Pimping Services

I’m all about the pimping. So if you’d like to drop by the blog, here are the pimping options.

Author or Character Guest Post

You will provide a guest post as the author or as the character from your book. The topic can be your choice or you can choose to have me provide a topic suggestion. The guest post will need to be 2-3 paragraphs at a minimum. Or it can be a Top 5-10 List format. Here is an example of an author guest post HERE. Here is an example of a character guest post HERE.

Author or Character Q&A

I have a set of standard author questions that I’ll send to you via e-mail.  You will provide your responses to the questions and sent them back to me. If you choose to do a character Q&A I’ll customize my questions to fit with your characters. If you have your own set of questions that’s fine too. Just send me your set of questions with your responses. Here is an example of an author Q&A post HERE. Here is an example of a character Q&A HERE.

Author or Book Spotlight

This is a spotlight of either you and your book(s) or just one particular book. For these types of post I like to include the book cover, book info (i.e. release date, genre, buy links…etc), an excerpt from the book (2-3 paragraphs at a minimum) and author info. Here is an example of a spotlight post HERE.
So if you are interested in dropping by the blog and doing any of the pimping options above or if you have any other ideas send me an e-mail at asthepagesturn@gmail.com. Please do the following and include the following information in the e-mail.
  • Title the e-mail “Pimping Opportunities at ATPT
  • Provide the time-frame that you’d like to drop by ATPT
  • Provide the cover of the book
  • Provide the synopsis of the book
  • Indicate what genre your book is
  • Provide your website & social links
  • Provide an author bio
  • Provide an excerpt (2-3 paragraphs at a minimum)
  • Provide giveaway details if applicable (NOTE: Giveaways are highly recommended to drive more folks to the post)
Please be aware before you send an e-mail that this is a ROMANCE blog. I’d like to stick to promoting authors/books from this genre. Occasionally I’ll pimp other genres but you’d really have to have a book that interest me. Please allow 2-3 weeks for a response back. I reserve the right to pick and choose who or what book(s) to promote on my blog, so it’s NOT a guarantee that you’ll receive an e-mail from me, if I deem that my blog is not the best platform for you or your book.