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Title: Everlasting Love (Sulfur Heights, #6)
Author: M.S. Brannon
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: December 22, 2014


I’m surrounded by my family. I’ve been their protector, counselor, and leader. I was forced to be strong for them. But now, it’s my time to be strong for myself.” ~ Reggie Evans
Five years later…
The Evans family has experienced their share of heartache and trauma. Individually, each has faced the darkest days from their past to move forward with their lives. Today, they are stronger than ever. They have discovered the strength to move forward. Survive anything. Endure all. 
Each Evans brother has moved past the turmoil surrounding Presley’s death and Jeremy’s incarceration, finding the love of their life and living in happiness for the last five years. Together, they have grown, wounds have mended, and there is nothing standing in the way of their promising futures. That is, until a villain from years ago comes from the shadows, upsetting the family’s blissful existence. 
Once again, the family is divided, each brother forced to evaluate how crucial it is for them to stay together in Sulfur Heights or face the reality of leaving to survive on their own. 
Everlasting Love is ultimately what the Evans brothers have been searching for their entire lives, but will it be the path fate has planned?
**Mature Content Warning: 17 years and older for language and sexual content.**

Everlasting Love ~ Excerpt ★

We are still wrapped up in each other’s arms, smiling and happy. My body can’t help capitalizing on the moment.

I swallow the lump in my throat, ignore my obvious signs of a hangover, and move my face to hers. She freezes. My lips lightly press against her, and I can feel myself unthaw inside. She is the only person who can take every bit of doubt, self-loathing, and pain away. And she can do it with a simple kiss. I slowly start to melt as I hold my lips to hers. However, instead of getting lost in the moment, Delilah pulls her head away and tucks her lips in, as if she’s saying she won’t allow me access ever again to those beautiful, soft lips. My desires are extinguished and soon replaced by an irate fire. She’s rejecting me. It’s something I don’t handle well, something that stings beyond repair.

“Jake, please don’t look at me like that.” Her voice is calm, yet her eyes are cool.

I’m pissed, so pissed I could spit nails at her. “Don’t look at you like what, cupcake? Like I want to make love to you? Is that what this is all about?” I snap back angrily as I get out of bed.

My head spins as it simultaneously pounds into my skull. I feel like I could puke at any moment, but I swallow it down. I have more pressing things to deal with right now, like handling this woman and her bitchy attitude.

“Nothing will happen between us, Jake, until you get yourself under control.” Delilah stands from the bed and crosses her arms over her body. “I’m not going to budge on this.”

I take her in. Her skin has a rich tan, and the curves of her body haven’t changed from the moment I met her. Four kids later, and her body is still perfect, keeping my attention whenever I look at it. She has a body that deserves to be worshipped, but when my eyes connect with hers once again, the resentment settles back in.

All of the anger we have toward one another boils to the surface as it does every time we spend a significant amount of time together. I have admitted to being a fuck up, but I don’t deserve to be shut out. And that’s what she does whenever I see her. She just shuts me out. I can no longer take it.

“You know what, cupcake? I’m done. I’m done trying to keep you happy and working on this so-called relationship. I obviously came here last night to say something to you, to get closer to you,” I snap as her glare fades to hurt. Good, I’m glad she feels something.

I turn on my heel and locate my shirt on the floor. I pull my cell phone from the pocket of my jeans and note; it’s five-thirty in the morning. The kids will be up soon, and I don’t think I can see their sad little faces if they were to catch us fighting again.

Right as I pull my shirt over my head and step my feet into my boots, Delilah comes storming from the bedroom, hot on my trail and ready to rip me a new one. I make it as far as the kitchen before she tears into me.

“Fuck you, Jake.”

Out of pure shock, I freeze. She never curses. To say fuck means she is really, really pissed. As mad as I am at her right now, I do love her fiery side.

“Do you even remember coming here last night? How can you say all you’re trying to do is make me happy when the one thing that would make me the happiest woman in the world you can’t do? And last night was proof of that. You’re a drunk, and if anyone is done, it’s me. I’ve put up with all your antics, hateful words, and tried to repair every bridge you’ve burnt with your family. But no more. Do not step foot in this house again. If you want to see your kids, then you’ll have to consult a lawyer, because I will not have them around someone who can’t get their shit together.

As of right now, we are DONE!”

I fall over the edge in a furious rage. It will be a cold day in Hell before she takes my children away.

While I stand over her and get my face as close to hers as I possibly can, she doesn’t move. She only holds her ground. There is no denying how serious this moment is. This is the end of Jake and Delilah, the end of something that could have been amazing. However, in this moment, I don’t give a fuck.

“Is that how you want to play?” Delilah nods her head, refusing to back down. “If you try to take my kids, you’ll be sorry. Believe that, cupcake.” I turn on my heels and storm out the door.

When I stomp to my truck, I can’t help noticing how it’s parked—half in the driveway and half on the neighbor’s yard—but I ignore the internal I told you so comment coming from my head. I won’t allow her to be right. I may have been wasted last night, but I can control it. Like she does with everything, Delilah has made a big deal out of something incredibly small.

She will regret what she’s said to me. It’s not over, not by a long shot. ~Jake Evans

Sulfur Heights Series ★

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★ About M.S. Brannon ★


M.S. Brannon was born and raised in the Midwest. She still resides there today with her wonderful husband and son. When she is not writing or reading, M.S. Brannon spends time with her family, watching movies, and discovering new music. She writes romance because she believes love and heartache is the rawest emotion one can experience.

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