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As I slowly drive down Fall Away Lane towards the Trent home I can’t help feeling sick to my stomach. I am just an excited jumble of mess today!
I’ve been going over my questions and giving myself pep talks all morning!  I am praying that I don’t chuck up my lunch from earlier! As I finally pull into the Trent’s driveway, I look over to the Brandt’s home and take a deep breath!  I can’t help wondering if Tate and Jared are over there. The tree that’s between their homes makes me smile as I picture it with the lights that Jared decorated long ago for Tate!
I’m meeting Jax today for my Q&A session with him and I am so nervous.  After sitting in my car for a couple of minutes and giving myself a stern warning not to drool over Jax…I slowly unbuckle my seat belt and grab my pen and pad. I walk up to the door and before I can knock, the door opens, and there stands the man himself. He gives me a smirk and looks at me and then my car. Crap, he saw me sitting in my car for awhile…how embarrassing. I clear my throat and introduce myself.  Jax just nods his head and turns…I follow him in and look around.  He takes me to the kitchen and points toward the table. He leans against the counter as I sit.  I clear my throat again and look up at Jax and begin the Q&A session…

ING: Thanks for agreeing to meet with me today! I want to start off by saying that you are one fascinating and popular man! Not sure if you pay attention but the fans are loving you and very intrigued about you. For those of us waiting anxiously for your book can you tell us in your words what we can anticipate with your story? What’s it going to be like?
JAX: Well, it’s not my story. It ours. Hers and mine, and even after a month it’s still unfolding. That’s what I love about her. Every day is like the start of something new, and I can’t believe how much she still surprises me. I thought I was the strong one, the one to teach her how to live and let go, but…she taught me how to hold on instead. 
ING: What are three things about you that the readers/fans would be surprised to discover about you?
JAX: Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. Hugs, kisses, candy…it’s a whole day centered around love. I liked that growing up. 
I sometimes feel closer to Madoc than I do Jared. 
And when I was six, I wanted to be Peter Pan for Halloween. Of course, my father never tried to get me the costume, but I hoped he would. As if I’d be able to magically escape to Neverland, right? 
{I smile and shake my head at him}
ING: Lisa, my girl from Three Chicks and their Books wanted to know why you feel so much closer to Jared’s mom, more than your birth mom?  Do you ever wish you had a relationship with her and would you be open to having her in your life?
JAX: I never knew my mom. There have been a couple foster parents over the years that I’ve connected with, but Jared’s mom took me in and gave me a solid place where I belonged. With my brother. Even after Jared left for college, she acted like a mom to me. And she’s also a little weak. Not weak as in a bad way, but she has a lot of vulnerability. A lot of demons. I guess I want to protect her as much as she does me.  
ING: Lisa from True Story Book Blog wanted to know what your plans are after high school? Now that you are out can you give us a hint of what you want/ where/what plan do you have? You planning on joining the gang in Chicago or sticking around here? I’m thinking you’d make a great tech spy! 😉
JAX: No. I spend time in Chicago, but I have no ambition to live there. I’ve seen enough shit to know what a good home looks like. When you find a place like Shelburne Falls, you keep it. Plus, I have the operations at the Loop, and we’re expanding. Tate’s getting more active in the racing scene recently, and I’m hoping she’s prepared for my next development. 
{I perk up at the news about Tate…interesting}
ING: I love your long hair. I think it’s sexy as heck! I know a lot of others do too. 🙂 Is there any significance with keeping your hair long and do you think you’d ever cut it?  I hope you never do…just putting my 2 cents in! 🙂
JAX: Well, thanks. But honestly, I don’t keep it long because it looks good.  K.C.’s the only one that knows, and she knew without me having to say anything. It’s kind of personal. 
ING:  Lots of folks were shocked at the steps you took to get Fallon’s mom to ummm…change her mind. How the heck did you hook up with her and do you regret your actions or would do anything differently?
JAX: No. I think at some point everyone learns that sex can be a weapon. She liked young guys. Ones that she received at her hotel room every Thursday night, and I inserted myself in that capacity as a means to an end. I had a card to play, and I played it to protect my family. Now I’m sorry if that ruffled some feathers, but there’s only one person I answer to, and she owns the spot next to me in my bed upstairs. 
ING: One of the readers of my blog Jay Baul, wanted to know where/how did you get so computer savvy?  Were you self taught? People are thinking you secretly work for the CIA or something! 😉 And how the heck/where/when how did you get all that equipment you have?
JAX: *snort* Oh, for crying out loud. The CIA? No, I don’t work for the CIA. Computers are something that I got into years ago. One of my foster homes had a couple, and I tinkered a lot. I loved information at my fingertips, watching the world through a screen, and keeping everything in my line of sight within easy access. I’m sure you can understand why. Sometimes I’ve used those skills to do bad things, but I had good motives behind it. 
ING:  Madoc…threatens to reveal a secret of yours during Rival. Lots of inquiring minds want to know if you’d maybe give us a hint or if you are in the mood to talk/spill where and what it is you go off and do? {Gives Jax my best puppy dog look}
JAX: I don’t strip, I’m not watching strippers, I don’t prostitute, I don’t hire prostitutes, I’m not fighting, I’m not filming porn, and I’m not doing anything illegal. It’s personal, Ing. Sorry, babe.
{I am still stuck on Jax stripping! I realize I had been staring at him for a bit.  I clear my throat and tell…him understood!}
ING: We all know who your girl is going to be! A lot of folks weren’t happy about K.C. being your girl. What would you like to tell these folks in regards to K.C. that could help alleviate some of their concerns? Put the naysayers to rest!
JAX: No one that has read our story is sorry for me. I’ll tell you that. 
ING:  Now for some fun stuff…no more of the deep things! So what actor/singer/model would you say could be your doppleganger?  I’m trying to give the female fans a point of reference! 🙂 When I asked Madoc this previously the boy said he looked like Chris Hemsworth…lol! 🙂 
JAX: I’m so much better in your head. Let’s keep it that way.
ING: Here are two questions from the readers of the blog, Sara wants to know do you like older woman? And Shannon wants your thoughts on brunettes with green eyes? LOL.
JAX: I definitely like older women, and I LOVE brunettes with green eyes. Like K.C. 
ING: OK now onto the lightening round of questions:
Favorite body part on the opposite sex and why? The eyes. I can always tell if they really see me.  
What’s your best/sexiest pick up line? “Let’s go.”
What types of music do you like listening to? Rock. I’ve got Rob Zombie, Crossfade, Chevelle, Stone Sour…
Top THREE things you like to do for fun? Work on cars, be outside, and lock us in our bedroom. 
Boxer, briefs or commando? Boxer briefs
Favorite Movie? Armageddon—the slow walk to the space shuttles gets me every time
Biggest fear? Having kids. I’d be obsessed with doing everything right. 
Your happiest memory? Watching her dance in Tate’s room
What are the first words that pop into your head when I say these names:
Jared: father
Tate: sister
Madoc: brother
Fallon: friend
ING: Thank you so much Jax for your time! You have any last words or message for the fans?
JAX: Thanks. See you soon 😉
What did you all think? I’m so excited. I can’t wait for Jax & K.C.’s book. I hope you have enjoyed the blog tour! If you missed any of the previous days you can still join the fun. There have been some AWESOME Q&A’s with Madoc, Fallon, Penelope herself and little guest appearance from Tate & Jared. There are deleted scenes and some great Top 5-10 List. Go HERE to visit the other stops! Make sure you enter the giveaway!

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  1. Great interview!! though I reas it with just one eye open to avoid spoilers because I haven’t gotten around to read Rival yet but I can’t wait any longer!! 🙂

  2. Griselda Menjivar

    Thank you for the Interview Jax!! We all can wait to read the book :] Penelope Douglas you are a Genius<3

  3. Jay Bual

    YAY, my question got in! Thanks so much Ing! 😀 I notice he didn’t tell us where he freakin got his equipment though, I mean those have to be expensive!

    SO he’s not CIA but he’s not doing anything illegal. That’s a relief! Gosh… I’m really very excited for FALLING AWAY!

    Oh, and I just went “awww” with him thinking of Jared as “father” 😀

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, I cant wait for Fall Away and that pic that you posted is the shit. Holy cow, he is so very sexy with that hair blowing. OMG

  5. I love this interview. It gives a little hint at a mature Jax. Can’t wait for his story with KC. And I LOVE that teaser pic. Perfect!

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