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Title: Can’t Always Get What You Want
Author: Chelsey Krause
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 13, 2015


Fans of Ruthie Knox, Rachel Gibson, and Molly O’Keefe will love this deeply romantic and uplifting debut novel about losing everything you thought you wanted—and getting exactly what you need.

Sophie Richards has been looking forward to a much-needed girls’ night out: a Rolling Stones tribute-band concert, a few drinks, a distraction from her grueling nursing shifts in acute care. But when her best friend bails, Sophie gets stuck with a blind date.
Although Brett Nicholson may be the hottest carpenter alive, and Sophie may technically be single, she isn’t exactly on the market. Six years ago she found The One. He was everything Sophie dreamed a man could be—and then she lost him. In an instant, her whole life changed, and she forgot all about happily ever after.
But as she gets to know Brett, Sophie starts to wonder about the future for the first time. With a broken heart still clouding her mind, jumping into a new relationship feels impossible. When she’s in his arms, walking away feels even harder. Now Sophie faces an impossible choice: living in the past or choosing love in the here and now.

Author Q&A with Chelsey Krause ★

Ing: Hi Chelsey!  Welcome to ATPT!  Could you tell the readers of ATPT about Can’t Always Get What You Want?  What can they expect plot, pace, sex, etc. from this book? 
Chelsey: Thanks for the warm welcome!
To me, “Can’t Always Get What You Want” is a romantic comedy. I think of it as “P.S. I Love You” meets “Scrubs” (tv show) with a Rolling Stones sound track. It’s about a young nurse who finds love while on a hilarious (and often heart breaking) journey toward self-discovery.

Many people have told me that my book is easy to read. The plot trucks along pretty nicely, but really picks up around chapter 6, and again during the last 1/3 of the book. 

The heroine (Sophie) kind of has a dirty mind, (not unlike myself), and her thoughts often stray into lascivious territories. You can expect a lot of sexual tension, romance, innuendo, and awkward/laugh out loud moments. 
Ing: Can you tell us a about the hero Brett Nicholson? What about Brett do you think will draw the readers in and make them love him?
Chelsey: Sigh… Brett.  He’s a twenty-eight year old carpenter. He is the ultimate boy next door. Quiet. Confident. Ambitious. He’ll surprise you at work with a cup of coffee just because. He’s the sort of guy who opens doors for your and reaches for the cheque first. He’s sweet and gentle, but watch out if you mess with his lady! 

I purposely wanted the nice, average guy to get the girl for once. So rather than writing about a millionaire bad boy with a complicated past (don’t get me wrong, I love heroes like that too), I wrote about the sexy carpenter next door who’s looking to settle down with the right girl. Who wouldn’t love him? 😉
Ing: Now tell us a bit about the heroine Sophie Richards? What about Sophie do you think will draw the readers in and make them love her?
Chelsey: Sophie is a twenty-four year old nurse. Although she likes certain aspects of her job, she’s slowly discovering that the career she chose doesn’t really fit her.  Financial debt and a tangle of emotions leave her feeling obligated to continue with hospital nursing. She’s funny and down to earth, compassionate and quirky.  She enjoys movie nights with her best friend, listening to classic rock, and has a slight Starbucks addiction. When she meets Brett, she starts to question her life choices. She wonders if the life she’s worked toward, the life she’s always wanted, is what she really needs. 

I think readers will love Sophie because she’s honest. Like all of us, she sometimes struggles with insecurity. Although the main theme of this book is forgiveness, another strong theme is being true to yourself. I think people who feel stuck, or frustrated with the life they’re living will identify with Sophie.
Ing: Why are these two perfect for each other? What about them individually makes them so drawn to each other? Why do you think the readers will fall in love with this couple? 
Chelsey: Brett and Sophie are perfect for one another because they’re cut from the same cloth. They’re introverts. They’re very loyal to the friends they’ve got, and tend to feel uncomfortable meeting new people. They both Rolling Stones fans, and aren’t interested in casual hook ups. They’re looking for the real deal. 

My favorite romances are the ones where the hero and heroine are friends first, and lovers later. Brett and Sophie are no exception. At first, they’re drawn to each other because they love the same music, and have mutual friends. But even though they’re similar, they also challenge one another to step out of their comfort zones. Sophie draws Brett out. He relaxes around her, and allows himself be silly. In turn, Brett challenges Sophie to examine her life, and to fix what she doesn’t like about it. He refuses to let her wallow in self-pity. 

Readers will love this couple because they’re realistic. They both have regular jobs, and live in regular houses. They have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. They’re just average, everyday people. People that readers can identify with. 

And then, there’s the flirtatious banter! Brett and Sophie have inside jokes and love to tease one another. The more they let loose and have fun, the deeper they fall in love. And readers will fall right along with them <3
Ing:  What was a scene that stood out or was memorable for you when writing Can’t Always Get What You Want? Why did this scene stand out for you? 

Chelsey: Great question! Several scenes come to mind, but the one that sticks out the most is the forest/balloon scene (toward the end of the book). I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but it was a very emotional scene to write. I was sitting at my kitchen table, fingers flying over the keyboard.

It was like a movie was playing in my head. I just wrote what I saw. 

I could feel was Sophie was feeling, and even though it wasn’t technically hard to write, I cried the whole way through. At one point, my husband walked into the kitchen and asked, “Are you okay?” 

All I could do was shake my head and say, “It’s good. It’s just so good.”
Ing:  I like knowing and hearing the back story about how a book or series came about. Can you tell us where the idea for Can’t Always Get What You Want came from?  Is this book going to be part of a series or is it strictly a stand alone?
Chelsey: Honestly? I have no idea. One night, this couple just showed up in my thoughts and I couldn’t get them out. I didn’t know who they were, what was going on. But I could feel a grief so real, so palpable, that it kept me awake at night. It made me wonder: What would happen if you found “the one,” and then lost them? 

I mulled over this concept for about two years. Over time, it combined with other ideas until I had a solid story (ex. My husband always singing the chorus of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” and my own true love, blind date story). 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When I talk about certain scenes or characters, I’ll think, “Oh yeah! That’s where that came from.” 

I don’t have a sequel in mind, but a few people have asked what happens next. There are a few teeny, tiny loose ends that I could elaborate on, so you never know 😉

I really enjoy reading books by Paige Toon. They are stand-alone novels, but the characters exist within the same universe. Sometimes their plots overlap. I’d like to do something similar. 
Ing: Can you give us a peek at what you have up your sleeve next? What else can we look forward to from you? Could you give the 411 on these upcoming projects? 
Chelsey: I’m currently on the editing/redrafting phase of my second novel. The heroine was a secondary character in “Can’t Always Get What You Want.” 

Anyone want to guess who it is?

I won’t give away too much, but here are a few clue words: firefighters, thrift shops, Rockabilly concerts, adoption, and mysterious photo albums. Sound intriguing? I sure hope so!
Ing: Now on to questions about you.  We want to know more about Chelsey. Who are some auto buy authors that you read now?
Chelsey: Definitely Sophie Kinsella and Paige Toon. Although I love books from a variety of genres, romance and chick lit hold a special place in my heart! 
Ing:  Since becoming a writer what’s been the best advice that you’ve received?
Chelsey: Write the book that you want to read. 
Ing:  If you had a dinner party which heroes and heroines would be on your guest list and why?
Chelsey: Ha. I’d be happy if I had my own little party with Captain America 😉

(What? He’s technically a literary hero, lol)
Ing:  Chelsey thanks so much for stopping by today! I really appreciate you answering all these questions. Do you have any last words or questions you would like to pose to the readers of this blog? 
Chelsey: Thanks for having me! Hmm. Last words? 
I really love hearing from my readers. I often message my favorite authors to let them know that I laughed a particular scene or cried at another. I love telling them what their book meant to me. And (no surprise) I love getting those message from my readers too! I check my social media often, so feel free to get in touch! 

Readers can email me directly at

Or, they can connect with me on: 

I also post updates on my Facebook and Twitter pages about upcoming book sales, guest posts, free excerpts, etc. so be sure to subscribe!

Can’t Always Get What You Want ~ Excerpt ★

I’m crashing at my best friend Samira’s house tonight. We’ve been friends for forever. She works on a pediatric unit, while I work in acute care and casually in ER.

Samira greets me at the door, smiling. She has the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen, dark skin, and expressive brown eyes framed by black, chunky glasses.

“I wasn’t sure you were coming over at all. You’re late for our date with Don Draper,” she says.

“And miss the glamour of 1960s advertising? Never.”

I toss my purse and coat onto a kitchen chair. “Has your mom sent over any more butter chicken?”

I start digging through her fridge before she has a chance to answer. And I find what I’m looking for. Cracking open the plastic container, I smell the contents of delicious chicken in a curry and tomato gravy.

“If I had one last meal to eat before I died, this would be it,” I say, putting a hand to my forehead and fluttering my eyelashes. “Do you think your mom will ever share her recipe with me?”

“Are you kidding? She won’t even tell me.”

Two hours later, we’ve finished two episodes of Mad Men, one container of delicious butter chicken, and half a pizza.

“I can’t believe you chose Pizza 73 over your mother’s cooking.”

Samira laughs, and gets up to refill our drinks.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Samira mumbles through a mouthful of pizza, “I can’t make it to the Jagger Bombs concert.”

“What?” I shout back.

The Jagger Bombs are a Rolling Stones tribute band. And I love the Rolling Stones. I’ve been talking about this for months.

“I was really looking forward to this. What happened?”

“Narayan is taking me out tomorrow night. I think he’s going to propose.”

“Really? What makes you think that?”

“When his grandma was visiting last week, he asked me to meet her.”

Wow. I’m not even dating Narayan, and even I know how important his grandma’s opinion is to his family.

“So, what do I do with my extra ticket?” I ask.

“Well, I was thinking . . .”


“That you should go with Brett.”

“Brett who?”

“Oh, come on! You know Brett! He’s Narayan’s business partner.”

“No, I don’t know Brett. I’ve heard about Brett. Big difference.”

“Well, maybe you could ask him to go with you. Narayan and I can vouch for him! He’s single, cute, and apparently he likes the Rolling Stones too,” she says, nudging my ribs.

“Then wouldn’t it be like a date? With someone I’ve never met?”

“Yes! Doesn’t that sound fun?”

I roll my eyes. “So fun. What are my other options?”

“Well, either you go alone, or you ask Joel to go with you.”

I shudder at the thought. Joel is the last guy I dated. He was funny, charming, and good-looking. He took me to expensive restaurants, a lot of movies, and seemed to fit in well with my friends.

I thought he might be long-term boyfriend material until he decided to show me his house. It looked normal enough at first, until he showed me his bedroom.

I have never seen so much pink in one space.

Pink walls. Pink carpets. Pink curtains. And full of Barbie dolls. Every Barbie imaginable, from floor to ceiling. His bed had Barbie sheets, pillows, and comforters. The Barbie mansion was prominently displayed in one corner of the room, with dolls strewn haphazardly around its perimeter.

“Whoopsie!” he said, laughing. “I’ve been a bad boy, and didn’t pick up my toys.” He turned to me and asked seductively, “Want to play?”

I made up an excuse about working early the next day and needing to go. I think I broke several traffic laws on the drive home.

About Chelsey ★


I was born and raised in Canada, and live with my husband and two children. I’ve been a nurse since 2009. An essay I wrote on intercultural nursing has been published in a nursing anthology.

I love thrift shops, repurposing old junk and learning new belly dance moves. I can’t decide if my favorite movie is either “Bridget Jones’ Diary” or “Fight Club.”
I’ve always wanted to be a writer and in the spring of 2013, I finally sat down and wrote my first book. Now that that’s done, I’m working on my second.
I believe that the best way to become a great writer is to read.

A lot.
And then read some more.
I absolutely love books and would live at the library if they’d let me.

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