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Title: Being Sawyer Knight (Souls of the Knight #1)
Author: Nicola Haken
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2014


As lead singer and guitarist of the internationally renowned Souls of the Knight, Sawyer Knight is living a life most men can only dream of. He’s surrounded by music, fame, wealth, women throwing themselves at his feet. He has everything… 

Yet he has nothing. 

Life as one of the world’s most sought after rock stars is tiring, oppressive and lonely. He spends every day being who the world wants him to be, who his manager tells him to be, who his mother expects him to be… all the while fighting against who he really is. Truth is, he’s used to it. He’s actually gotten pretty good at pretending… at living the lie. 

Until Jake Reed, his ex-best friend and the only person who’s ever made him ‘feel’, waltzes back into his life as the band’s new head of security. Jake wants Sawyer – always has, always will. Now, he just needs to get Sawyer to admit that he feels the same… 

“You will be mine, Sawyer Knight. The faster you try to run the quicker you’ll fall to your knees. Then, Sawyer… then you’ll be too weak to resist.” 

(This is an M/M romance that is not recommended for under 18’s due to adult language and explicit sexual situations)

Being Sawyer Knight – Excerpt

Unable to hold back any longer, I started undoing the knot in his robe, teasing it open with deft fingers and pushing the towelling fabric open so it draped behind him on the bed.

“So fucking perfect,” I moaned into his mouth, trailing my fingertips along the hard ridges of muscle cocooning his chest, tracing the outlines of what can only be described as exquisite pieces of artwork decorating his skin. Slowly, I worked my way down to his semi-erect cock, curling my fingers around it and smiling as it hardened instantly at my touch.

“No,” Sawyer interjected, grabbing my hand and pulling it up to his chest. “I…I want to touch you this time.”

Sighing in anticipation, I opened my robe and shuffled out of it, tossing it to the floor behind me. Sawyer did the same before bringing his naked body close to mine, pressing our chests together. Placing his hands on my torso, he closed his eyes and let out a heavy, almost pained sigh.

“What’s wrong?” I asked gently, wrapping my hand around his and encouraging him to smooth it across my chest.

“I, um, well I’ve never… touched a man this way before,” he admitted, his eyes sweeping the mattress in embarrassment.

“You’ve never experimented before?”

“There were a couple of guys in college,” he confessed, shrugging. “But… they touched me – never the other way round. To touch them would’ve felt too…” he trailed off, unable to find the word.


“Something like that.”

“Are you saying no one has ever been here?” I asked, sneaking my hand between his pressed together thighs, encouraging him to part them before circling his puckered rim with the tip of my finger. He shook his head, refusing eye-contact with me. I grinned devilishly at him, and then buried my face in his neck. “I will be going there, baby. Not yet. Not tonight. But soon.
About Nicola
Nicola Haken
I’m a writer of New Adult, contemporary and m/m erotic romance. I’m a married mum of four (six if you include the dogs!) from the UK and can usually be found with a Kindle or MacBook in front of my face, or carrying out housewife/mother/all round slave duties. I’m a little bit mental and a whole lot of crazy with bordering on unhealthy addictions to tattoos, Pepsi Max and the CockyBoys! 😉

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