Monday Man Candy #42

Posted by Ing on 12 March, 2012 // ★★ 7 Comments ★★

Good morning ATPT peeps.  How is everyone this morning?  I hope you all had a great weekend.  It’s Spring Break here in central Texas this week.  Nice quiet roads on my drive to work this whole week…I can’t wait!  We have a great line up this week so be sure to stop by everyday!  

Now for this week’s Monday Man Candy I give you the delicious and oh so mouth watering Benjamin Godfre.  I’ve featured this yummy model previous so click here if you’d like to see the previous pics.  Let me tell you he just keeps getting better as he goes!  Enjoy and have a fantastic Monday.

Love his expression…like he’s up to something naughty!

Just Yum!
What you looking for there?  Need any help?


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7 Responses to “Monday Man Candy #42”

  1. Ing

    @ Elin – girl you should check out some of his more revealing pics. Those are WOW! 🙂

    @ Blodeuedd – LOL…yea you and me both can help!

    @ Timitra – It’s wrong to be envious of a guitar isn’t!

  2. Ing

    @ Kathleen – Happy birthday week lady. What day exactly is your big day? I hope you have a good one honey!

    @ Barb – you are welcome sweetie! Isn’t he just pretty. Happy Monday to you.

  3. Now these guys are the best eye Candy a girl could get… which one would I choose to spend her birthday with this week…mmmm..let me see… ALL of them…

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