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ING: Welcome, welcome, welcome to ATPT today Jason and Becca! I’m so excited to have you all visiting! I hope you both are nice and comfortable! How are you all handling the fact that your story is now out there for the public to read? Were you all nervous? Have you read your book?

JASON: I’m excited to have our story out there. I just hope people like it. Yes, I’ve read it.

BECCA: I haven’t read it. I’m too nervous to read it. I think it’d be weird to read about myself. I’m glad it’s out there, though.

ING: If you’ve read the book was there anything you were surprised to find out about one another? Any other stories you’d like to tell that’s not in the book? 🙂

JASON: No, there weren’t any surprises. Everything that’s important is in there.

BECCA: I haven’t read it, like I said, but Jason has told me about it and I’m sure there’s not anything missing.

ING: You two have been together a long time. I’m sure you have created many fantastic memories. What have been some of your fondest memory of your time together?

JASON: Um, I guess most of my fondest memories of us are simple things. Driving around in my old truck. Just cruising the dirt roads back in our town in Michigan, listening to music. Making out under the old oak tree. I still have that truck, as a matter of fact. It’s in my garage. Someday I’ll fix her up and it’ll be Benny’s first car.

BECCA: You are not making our son drive that old thing, are you? It’ll be an antique by the time he’s old enough to drive!

JASON: I sure as hell am gonna give it to him. I’ll make it safe to drive. Replace the engine, the tranny, brakes and all that. It’ll be great. He can make his own memories.

BECCA: Ugh. Boys and their trucks. I have great memories of that truck too. Wouldn’t it be weird for him drive it, though? Knowing some of the things we’ve done in that thing?

JASON: He won’t know that.

BECCA: True.

ING: What have been at least 3 funny or cute things that you guys have learned about each other?

Jason: She snores sometimes. Like, loud, log-cutting snorts. Also, she farts in her sleep. I think it’s cute.

BECCA: I do not! And if I did, I can’t help it. I think the cutest thing I’ve learned about Jason is that one of his favorite movies is Notting Hill. Like, that old romantic comedy with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant? Yeah. He LOVES that movie.

ING: What song best describes your relationship or each other? Do you all even have a song?

JASON: We don’t really have one song. We like so much music, so many different songs that I’m sure we could pick one single one out.

BECCA: I have to agree. That feels like a cop-out, but it’s just true. Those sweet, slow, sappy country ballads describe us pretty well I’d say.

ING: What is the most romantic thing you’ve done for each other?

JASON: For my birthday last year Becca hired Little Big Town, which is one my favorite bands, to play at the surprise party she threw for me. It was so cool. They played until the party wound down, and then they played a short set just for us. We slow-danced under the stars in our backyard.

BECCA: That was awesome. Best party ever. I think the most romantic thing Jason’s ever done for me is he took me on a surprise weekend trip to the Bahamas. No reason, no warning, he just told me to pack a swim suit and some lingerie and we got on a plane. He had my parents come down to stay with Benny and had this private little hut out on the water for us. When we got there it was all lit up by a hundred candles, rose petals spread all over the bed. God, it was seriously sooo romantic. It was like something out of The Bachelor.

ING: Why do you all think you are perfect for each other? What does it take in your opinion to make a relationship stay happy and long lasting?

JASON: Why are we perfect for each other? I don’t think you have enough time for us to really, truly answer that. We just are. Everything about each of us complements the other. We trust each other completely. We know every single last thing about each other.

BECCA: Exactly what I was going to say. I think a relationship is a complicated thing. It takes a lot for it to work. It takes work, for one thing. As perfect as we are for each other, we still get upset and get in fights and have to work it out. It’s hard. Pride and misunderstandings get in the way.

JASON: It takes communication. You have to be willing, and able–which is hard for guys-to talk things through and really LISTEN to each other, to what the other person is saying, and just as importantly, to what they AREN’T saying but still mean.

BECCA: I think, too, for a relationship to be strong and long-lasting, it has to be founded on a strong, solid friendship. You can’t just be attracted to someone, have great sex with them and some fun dates and think that’s love, or that that will make a good relationship. Sex isn’t enough. If that’s all you have, that would get old and you’re GOING to break up before too long. For Jason and I, the sex between us is part of how we communicate our love for each other. If that’s all we had keeping us together, we’d have broken up a LONG time ago.

ING: Going to do fast and quickie Q&A!

ING: Favorite place to make love?

JASON: Our bedroom, with the door to the lake open.
BECCA: On the beach, on a blanket, under the stars.

ING: Favorite body parts of each other?

JASON: Her ass, in yoga pants. Or naked.
BECCA: His chest. And his hands.

ING: Favorite food?

JASON: A big, thick, juicy cheeseburger.
BECCA: My Nonna’s lasagna.

ING: Favorite holiday?

JASON: Her birthday. I love doing ridiculous, over the top surprises for her birthday.

BECCA: My birthday, because what he said.

ING: Favorite dessert?

JASON: A hot fudge brownie sundae. Lots of whipped cream and piping hot fudge, vanilla ice cream. God, now I want one.
BECCA: Carrot cake. A huge slice of gooey carrot cake, like the kind you get from a fancy restaurant, where the piece is so big you take it home and you’re eating it for, like, three days.

ING: Thank you, to the both of you for letting me invade your space and answering my questions. I wish you both the best of luck. Your story was beautiful and I loved reading every moment of it. Before I go do you have anything else you want to add or say? Any questions you want to pose to the fans out there?

JASON: Thanks so much for having us! I’m glad our story is out there. I guess I would like to say that if our story moved you, or touched you, let us know.

BECCA: It was fun being here. I’m glad you liked our story.

*My choices for Jason and Becca*
Book Blurb:


When Kyle Calloway died, he took a part of Nell with him. She wasn’t the only one left to pick up the pieces, however; Kyle’s death left a gaping hole in the hearts and lives of his parents and his older brother Colton, and ultimately broke the will of the girl he loved.


Becca de Rosa is Nell’s best friend. When Kyle died, Nell was so devastated that no one could reach her, not even her best friend Becca. As she tries to help Nell through her grief, Becca’s own life is thrust into turmoil, and everything she knows is changed.

Jason Dorsey asked Nell out the week after her sixteenth birthday, but that date never happened. Instead, he ended up going out with Nell’s best friend, Becca. He had no way of knowing, then, how that one date would send him on a life-long journey with Becca. He had no way of knowing the tragedies and triumphs he would experience, or that in Becca, he might find the love of a lifetime.


Title: Falling Into Us (Book 2, Falling)
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Genre: New Adult Contemporary romance
Release Date: June 20, 2013
Tour Organized by: Shh Moms Reading
Purchase Links: Amazon I B&N 

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. When she’s not writing, she’s probably shopping, baking, or reading.

Some of her favorite authors include Nora Roberts, JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Liliana Hart and Bella Andre. She loves to travel and some of her favorite vacations spots are Las Vegas, New York City and Toledo, Ohio.You can often find Jasinda drinking sweet red wine with frozen berries and eating a cupcake.
Jasinda is represented by Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Literary Agency.


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  • Grand Prize – Kindle Paperwhite
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  • Second & Third place – Signed paperback copy of Falling Into Us 

NOTE: The tour wide giveaway is monitored and administered by the author and tour coordinator. You will be contacted directly by one of these parties and not this blog!

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