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Book Blurb:

Justin Rodale is the wealthy bastard son of the Duke of Chanceworth. He owns the most lucrative and luxurious gaming establishment and caters to London’s elite. Educated with the rest of the aristocrats, he knows all the rules by which Society lives, but he is beholden to no one.

Clarissa Kincaid has been raised to be the perfect English lady. She knows precisely the sort of match she should make and she’s fairly certain she’s found that with a respectable gentleman. But the man won’t commit and she finds herself seeking assistance in the form of seduction lessons from Justin.

This is a challenge the charming Justin can not resist. She may think that he knows nothing about her needs, but he’s determined to show her that he knows plenty about her secret desires. He has no intention of publicly ruining the girl, but he’s determined to privately tempt her into some slightly sinful behavior.

Title: A Little Bit Sinful (Forbidden Love Series)
Author: Robyn DeHart
Release Date: March 2013
Genre: Historical Romance
Tour coordinated by: Entangled Publishing
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~~Guest Post with Justin Rodale~~

It is unclear to me precisely what a blog is, but I was instructed to write one today. My name is Justin Rodale and my life has taken a bit of a strange turn as of late. It would seem that a woman from my past has reentered it in a most unusual way. Ah Clarissa Kincaid, or Chrissy as I am fond of calling her. She has come to me seeking something so brazen, so out of her perfect ladylike character, I should send her on her on her way. But it is not everyday that a woman seeks my council on lessons in seduction. 

I should have told her no, but you see when it comes to Chrissy, I’m afraid I have a bit of a weakness. She’s so bloody tempting and well, for her own good I’ve agreed to said lessons.

Now the question presented to me today is that if any of the rest of you gentlemen are ever in a similar position, I offer you three suggestions on what NOT to do when giving the perfect English lady seduction lessons. 

Rule #1 – don’t try to teach said lady a lesson by kissing her passionately to frighten her with your ardor. She might enjoy your kiss and match your passion and you could find yourself in a situation where you are no longer the one in control. 

Rule #2 – know that whatever you teach her she could turn around and use on another man. So be careful with what weapons you arm her with else you send her into battle where she just might seduce another man, which leads me to…

Rule #3 – never ever lose your heart to said lady in the midst of seduction lessons. Falling in love with the lovely lady is the absolute worst mistake you can make, unless you find yourself tired of your own heart and wish for someone else to hold it for you… unless you can be certain that she will fall in love with you in return. 

Now if you will excuse me, I have a student waiting for a particular lesson…

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About Author:

I’m one of those writers who always knew that she wanted to be a writer. It took me a while, however, to figure out precisely what I wanted to write. Reading Kathleen Woodiwiss’ ”A Rose in Winter” sealed the deal for me and I’ve been reading and writing romance ever since. I should have known I was destined for this when my Barbies insisted on hosting elaborate masquerade parties, complete with stolen kisses in the moonlight.

I’m the youngest of three children, so of course I’m the favorite. I was raised in central Texas, in the beautiful Hill Country, right smack-dab between Austin and San Antonio. My parents were high school sweethearts and married a week after my mother graduated – they both needed their parents’ permission to marry since they were so young. So I blame them and their amazing marriage for the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic.

Somewhere along the line, I graduated from college with a degree in Sociology, only after completing an internship with none other than award-winning best-selling author, Pamela Morsi. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life and I learned more about the writing business than I could have hoped.

After college I worked a myriad of jobs: Computer Software Trainer, Recruiter, Administrative Assistant. But no matter what my day job, I come home to my real job and click, click, click away on my computer and get lost in my imaginary world where justice always prevails and the girl always gets her guy! It’s the coolest job in the world.
I’m married to the most amazingly supportive man. He’s so proud of my career, and loves to tell people, “My wife is a romance novelist.” We live in the Austin area, where my husband is a university professor. He’s ridiculously smart, but remains goofy enough to make me laugh every day. We’re the parents of two beautiful and precocious little girls who keep me quite busy during the day. We also have two very spoiled cats who are of no help at all when it comes to my writing, although they sometimes nap in the same room where I sit diligently working.

I’ve published seven historicals, all of which have received great reviews and a handful of them have won awards. I love to hear from readers, so feel free to send me an email or you can find me online at The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills, or, Peanut Butter on the Keyboard, my newest blogging endeavor that’s all about writing moms or moms who write. You can also find me on my Facebook or my Facebook Author page and on Twitter. I’m everywhere!

Robyn is giving away 7 of her titles in paperback, SIGNED! This is a tour wide giveaway.  This giveaway is administered and monitored by the publisher and author.  Be sure to follow the tour and visit all the other stops to read their fun post that Robyn did.  Good Luck.

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  1. Di

    I haven’t read Robyn’s books yet, but it looks like she’s got a great library to choose from.

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  2. Congrats on the new release. Robyn is a new author for me. This book sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it to see more of Justin and Clarissa. Thanks for that great post with Justin. Very informative.

  3. Thanks Ing for this guest post and giveaway!
    I’ve been reading Robyn’s books for a while now. I’m always on the lookout for her latest releases.
    I enjoy curling up in my favorite chair and escaping for a bit.
    Wishing you all the best Robyn!

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