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Please help me welcome Monica McCarty today to As the Pages Turn.  She is the New York Times Bestselling author of the MacLeod trilogy (Highlander Untamed, Highlander Unmasked, and Highlander Unchained), the Campbell trilogy (Highland Warrior, Highland Outlaw, Highland Scoundrel), and the new Highland Guard series (The Chief, The Hawk, The Ranger).  Her interest in the Scottish clan system began in the most unlikely of places: a comparative legal history course at Stanford Law School.  After a short, but enjoyable, stint practicing law, she realized that mixing a legal career with her husband’s transitory career as a professional baseball player was not exactly a match made in heaven.  So she “traded” in her legal briefs for Scottish Historical Romances with sexy alpha heroes.  When not trekking across the moors and rocky seascapes of Scotland, Monica can be found in Northern California with her husband and two children.

Monica was nice enough to be my first victim here at the blog.  I warned her that I was a rookie at all this Q&A thing.  I had her give me a limit because if she didn’t who knows how many questions I would have thrown at her.  Monica will be popping in and out today so make sure to say hi and tell her how awesome her books sound!  Also if you have questions be sure to ask.  The woman doesn’t spill about any future books so if anyone can get her to spill who the next guard book is I’ll give you….uhmmm..something! 🙂  So here goes my first Q&A: 
Ing: Who are some auto buy authors that you read now?
Monica: I have quite a few, but the biggies are: Susan
Elizabeth Phillips, Lisa Kleypas (historicals), Cindy Gerard, Julia Quinn,
Julie Garwood, Tara Janzen, and a bunch of others I’m sure I’m forgetting!
Ing: So I love your heroines.  I think they are pretty resourceful and
kickbutt.  If you could be one of your
heroines for a day which one would you be?
Monica: Aw, thanks. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the heroines. I
try to make them strong and resourceful, but also keep them “true” to my
conception of what the period must have been like. It can be a fine line
sometimes. I think I probably put a little bit of myself in each of my
heroines, so I identify with each of them. But if I were to pick one to be for
the day, I think I would be Christina—mostly so I could spend a little time
with Tor and see whether he is as impressive as I imagine him. 🙂
Ing: What was the first romance book you ever read?  Do you still have the book on your shelf?
Monica: Oh, God, it was so long ago! I honestly don’t
remember since I was probably around 12 or 13 and snuck them off my mom’s
bookshelf. I would guess something by Rosemary Rogers. I have a very distinct
memory of reading Sidney Sheldon’s THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT at about that
age, and although it wasn’t a romance it certainly was enlightening! I stopped
reading romance for a while in college and law school, but came back to it on
re-reading Julie Garwood’s THE BRIDE. I still re-read her books all the time,
and have them not only on my bookshelf but also on my kindle.
Ing: I have a potty mouth like you wouldn’t believe.  So I want to know what swear word do you say
a lot?
Monica: You and me both. I think I’m part truck driver, LOL.
I’m not very inventive, I probably use the f word the most. I know, I know, not
Ing: What current popular or famous book do you wish you
had written?
Monica: What a great question! I probably could come up with
a thousand if I thought about it for a while, but my gut response was Pride
& Prejudice by Jane Austen. I love all her books, but P&P and
Persuasion are my two favorites.
Ing: I love some good sexing in a book and man do you have
some good ones.  Can we say Patrick and
Elizabeth in the cottage…SIGH!  Or Tor
and Christina from uhmm..behind!  Do you
do any special preparations mentally for the love scenes in your book?  Do you tend to write them as the story go or
do you write the book than go back and put the scenes in later?
Monica: I really appreciate that since I find love scenes
some of the most difficult parts of the book to write. I don’t have any special
preparations, but I definitely have to know the characters and think about what
they would be feeling at the time. Because of that, I could never go back and
put them in later; they have to be written “in place” for me.
Ing: Anything words you want to say about The Ranger?  Any little tidbit on what you’re working on

Monica: The Ranger is the third book in my Highland
Guard series. It features Arthur Campbell, the best scout in the Highlands,
who’s been embedded in the enemy camp for two years. I know a lot of readers
were worried about what happened with him, so in this book you’ll get to find
out the whole story. The heroine is the daughter of the man who killed his
father, making the road to their happily ever after challenging. I hope readers
will enjoy discovering how it all works out. As for what’s next . . . let’s
just say I think certain people will be happy. 🙂 I’ll be posting more info about the fourth Highland
Guard book on my website soon

That was the end of our little Q&A session.  Man oh man do I have more questions for you Monica…lol.  Anyway I hope you all have enjoyed Monica McCarty week.  I highly recommend everyone check out her books.  She’ll suck you right in I tell you.  Her newest book The Ranger just released 1/4/2011 and is already #24 on NY Times bestseller list.  Congrats on that.

For more information on Monica visit here.  It is worth checking out.  You get to see Monica’s hunky ex-baseball hubby.  Also you can join Monica and her fans at her blog which I love to hang out at here.

Also if you missed the previous 3 posts I’m giveaway copies of her book.

  • Click here to enter for a chance to win the MacLeod trilogy 
  • Click here to enter for a chance to win the Campbell trilogy.
  • Click here to enter for a chance to win the 1st 3 books in the Highland Guard series 

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  1. Hey Barbara–waving–hope you like them if you get a chance to check them out!

    Thank you so much Ing for having me! I had a great time, and I love what you did to the place this week. 🙂 Lots of abs and arms to look at, LOL. Today went well, but I’m EXHAUSTED. The kiddo is hopefully sleeping–pretty out of it but it went well.

  2. Ing

    Highland Hussy – I so love your pseudo name! Great question. BTW I do have your book on my list. It’s one of the ones I will be reading for my Highlander reading challenge.

    BLHmistress – thank you so much for stopping by. I hear you about the blogging community. I’m pretty but I’ve met some very friendly ladies.

    Waving hi to Zina and Cheryl C. Great to see you ladies here! 🙂

    Jules I just love you girl. I would never steer you wrong. You’ll love Monica. She’s my highlander crack..man!

  3. Ing

    Thanks Monica. JennJ @ Sapphire Designs created the header for me. She is so awesome! I am very happy to have you here. I hope you have had fun. You are so right about Lizzie or Isabel..can’t I be both. 12 hrs of Lizzie to be with Patrick and 12 hrs to be with Rory…YUMMY! I’ll be happy about the next hero…oh that makes me very happy lady! 🙂 Hope all went well today for you and the kiddo.

  4. Thanks so much ARJules, I hope you get a chance to check them out. Julie Garwood’s Scottish are some of my favorites. I still re-read them pretty often. You can definitely move from science to writing, you’d be surprised how many professional degree people I know in romance.

    Jane, How cool! I haven’t read that book in SO long. I really need to go back. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. Hi Monica,
    I’m not surprised we have so many favorite authors in common. I was also a fan of Sidney Sheldon and “If Tomorrow Comes” is one of my favorite books of all time.

  6. First of all, can I just say…. I’m so happy I found Monica’s books. They sound awesome and I’m deciding which series to download to my Nook first. I need some hot Scottish men. I think the last good Scottish romance novel was Julie Garwood for me. So color me happy!

    Second, knowing that you were a lawyer that became an author gives me hope that I can do the same. So thanks! 🙂 (I’m a scientist, not a lawyer, but it’s basically the same thing.)

  7. Hey HH, thanks for stopping by. No plans for Arthur’s brother and Anna’s sister. I thought about it–and funny enough originally had their story a little different–but in the end decided he wasn’t quite hero material. 🙂

    Hey BLH, so glad you stopped by. If you like Highlanders I think you are in the right place. 🙂 Hope you get a chance to check out the books!

    Cheryl, LOL, I’m pretty happy with the trade myself. I actually loved practicing law but writing must be one of the best jobs in the world. I feel VERY fortunate. I read the same way, so hopefully they’ll come to life for you. Thanks for the congrats on the release–it’s always such a whirlwind I try to make myself stop and enjoy the moment.

    Back to check in later!

    Hey Zina, I was at RomCon! Wish we’d had a chance to chat. It was such a great conference. I hope to be able to go back this summer.

  8. Hello Ing and Monica. I love your books. I think you were at RomCon???? I do believe I got to wave at you but before I could stop and talk my husband drug me away. I love Highlanders and so hopefully I can win some here and then they will pop out for me as I read about them, it’s almost as if I have a TV in my head and am watching all the action. Congratulations an the realise of The Ranger!
    seawitch6464@ yahoo.com

  9. Hi, Monica. A “brief” for a “kilt” sounds like a good trade to me! I am glad that you made the job switch because I sure do enjoy your books!

  10. Thanks Ing and Monica for this interview , what I love about blogging is being able to come across books and author’s I have never read before. But my latest obsession is Highlanders so even if I don’t win the giveaways , I am so getting these books and cant wait either.

  11. Thanks so much for having me, Ing. The blog is looking awesome. At the hospital early today so popping in a little early. Yes, I think you will be happy to hear who the next hero is–but that’s all I”m saying, LOL. Patience grasshopper. Maybe I should as you which heroine you would be, LOL. I’m guessing either Isabel or Lizzie.

  12. Ing

    Kyanara – That is so awesome. Thanks for passing this along to me. How cool. I will stop by and check it out after work. You’re awesome thanks again.

    Monica {{HUGS}}! Welcome lady to the blog. So I’m assuming by your little sly comment that either MacGregor or MacRuairi fans will be happy..keeping fingers cross cause either would make me HAPPY! I think I know who MacRuairi’s heroine is! Can’t wait for his book. Those bad boys get me every time. Also I’m with you being Christina..would love to be impressed by Tor..hehehe! Thanks for doing this again.

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