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Welcome to As the Pages Turn! My little corner of the blogosphere!  Yes, it’s a play on the old soap opera, As the World Turns. I have to confess though that I have never watched As the World Turns. I was more of a General Hospital and One Life to Live gal. Anywhoo…I digress, back to me…lol.  My name is Ing and I’m the mastermind, talent and wonder woman (look it’s my little corner so no laughing or snorting just go with behind this blog! 🙂 I read my first romance novel in middle school.  Don’t ask me what book it was cause I couldn’t tell you. Til this day all I remember was a very tanned Fabio with windblown hair holding a brown haired girl whose heaving bosoms were the stuff of legends. 🙂  I remember sneaking the bodice rippers from my sisters room and being intrigued by all heaving bosoms and manly appendages but most of all by the epic love story that swept me away. I’ve been hooked ever since but I didn’t become a devoted hardcore girly romance fan until 1999.  Now I can’t walk by a bookstore without wanting to go in and rub and love on some romance novels. Seriously it’s an addiction but one I will gladly own up to.

That’s my little spiel on how romance came to be in my life.  I love it and I dare any of you romance haters to say something about  Besides loving to escape reality in a romance novel, I am also blissfully married and have one beautiful teenage daughter.  I have no sense of direction (seriously I get lost ALOT), I work full time and run this blog on my own, speak three languages, I’m an END READER (yes I am), I love watching Bollywood movies and I have named every one of my cars (current one is named Duncan just in case you wanted to know).  I love Law & Order SVU. I could sit and watch re-runs of every season. I love the shows on the cooking channel, especially Cupcake Wars. I love all things Sixteen Candles, especially JAKE RYAN! And just in case you wanted to know more….here are some posts where I share some more interesting stuff! Hopefully you haven’t ran off yet.

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About the Blog

Well you already know how the name came to be so let me tell you  how the blog came about. Simple story my friends and families were sick and tired of my yapping about romance this…romance that…blah!  After many years of them nodding off, rolling their eyes or just plain tuning me out, I gave them the finger and ran off to the computer to start my own little corner where I could bug you all instead. 🙂 This blog was my place to gush about all things romance.  I wanted a place where I could also PIMP about the awesome authors that have given me many wonderful hours of joy. Wanted to post my thoughts about the books, TV shows, movies or music that I either love or hate.
I’m not a professional reviewer or have any degree that makes what I say that much more interesting than the next average Joe.  These are just my thoughts and opinion.  I’m your every day normal (or least I think I’m normal) woman who loves to read romance, watch romance, and listen to romance! So in Oct 2010, I created a template in blogger but didn’t officially publish the blog until Nov 2010.  My first official post was on Nov 14, 2010.  And that’s how As the Pages Turn came to be! I am all about the pimping! If you are interested in being reviewed by me go HERE. If you are interested in being pimped by me go HERE.