’s
unscarred by that kind of reality.”
Marly stared at [her
brother]. Dawson seemed so confident. So sure of himself. Perhaps his
insecurities were well hidden beneath the khaki uniform and badge.**
This was the same usually wise brother who helped hide the baby’s
biological mother, which brought about the two most devastating events in her
life, and a realization she should have heeded the next item on her list…
9. Don’t take your life for granted.
mean I’m not…” Devastation flooded through Marly’s soul. She stared a
moment longer at the woman she had called Mother all her life, then turned and
fled. The door creaked mournfully behind her, a split-second before the
blustery March wind snatched it closed with a thump of finality.**
Marly was still trying to absorb this shock when her less-than-ideal
boss told her not to come back to work. With her life turned upside-down and
shaken, Dawson gave her a refuge where she could sort through the pain and
regroup. Which led to the last precaution on her list…
10. Don’t fall in love with the sexy cowboy cop you accidentally
Memories of their lovemaking trembled through Marly’s body. Perhaps
acting with her emotions instead of logic wasn’t all bad. After all, careening
through life had led to Dawson. And she seriously considered keeping this
guy–though she wasn’t going to let him know that just yet…
With a smile, Marly wadded up her list of precautions and tossed it
toward the garbage can.
**Italics are excerpts from PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY, the first of Genie
Gabriel’s LEGACY series, which released March 1, 2012. For more information
about Genie and the LEGACY series as well as her other books, visit her Web
site at or the O’Shea Legacy blog at
Many, many thanks to As the Pages Turn for having me as a guest today!
Social worker Marly O’Shea is determined to find the birth mother of a stolen baby, which leads to Halo, Oregon, and an “accidental” marriage to Deputy Dawson Browning. Haunted by memories of an abusive childhood, Dawson vows to protect this child from a similar fate. Marly and Dawson’s conflict over the best home for the baby changes to teamwork when crimes linked to the child hit small-town Halo. As they track an elusive villain, they must also decide if their partnership can be personal as well as professional.
Purchase Link: Amazon / Rogue Phoenix Press

Dawson watched the exchange between Marly and her brothers with interest. He didn’t grow up with a bunch of brothers involved in each other’s day-to-day lives.
“There’s an old Irish custom that might be of help in this situation.” Patrick stood, gaining the attention of everyone in the room. “When a man expresses an interest in an Irish lass–you are interested in Marly, aren’t you, Mr. Browning?”
“Very much so.” Dawson wondered what trick this seemingly easygoing priest would pull out of his vestments.
“Irish custom states when a man declares his intent to court a lass, he must meet certain requirements from the lass’ immediate family.”
“You’re all adopted and we’re not Irish,” Marly stated.
“Ah, lass, you wound me.” Patrick placed a hand over his heart. “We are family in action and Irish in all ways that matter.”
“Spare me the theatrics.” Marly rolled her eyes.
“The right of refusal belongs not to the lass, but to the prospective groom.” Patrick turned to Dawson. “Arise, my son.”
Slowly, Dawson stood, feeling like a small child caught stealing from the church plate.
“For the honor of courting this fair lassie, you will be required to meet a challenge from each of her seven brothers–“
“No.” Marly placed herself between Dawson and her brothers. “I will make the decision of who I marry.”
“I can beat these wimps at their own games,” Dawson declared.
Marly groaned as her brothers’ eyes lit with anticipation of the game begun.
About Author:
For years I’ve been
fascinated by the puzzle of why some people collapse under life’s traumas and
others emerge triumphantly stronger.
In a job surrounded by social workers and in my personal life, I saw the
effects of abuse, incest, and violence. Yet amid the stark realities of
addictions, anger, abandonment, denial and betrayal shone the bright light of
strength, hope and forgiveness. These triumphs of the human spirit over the
ugliest of adversities became the basis for my stories. My passion for writing
romance stories became an outlet for the powerful messages that people can
overcome great difficulties, and that true love can turn life’s heartaches into
happily ever after.
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