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*Author Guest Post*
A Debt Paid in Passion by Dani Collins
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: February 1, 2014

A beautiful thief…?  

Raoul Zesiger has everything a man could want—including Sirena Abbott, the perfect PA who keeps his life in order. Or so it seems, until their professional relationship gives way to one hot, impassioned night…and then he has her arrested for embezzlement! 

She may have escaped a prison sentence, but Sirena knows she’ll be shackled to Zesiger by more than just the past. With Raoul determined to recover the debt she owes him, Sirena is torn between guilt and an impossible attraction. But what will happen when Raoul uncovers the truth behind her theft?

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*Author Guest Post*
Alpha vs. Alpha

It’s a busy time of year and I’m even busier! I have one of those ‘nice problems to have’ in that my December book, More Than A Convenient Marriage, is down to its last days on the shelves and my February book, A Debt Paid In Passion, is about to release on the Mills & Boon and Harlequin websites. 

I thought I’d combine my promo efforts by comparing the two heroes and you can decide which one you’d like to find in your stocking!

Born on the docks in Greece, Gideon grew up on freighters and owns several shipyards, cargo ports, and is expanding into cruise ships. Given his young mother’s tragic death, he has a soft spot for single moms and babies. He did tell his wife that one white lie about his identity, but if you want a protective provider who will be there when you need him, you want More Than A Convenient Marriage?

Raoul is also a family man, supporting his mother and stepsister after dropping out of university because his stepfather had run through the family fortune. On paper, he’s a computer geek, but a worldly one with homes in London, New York, and Sydney. Yes, he tried to send his PA to prison for embezzlement, but he didn’t realize all the details, including that she was pregnant. He’s not above spoiling when he wants to apologize, so if you like red carpet events, extravagant jewelry, and surprise weddings, you’ll want A Debt Paid In Passion.

Gideon has the edge in that he’s part of a 2 in 1 in North America, with a prequel story, No Longer Forbidden? with a bonus alpha, Nic. But if you tell me in your comments which hero you want in your stocking, I’ll pick one winner of a signed copy of Gideon’s story and one for Raoul.
A Debt Paid in Passion Excerpt

Look at me, Raoul silently commanded again, holding his breath as she hesitated, sensing she was about to swing her gaze to his.

Her lips drained of color and her hand trembled where she outstretched it, trying to find the gate. She stared straight ahead, eyes blinking and blinking—

“She’s fainting!” He shoved past his two lawyers and toppled chairs to reach her even as her own lawyer turned and reacted. They caught her together.

Raoul hated the man anew for touching her as they both eased her to the floor. She was dead weight. He had to catch her head as it lolled. She hadn’t been this insubstantial the last time he’d held her. She hadn’t been fragile.

Raoul barked for first aid.

Someone appeared with oxygen in blessedly short time. He let himself be pushed back a half-step, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the way Sirena’s cheeks had gone hollow, her skin gray. Everything in him, breath, blood, thought, ground to a halt as he waited for a new verdict: that she would be okay.

It was his father all over again. The lack of response, the wild panic rising in him as he fought against helplessness and brutal reality. Was she breathing? She couldn’t be dead. Open your eyes, Sirena.

Distantly he heard the attendant asking after pre-existing conditions and Raoul racked his brain. She wasn’t diabetic; had never taken medication that he’d seen. He reached for the phone he’d turned off while court was in session, intent on accessing her personnel file when he heard her lawyer answer in a low murmur.

“She’s pregnant.”

The words burst like shattered glass in his ears.

*About Dani*

Dani Collins spent twenty-five years dreaming of writing full time and finally made her first sale to Harlequin Mills & Boon in May of 2012. She’s still dreaming of making Romance Author her day job, but for now she writes around work, family, and enough exercise to keep her out of traction. 

For more information about Dani, you can visit her website at, listen to her interview with Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books, or watch her interview on GFTV.

*Connect with Dani*

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  1. I would enjoy both, but if I have to pick, I guess I’ll go with Raoul just because his story caught my eye first. Guess I’ll just end up buying the other book.

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