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Author QA - Catherine Mann

Good morning ATPT peeps! I’d like to welcome Catherine Mann to my little neck of the web today. Catherine is a USA Today bestseller and has over two million books in print in more than twenty-five countries. A RITA Award winner, she resides in the Florida panhandle with her military flyboy husband, their four children, and an ever growing menagerie of pets.

Catherine is here to pimp the first book in her new Elite Force series “Cover Me“. I had a chance to read this book and I have to say Cover Me was a nice start to her new Elite Force series. I can’t wait to read more books about the special men in this new exciting series.

Now sit back and enjoy our little Q&A session. I think you’ll be excited about this series! Enjoy!

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Author Q&A with Catherine Mann

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Ing: Welcome Catherine! Cover Me is your first book in your Elite Force series! First let me just say what a great start to the series. It kept me on my toes and turning the pages. Can you tell the readers a bit about this book? What can they expect?

Catherine: Thank you!! I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed Cover Me! In answer to your question, Cover Me launches my “Elite Force” series about Air Force pararescuemen (also known as PJs since they used to be called para-jumpers.) Pararesuemen are the air force’s select breed, the world’s most highly skilled warriors. While much of their training is like SEAL training, there are only about 350 PJs. On land, sea or mountain, they sacrifice all to uphold their motto – That Others May Live.


Ing: Can you tell us about the hero Wade Rocha? What about Wade do you think will draw the readers in and make them love him? BTW loved Wade. Love that he’s stubborn in a good way! 🙂

Catherine: Wade Rocha certainly lives up to his “Rocha” last name – which literally means rock. He’s known to be hard headed, thus his call sign “Brick.” But that stubbornness also enables him to save lives with unwavering determination. It takes a strong woman to match up to a man like him and I had a blast creating Alaskan survivalist guide heroine – Sunny Foster – just for Wade!


Ing: Now tell us a bit about the heroine Sunny Foster? What about Sunny do you think will draw the readers in and make them love her?

Catherine: Sunny’s certainly tough and can protect herself with an independence I think readers will appreciate. But I believe what makes Sunny most relatable is her family loyalty, even when she’s misguided in taking that allegiance too far. Those family ties resonate – the good and the bad and, yes, the good again. We’ve all been there with our relatives.


Ing: Why are these two perfect for each other? What about them individually makes them so drawn to each other? Why do you think the readers will fall in love with this couple?

Catherine: In spite of Wade’s unique profession and Sunny’s unconditional upbringing, these are individuals with big hearts and a willingness to accept others as they are, even rejoicing in their differences. Those are the kind of friends I want living in my neighborhood!


Ing: What was a scene that stood out or was memorable for you when writing Cover Me? Why did this scene stand out for you?

Catherine: I love, love, loved writing the scene when Sunny is trying to get away from Wade so she can warn her family. She races across a treacherous snowy mountain pass, only to fall into an icy crevice – with Wade – where they kiss. And then sees the face of her dead friend frozen in the ice. I had that scene in my head long before I even started the book. While writing it, my heart raced the whole time as if I was running right in Sunny’s boots.


Ing: I like knowing and hearing the back story about how a book or series came about. Can you tell us where the idea for this book came from and series? How many books do you have planned for this series?

Catherine: As for the PJs, their work has long fascinated me. I even had a PJ hero in one of my earlier Wingmen Warrior books (which can have been reissued in ebook, btw!) While reading an article in National Geographic about kayaking in the Aleutian Islands, I was completely fascinated by this region that Russian missionaries labeled “The place that God forgot.” Upon further research, I realized the Aleutian Islands have a long and fascinating history, in spite of their sparse population. I knew I had found the perfect setting for a book bubbling to life in my brain!

You also asked about future “Elite Force” books. Book 2, Hot Zone, will be out in December, and book 3, Under Fire, will be out next May. And there are certainly more PJs on the team, so as for the future…. 🙂


Ing: Can you tell us what you have up your sleeve next? What else can we look forward to from you for the rest of 2011 and possibly 2012?


Cover Me, “Elite Force” bk 1, Sourcebooks Casablanca, July 2011
Billionaire’s Jet Set Babies, Harlequin Desire, October 2011
Irresistibly His, Harlequin Showcase, November 2011
Hot Zone, “Elite Force” bk 2, Sourcebooks Casablanca, December 2011
Protector, “Dark Ops” bk 4, Berkley Sensation, March 2012
Promoted to Papa, Harlequin Desire, April 2012
Under Fire, “Elite Force” bk 3, Sourcebooks Casablanca, May 2012

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Ing: Who is a character that you get a lot of e-mails about that you have not written a story for yet? Will you or do you have plans for these popular characters?

Catherine: It’s so funny you should ask that! A year or so ago, I started receiving e-mails asking when I was going to write Seth Jansen’s book. Well, I’ve written over 40 books and I have to confess that for a second I was thinking, “Who the heck is Seth Jansen?” And then it hit me that he’s the cousin of a heroine I had written about in my earlier Wingmen Warrior books. He had made brief appearances in other books as well. As I reviewed books where he appeared, an idea for his story exploded in my mind. So, Seth Jansen’s story – Billionaire’s Jet Set Babies – will be out this October!


Ing: Now on to questions about you. We want to know more about Catherine Mann. Who are some auto buy authors that you read now?

Catherine: Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lisa Gardner, Sara Addison Allen, Teresa Medeiros, J.R. Ward, Tana French… my list could go on and on.


Ing: What was the first romance book you ever read? Do you still have the book on your shelf?

Catherine: Devil’s Desire by Laurie McBain. I lost my copy long ago, but the story is still fresh in my mind. I also read Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss right afterward and was totally hooked on romance novels from then on.


Ing: Any movies you’ve seen lately that you would recommend? Or TV shows that you love right now and don’t ever miss?

Catherine: I don’t have much free time to go to the movie theater, honestly. If I have time free, I usually go out to eat with family or friends so we can talk. But I do watch a lot of Netflix with my family while I write. I’m totally addicted to the series Sons of Anarchy, The Tudors, Drop Dead Diva, and Dexter.


Ing: If you could go back to your younger self what would be the one advice you would give yourself?

Catherine: I wish I had written down the stories my grandparents told me about their childhoods, the depression, WWII, and life in general. Better yet, I wish I had recorded them sharing those stories. Too often, we get impatient with the elderly as they repeat themselves, but I would give just about anything to hear my grandparents re-tell me one of their favorite memories.


Ing: If you weren’t writing what else would you be doing right now for a career?

Catherine: I would be teaching college.


Ing: Catherine thanks so much for stopping by today! I really appreciate it. Congratulations on your new series. I wish you continued success. Do you have any last words or questions you would like to pose to the readers of this blog?

Catherine: If you could speak to anyone from your past, who would that be? What might you ask them?

Thank you so much for having me visit today! Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

Giveaway Info

Sounds like a great new series, doesn’t it? Well if you are looking for a hot military man willing to risk his life for country and loved ones and a self sufficient heroine then I know this is a book you’ll want to give a try. The lovely folks from Sourcebooks is offering TWO copies to give away. If you’d like to win a copy of Cover Me see the rules and details below to enter.

Rules and Details for Giveaway:

  • Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only
  • Books will be sent directly from the publisher.
  • You MUST leave a comment with your e-mail address if it’s not on your profile so I can contact you if you win.
  • You MUST answer Catherine’s questions: If you could speak to anyone from your past, who would that be?What might you ask them?
  • Giveaway ends July 24th

CoverMebyCatherineMannCover Me (Elite Force, #1) → Amazon | B&N

It should have been a simple mission…

Pararescueman Wade Rocha parachutes from the back of a helicopter into a blizzard to save a climber stranded on an Aleutian Island, but Sunny Foster insists she can take care of herself just fine…

But when it comes to passion, nothing is ever simple…

With the snowstorm kicking into overdrive, Sunny and Wade hunker down ina cave and barely resist the urge to keep each other warm… until they discover the frozen remains of a horrific crime…

Unable to trust the shady local police, Sunny and Wade investigate, while their irresistible passion for each other gets them more and more dangerously entangled…
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About Catherine Mann

USA Today bestseller Catherine Mann and RITA Award winner, Catherine writes contemporary romance for Berkley, Harlequin, Sourcebooks and Tule. With over sixty books in released in more than twenty countries, she has also celebrated six RITA finals, an RT Reviewer’s Award finalist, three Maggie Award of Excellence finals and a Bookseller’s Best win. A former theater school director and university instructor, she holds a Master’s degree in Theater from UNC-Greensboro and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts: Theater (with minors in both English and Education) from the College of Charleston. Catherine and her flyboy husband live on the Florida coast where they brought up their 4 children – and still have 5 four-legged, furry “children” (aka pets). Catherine is an active volunteer with her local Humane Society, serving on their Board of Directors, fostering over 200 puppies, ill dogs, and dogs with service/working potential. She recently checked off a major item on her “bucket list” by completing her Florida State Animal Rescue Coalition. Catherine enjoys hearing from her readers and can be found online daily. To receive an autographed bookmark, send a SASE to: P.O. Box 6065, Navarre, FL 32566


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  1. I’d love to talk to my Mom again. We used to talk about anything and everything including the books we were reading… I miss her very much.
    I enjoyed your interview and would love to read your new book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Emma

    If I could speak with anyone from my past it would be my grandmothers.because they past away before I was born. I would ask them questions about my family.augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com .

  3. Ing

    Thanks for stopping by Catherine today! I’m excited about this series. I can’t wait for Hot Zone.

    Will we ever see Phoenix again and find out what happens to him?

  4. Anonymous

    I would love to talk to my grandpa who died almost 3 years ago this month.

    I would love to hear what he thinks of my daughter who was born a few months after he passed away. He would have loved her to pieces.

  5. Great interview. Cover Me sounds good. I love the cover.
    If I could speak with anyone from my past it would be my grandmother. I would ask her about what it was like when she was growing up and have her tell me stories about my Mom.

  6. Enjoyed the interview!
    Definitely would have to get my hands on this book sometime 🙂

    If I could speak to anyone from my past, it would be my grandparents because they past away before I was even born. So it would be great to just have an opportunity to get to know them this way.


  7. Great interview!

    If I could speak to anyone from my past it would have to be my mother. After my parents got divorced me and my mother lost touch and didn’t speak at all. It saddens me to think about all the years we lost.

    marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. June…. you really touched me with your comment about wanting to hear the sound of your grandfather’s voice. Made me think of the sound of talking with many of my loved ones past and present, near and far.

  9. Escape by Fiction – Hugs to you on your grandfather having alz’s. Such a tragic illness. My grandmother had it as well. I still remember the last time she looked at me with clear and comprehending eyes. I treasure that memory.

  10. Stacie, family recipes are so special, aren’t they? What kinds of food did your grandfather cook? I miss my grandmama’s divinity – have never tasted anything like it. (I miss HER too! )

  11. THis book looks great. If I had the chance, I would love to be able to see and talk to my grandfather again. I don’t know what I would ask him, but just to see him and hear his voice again would be great.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful series, all the best for your release Catherine!

    I would love to speak to my grandparents again, we were very close and I miss them still. Always feel I should have asked more questions, had one more conversation.

    And welcome back Ing!

  13. If you could speak to anyone from your past, who would that be? What might you ask them?
    I think i would want to have a chat with my grandfather whom past away last year. The last 4 or so years of his life he struggled with Alzheimer’s and didn’t know who anyone was really – so I’d like to have one last lucid conversation with him>

  14. Great interview Catherine and Ing..

    If I could talk to someone from the past it would be my cousin Colleen, we lost her when she was just 16. She has been gone for 41yrs. And there is so much she did not live to see.. We all still miss her so much.

  15. Glad you’re back Ing! If I could speak to anyone from the past it would be my grandparents. I actually have a lot of questions for them!

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  16. Hi CATHY! Sorry about that. I just dropped by to show you some love. It’s so cool that you are here at my friend, Ing’s, page. Loved your responses. Hope I’m lucky enough to win one of these books. Got my eye on a future Cathy Mann reader, and this would be the perfect introduction. Drat…I forgot the questions…gotta go back to blog post…(cue jeaopardy theme music)

    Okay, here we go: If you could speak to anyone from your past, who would that be? What might you ask them?

    If I could speak to anyone in my past it would be my dad. He passed away a month and 28 days before my 8th birthday, which was a month and 11 days before his 26th birthday. I didn’t know him very well since he wasn’t married to my mom, and later got married to someone else, which took him far away. My question for him would be, Why did you leave us?

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  17. Hi again Catherine….
    If I could speak to anyone from the past… I have a hard time choosing who. I would love to be able to talk to my parents and really listen to their stories but I would also really love to speak to my grandfather who died when I was really too young to enjoy or remember his stories of the past.

  18. IIINNNGGG!!! It really is you. Oh my goodness. Haven’t spoken to you in like FOREVER. How fortunate am I to visit one of my fave authors on your blog. Two for the price of one. I miss you! Jack’s Bar is not the same without you there.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  19. StacieDM

    Congratulations on the new release!

    I would love to have my grandfather back. When he passed all of his secret recipes went with him. He didn’t write them down. I really miss his cooking. I would enjoy being able to recreate his dishes. He could teach them all to me.

    User1123 AT comcast DOT net

  20. Oh and I forget to add, I am excited to read this book. The covers is gorgeous and it sounds like something I’d definitely enjoy. Great interview 😉

  21. First off, welcome back Ing! I’ve missed you undoubtedly and didn’t realize how much I loved checking out what you had to say until you were gone. I hope your’re good! No need to enter me seeing as I’m not from US. And I have no idea I’d speak to from my past..

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