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Happy St. Patrick’s day peeps!  I would like to welcome a very special guest to ATPT this morning.  Shannon K. Butcher come on down your the next victim errrrrr…author on the Q&A block! 🙂  Shannon has been my go to author for romantic suspense since she popped onto the scene with her Delta Force series back in 2008.  Since then she has written a paranormal series, contributed stories to anthologies, and is now back with a new romantic suspense series, which I’m very excited about.
Here is more information on Shannon courtesy of her website: A lot of authors knew they wanted to write books from the time they
were little. Their heads were full of fanciful stories that they yearned
to commit to paper with a passion that only grew as they did. They
spent hours reading fiction, voraciously absorbing every kind of story
they could get their hands on. I’m not one of them.
When I was little, I wanted to be a daddy. When I learned the
anatomical improbability of that happening, I decided instead to become
what my dad was: an Industrial Engineer. So that’s what I did. I never
once changed majors or veered from my path. After I graduated, I went to
work for a big telecom company earning a steady paycheck while my
husband pursued his dream to become a published author.
For those of you who might not know, my husband is Jim Butcher,
fantasy and sci-fi author extraordinaire. I learned to write in an
effort to help him improve his own work and as soon as I discovered that
writing was more a learned skill than a natural talent I knew I had to
give it a try. I couldn’t resist the challenge of taking the pieces of a
story apart and putting them back together again. It’s the kind of
puzzle that made me want to be an engineer to begin with – to learn how
things work and why. I thought I’d write the same kind of thing Jim did,
but then I picked up my first romance in 1998 and was hooked. Somehow,
stories about how two people come to love each other made everything
else seem shallow in comparison. Maybe it was just my hormones talking,
but whatever it was, it was loud, so I listened and I started writing
romances. I wrote great heaping piles of suckfulness – like most new
writers – but eventually my work sucked less and hopefully that trend
will continue as I learn more. Heaven knows I have a great teacher.
Thanks, Jim.
A family of geeks to the core, we live in Independence, Missouri with
our teenage son and a dog who is only one four-foot stick away from
being a dust mop.
I am very much excited to have Shannon here today!  I hope those that have not read her books will check her out and discover another new author for your keeper shelf.  Now sit back and relax and enjoy our Q&A.
Waving hi! Welcome Shannon, to the blog! Congratulations on the release
of “Living on the Edge” which is the first book in your new romantic suspense
series The Edge.  For readers not
familiar to your work or not aware of this new book can you give them some
details on “Living on the Edge”?  What
can they expect plot, pace, sex, etc for your new romantic suspense?       
Shannon:  Hi! Thanks for having
me!  LIVING ON THE EDGE is the first book
of a new romantic suspense series that revolves around a mercenary company run
by a woman.  There is a lot of intrigue
and action, and plenty of heat.  It’s
similar in style to my first two books (NO REGRETS, NO CONTROL), but with a
bigger, overarching story.
What was a scene that stood out or was memorable for you when writing
Living on the Edge?  Why did this scene
stand out for you?
Shannon:  The big action scene
toward the end was tons of fun.  If I say
anymore, I’ll spoil it, so I’ll stop there.
I like knowing and hearing the back story about how a book or series
came about.  Can you tell us where the
idea for Living on the Edge came from and the idea for this new series The
Shannon:  My brain is like a big
pot of soup that I throw all kinds of stuff into—music, movies, TV, books,
role-playing games, people watching. 
Once in a while, something cool floats to the top and I scoop it out.  I take that and hammer it into something
useful, shaping it so that it works well within the confines of the writing
craft I’ve learned, and then mix it in with other cool, floaty ideas.  That’s as close as an explanation as I can get
as to how the creative process works for me.
Can you tell or give us a peek at what you have up your sleeve
next?  What else can we look forward to
from you for the rest of 2011 and possibly 2012? Could you give the 411 on
these upcoming projects? 
I’m working hard on both the Sentinel Wars as
well as more of the Edge series.  The
Sentinel Wars is my paranormal series that is all about hot, tattooed,
sword-wielding warriors and the women who make their lives interesting.  That series is full of monsters, magic and
tons of fun things that I just love writing!
I have four releases this
year: ON THE HUNT (a Sentinels novella), LIVING ON THE EDGE (Edge book 1),
BLOOD HUNT (book 5 of the Sentinel Wars), and RAZOR’S EDGE (Edge book 2).  Next year I will probably have a couple more
Sentinels books out, as well as another Edge book.  You can check my website
(www.ShannonKButcher.com) for news as we get closer to the release dates.
Who is a character that you get a lot of e-mails about that you have not
written a story for yet?  Will you or do
you have plans for these popular characters?   
 I get tons of requests
for different heroes in the Sentinel Wars. 
Mostly Torr, now that I’ve written Madoc’s story.  And Joseph is popular as well.  I do plan to write stories for both of these
poor, tortured souls.  Of course I’ll
have to torture them even more before I’m done with them.
Now on to questions about you.  We
want to know more about Shannon Butcher.  
Who are some auto buy authors that you read now?
Shannon:  Lora Leigh, Sherrilyn
Kenyon, Lori Foster, J.R. Ward, Suzanne Brockmann, Shannon McKenna, and Lisa
Marie Rice all come easily to mind. 
There are many more, but that’s a good sampling.
What was the first romance book you ever read?  Do you still have the book on your shelf?
Shannon:  Julie Garwood’s GENTLE
WARRIOR was my first romance, and I do still have it.  She was at least partially responsible for me
wanting to become a writer.  I so <3
Any movies you’ve seen lately that you would recommend? Or TV shows that
you love right now and don’t ever miss?
Shannon:  I’m a big ol’ geek, so
I like the sci fi/fantasy stuff a lot. 
We just saw RED RIDING HOOD and it reminded me of the role playing game,
Warhammer, which is awesome.  I love
Psych, Castle, Fringe, Bones, Big Bang Theory, and my all-time favorite TV show
is probably Supernatural.  Serious yum
factor there!
If you could be one of your heroine for a day which one would you be and
None of them. 
Their lives are way too interesting and stressful.  I like my calm, quiet life at the keyboard.
What is life like for a family where both husband (Jim Butcher for those
don’t know) and wife are writers?  Do you
guys ping ideas back and forth with one another all day?  Are you each other’s critique partner?  Any plans on collaborating and doing a book
Shannon:  We have no plans to
collaborate on a project.  We’d rather
stay married.  We also don’t read each
other’s work.  Our lives could so easily
become all about the work, and we try hard to set our relationship above all of
that.  We do talk shop, brainstorm ideas
and help each other out when we run into problems, but we limit it and make
sure that there’s more to our life than just writing.
If you could go back to your younger self what would be the one advice
you would give yourself?
Invest in Apple? 
Seriously, I’m happy with the way things turned out.  I’ve made mistakes that later turned out to
be blessings, and while my life has had its hard spots, those struggles have
shaped me into who I am.  And I like who
I am.
If you weren’t writing what else would you be doing right now for a
Shannon:  I’d probably still be
an engineer, or will have gone back to school to earn a degree in architecture.
Shannon thanks so much for stopping by today!  I really appreciate you stopping by and
answering all these questions.  Congrats
again on the new series.  Do you have any
last words or questions you would like to pose to the readers of this blog?
Shannon:  I always love to hear
from readers, and know what kinds of things they like to read about.  Some authors will tell you they write books
for themselves, but I tend to write mine for others to enjoy.
Thanks so much for letting
me come by and play!
Ahhh…I’m with you Shannon, I love Julie Garwood.  She started my love affair with all things Scotland!  Shannon has graciously offered to give 2 copies of On the Hunt an anthology that contains a short story by her called “The Collector”. This story features Neal from The Sentinel Wars and it falls between books 3 and 4 in the series. So if you are interested in winning a copy see below for the rules and details of the giveaway!
Rules and Details for Giveaway:
  • Giveaway is open to US and International residents.
  • You MUST leave a comment with your e-mail address if it’s not on your profile so I can contact you if you win.
  • You MUST answer Shannon’s question: What kind of things do you love reading about?    
  • Leave a comment saying HELLO or questions you have for Shannon. 
  • Giveaway ends March 26th
To learn more about Shannon K. Butcher and her books click on the following links:

Here is more details on Shannon’s current release and some of previous books:

Cover Blurb: 
“New York Times”-bestselling author Showalter headlines this sizzling
collection of all-new stories about shadow creatures, intoxicating
magic, and hunters who know a little something about a good slay.
Includes tales by Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen, and Deidre
Knight. Original.New York Timesbestselling author Gena Showalter,
Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Anderson, and Deidre Knight present a
steamy collection of all-new novellas featuring sexy paranormal hunters.

With shadowy creatures, intoxicating magic, vivdly imagined
worlds, and sizzling passion, this is an anthology no fan of paranormal
romance will want to miss.


Cover Blurb:

After a devastating injury, Lucas Ramsay knows he’s finished as a
soldier.But when the general who saved his life asks him for a favor, he
says yes. All Lucas has to do is keep the general’s daughter from
getting on a plane to Colombia — which is easier said than done…

Independent to the core, Sloane Gideon is a member of the Edge-a
group of mercenaries for hire. But she’s not on the clock for this
mission. Her best friend is being held by a vicious drug lord, and
Sloane must rescue her — no matter how many handsome ex-soldiers her
father sends to dissuade her.

With little choice, Lucas tracks Sloane to Colombia-where she
reluctantly allows him to aid her in her search. But as they grow closer
to the target, they grow closer to each other. And before the battle is
over, both will have to decide just what they are willing to fight

Cover Blurb:

They are the Sentinels. Three races
descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique
abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal
foes: the Synestryn. Now, one Sentinel’s burning loyalty and love may
prove to be her greatest weapons.

For nine years, Nika has had one goal: to save her younger sister
from the Synestryn who hold her captive. Now the psychic bond Nika
forged with her sibling is fading, and time is running out. But the one
man who can unlock the power inside her left and never returned, leaving
Nika alone to rescue a sister everyone else believes is dead.
Madoc swore to himself he would never enter Dabyr again. For his soul
is nearly dead, and he fears what he might do to those he’s sworn to
protect — especially Nika. If he accompanies her into the Synestryn
realm, his forbidden desire for her may unleash the savage monster
within him. But Nika’s need to rescue her sister is soon becomes
intertwined with her passion for Madoc, while the a key to victory in
the war may be within her reach…

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35 Responses to “Q&A + GIVEAWAY – SHANNON K. BUTCHER”

  1. Hi Shannon

    Great interview!

    I love reading about love. Romance is one of the things that’s on top of my list when I think about what I love to read about.
    A sexy and strong Hero is a big plus too;-)



  2. I like reading books that have a lot of excitement. I also like to have a good surprise ending when you’re not expecting it!

  3. I love reading books with strong alpha males and kick butt heroines. I am a big fan of paranormals, urban fantasy and historical romance.


  4. HI there! I am always looking for a new author to read .. something about the anticipation to a writing style, and new story! Thanks for the chance to win!

    I am a HUGE fan of any and all paranormal romance .. but I admit I have to throw in some history in there too .. be it is fiction and nonfiction! I am all into the erotica as well! HOT HOT HOT!

    E-mail addy is


    Rachel 🙂

  5. Since I enjoy reading different genres of romance, I love reading about lots of things like highlanders, dukes, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, contemporary heroes, magic and fantasy 🙂


  6. I enjoy paranormal romance, urban fantasy, science fiction, historical romance, some contemporaries, some romantic suspense. I need a HEA or the promise of one.

  7. I love being able to immerse myself into the story and become invested with the characters and the romance. I love reading about different types of genres and characters. I love reading about historical settings and urban settings. I also love reading paranormals set in both settings.


  8. Great interview.
    I love to read romance, especially historical romance. I’m also a fan of enemies to lovers, bad boys, vampires and highlanders.

    marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Great question, I love reading about Vampires, Greek Mythology, Highlanders , Native Americans, Werewolves and all other paranormal.

    I really could go on as my two fave genres is Historical romance and paranormal.


  10. Chelsea B.

    Hi, Shannon! We have a lot of favorite shows in common 🙂 I really want to see Red Riding Hood!
    I love to read about…. well love, obviously, but I’m also a huge fan of the Beauty and the Beast theme. HUGE fan! Something about a scarred (inside or out) hero who finally gets the love he deserves…. Oh le sigh…. 🙂


  11. I love PNR and UF. I try other genres too. I look for books where I can connect to the characters.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    GFC follower – Stephanie M

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

  12. Shannon K. Butcher

    Looks like lots of you enjoy stories about couples that start out as enemies/adversaries. I have to admit, I do, too. That slow growth of tender emotion is always fun to see.

    Thanks to all of you who posted today! I really enjoy getting to interact with people who love books as much as I do. 🙂

  13. StacieDM

    I like reading stories with action and adventure in them. I like romances where the couple starts out as adversaries and must become allies and eventually fall in love. Throw in a little danger and it is the perfect story for me.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  14. Great interview.
    I like to read a lot of different types of books.Love vamps,werewolves,shape shifers,faery..then other times I like to read erotic,contemporary romance.

  15. Hi
    The boooks look awesome 🙂
    What I like reading about depends on my mood.. So I read all kind of stufs 🙂 I am very good at reading and pretending that I am the charachter 😛 That`s what makes a book good for me 🙂

    Please count me in for the giveaway

  16. Shannon K. Butcher

    Thanks, Chris! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Sentinel Wars. I really love writing those books. And I agree, there’s nothing quite like an alpha male (who also isn’t an asshat) to make me melt. 🙂

  17. I was so excited about your new books I forgot to answer your question. I love to read and read from many genres. My favorites are historical and paranormal with a strong alpha male characters. Perferably hunky warriors.


  18. Hi Shannon and Ing. Shannon, I love your Setinel Wars series and can’t wait for more books. I look forward to checking out your new Edge series.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you both.


  19. Shannon K. Butcher

    Hi Jeannette,
    I wish I could write humor well, but I don’t think that’s my strong suit. I’m pretty good at torturing people, though. 🙂

  20. Shannon K. Butcher

    ARJules, being an engineer was a great benefit to my writing as I’m sure being a chemist will be to yours. That logic and analytical take on things has made all the difference as I’ve learned writing craft. And the organizational skills I developed have really helped keep me on track when my schedule gets crazy.

    Good luck with your writing!

  21. One of my favorite things to read about is kickass heroines and humorous characters that just lift your mood. Thanks for the giveaway!


  22. Let me just say that the first time I saw an interview with Shannon, possibly on this blog (??), I knew I wanted to read her. The reason? 1) She was an engineer and became an author. I’m a chemist and want to become an author. And 2) She loves the same TV shows as I do. Including Psych, Castle, and the end all be all: Supernatural. That’s my kind of lady!!

    Why does that matter? Because I know we like the same kind of stories and she’s possibly as warped as I am! (But let’s face it, is anyone as warped as me??)

    Saying that, I have downloaded Burning Alive to my Nook and it is next on my To Be Read list. I am ready to burn through the entire series from there. Bwah ha ha ha! Goodbye sleep!

    Anyway – if Shannon is around, you rock! And thanks in advance for the upcoming lack of sleep. Ha!

  23. Hello, Shannon! Hope you had a great anniversary! I am really looking forward to Blood Hunt, and already have it preordered! I love to read about brassy women who meet their challenges with a pragmatic and somewhat kickass ‘tude, and then go jump hunky guys. So as you can see, your books are really right up my alley! *HUGS*

  24. There are so many things I love to read about…Vamps, highlanders, shapeshifters, general historical romances, contemp romances, so much more….

    manning_j2004 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  25. Hi Shannon! Love the interview 🙂 !

    As to the question about reading: I love reading about many things, but what all books (fiction and non fiction alike) must have in common is that they should make me think and expand my horizons and also spark my imagination.

    danaan at gmx dot at

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