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Please help me welcome Stephanie Julian to ATPT this Monday morning! Stephanie Julian is the
author of three erotic romance series with Ellora’s Cave. She is a member of
RWA and Valley Forge Romance Writers and is a freelance entertainment and
lifestyle feature writer. Stephanie lives in eastern Pennsylvania.

Stephanie is here to pimp the first book in her new Forgotten Goddesses series, What a Goddess Wants. I had a chance to read What a Goddess Wants and let me tell you this book is steamy! It’s a neat concept and I can’t wait to see where Stephanie takes this series.

So for now I hope you all will find a new author to check out today!  Now lets get on with the Q&A session. Grab a seat and some breakfast and enjoy!  Stick around until the end for a chance to win a copy of What a Goddess Wants.

Welcome to ATPT Stephanie! What a Goddess
is the start to your new Forgotten Goddesses series! Can you tell the
readers a bit about this book? What can they expect plot, pace, sex, etc?

Stephanie: What a Goddess
is a fast-paced, paranormal erotic romance. Tessa is the Etruscan
goddess of the Sun and her reluctant hero, Cal, is a Cimmerian warrior,
legendary for his battle skills. With the God of the Underworld looking to
consume her powers and leave her to rot, Tessa must convince Cal to play
protector. She wasn’t looking for love and Cal is so not who she would normally choose but…

Ing: Can you tell us a about the
hero Caligo? What about Caligo do you think will draw the readers in and make
them love him? And how the heck did you come up with that name.  I really like it!

Stephanie: Caligo is actually Latin for darkness. When I was
looking for the perfect name for Cal, I knew I wanted something old and a name
that played off Tessa’s position. Since she’s the Goddess of the Dawn, I
figured the opposite would be dark. Cal is a real alpha—bossy, pushy, thinks
he’s always right. But he’s also got a soft spot for damsels in distress. Once
he meets Tessa, and they discover a meltingly hot passion, he can’t let her go.

Ing: Now tell us a bit about the
heroine Tessa? What about Tessa do you think will draw the readers in and make
them love her?

Stephanie: Tessa is sweet, sunny, bright. She’s a sun goddess,
after all. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses and realizes when she’s
in danger and that she needs help. When she falls for Cal, she gives him her
heart without boundaries.

Ing: Why are these two perfect for
each other? What about them individually makes them so drawn to each other? Why
do you think the readers will fall in love with this couple?

Stephanie: They are each other’s perfect mates in that they fill in
the holes in each other’s lives. Tessa loves Cal’s strength and Cal loves
Tessa’s brightness. She appreciates his wicked sense of humor and he finds her
softness cushions his hard edges.

Ing: What was a scene that stood out
or was memorable for you when writing What a Goddess Wants? Why did this scene
stand out for you?

Stephanie: The black moment. Without giving away too much, when a
character must make the choice to give up the most important thing in their
life so the other may survive that always makes me sigh. And maybe shed a few

Ing: I like knowing and hearing the
back story about how a book or series came about. Can you tell us where the
idea for this book came from and series? How many books do you have planned for
this series?

Stephanie: When I started writing the Magical Seduction series for
Ellora’s Cave several years ago, I knew the deities were still hanging around
but I got to thinking, what do gods and goddesses actually do now that their
worshippers aren’t as interested in worshipping them? And from there, Forgotten
Goddesses was born. There are three books contracted so far: What a Goddess Wants, How to Worship a Goddess (December 2011)
and Goddess in the Middle (July 2012).
But there are many other goddesses in the pantheon, some of whom readers have
already met, and I plan to tell those stories.

Can you tell us what you have up your sleeve next? What else can we look
forward to from you for the rest of 2011 and possibly 2012? Any sneak peek on
these upcoming projects?

Stephanie: How To Worship A
will release in December and that’s Lucy’s story. Lucy is the
Goddess of the Moon and she’s about to meet the man of her dreams. Ellora’s
Cave just released the fifth book in my Lucani
Lovers series, Grace in Moonlight.
I’m also working on the next book in the Fringe series. That will be Andy’s
story. And I’ll also be releasing another book featuring Etruscan characters
later this year. More to come on that one later.

Ing: Who is a character that you get
a lot of e-mails about that you have not written a story for yet? Will you or
do you have plans for these popular characters?

Stephanie: Cat is very popular. She’s an Etruscan lucani strega, which means she’s a
shape-changing witch. She’s a teenager with a huge secret that will be revealed
in How to Worship a Goddess.

Ing: Now on to questions about you.
We want to know more about Stephanie Julian. Who are some auto buy authors that
you read now?

Stephanie: Nalini Singh, J.R. Ward, Virginia Kantra, Tara Janzen,
Eileen Wilkes, Jim Butcher and Lora Leigh.

Ing: What was the first romance book
you ever read? Do you still have the book on your shelf?

Stephanie: The Wolf and the
by Kathleen Woodiwiss, and yes, I still have a copy. My mom is a huge
reader and when I was 11 or so I would sneak the romance books she’s kept hidden
under her bed and this was the first one. From there I discovered Harlequins,
Bertrice Small and Rosemary Rogers.

Ing: Any movies you’ve seen lately
that you would recommend? Or TV shows that you love right now and don’t ever

Stephanie: I loved Thor. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so
I can stare at Chris Hemsworth for hours on end. TV is a real weakness for me.
I watch a lot of everything. Right now, I’m watching Torchwood, Eureka,
Warehouse 13, Haven, Suits, Necessary Roughness, White Collar, Burn Notice,
Covert Affairs, Teen Wolf, Switched at Birth, Falling Skies, Leverage, So You
Think You Can Dance, Royal Pains, Alphas and I can’t wait for the return of
Ancient Aliens on the History Channel this Thursday. I also never miss Fringe,
Supernatural, Dancing with the Stars, Parenthood, Castle… I could go on but
that would be excessive. The shows I’m really looking forward to this fall is
Terra Nova and Once Upon a Time.

Ing: If you could go back to your
younger self what would be the one advice you would give yourself?

Stephanie: Don’t be afraid to try new things. Get out of your
comfort zone and do what you want.

Ing: If you weren’t writing what
else would you be doing right now for a career?

Stephanie: Um… I’d probably still be writing but for a newspaper,
which I do anyway as a freelancer. Or I’d be an archeologist in Italy. That
would be amazing.

Ing: Thank you for stopping by the
blog today, Stephanie! I really appreciate it. I hope you had fun. I wish you much
success with this series. Do you have any last words or questions you would
like to pose to the readers of this blog?

Stephanie: Thanks so much for having me here today. I hope readers
enjoy my stories as much as I love writing them. I’d love to hear what readers
are looking for in a love story. That always fascinates me.


Are you interested?  Does this seem like a series you’d like to read more about? Well you are in luck!  The lovely folks from Sourcebooks is offering TWO copies to give away. If you’d like to win a copy of What a Goddess Wants see the rules and details below to enter.
Rules and Details for Giveaway:

  • Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only
  • Books will be sent directly from the publisher. 
  • You MUST leave a comment with your e-mail address if it’s not on your profile so I can contact you if you win.
  • You MUST answer Stephanie’s question: What are you looking for in a love story?
  • Giveaway ends August 6th

To learn more about Stephanie Julian and her other books check out these sites:

Book 1 of the Forgotten Goddesses series

Cover Blurb: 
Tessa, Etruscan
Goddess of the Dawn, is losing her powers and now there’s an Underworld god
determined to run her down. She needs a hero and fast, because only sexual
energy can give her power. So she seeks out Caligo, whose sexual prowess is
Caligo is a fabled Cimmerian warrior determined to stay away from spoiled
goddesses who trample hearts after they’ve had their fun. But there’s
something irresistibly hot and inviting about Tessa and he knows he’s her
only change to escape the encroaching darkness…

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  1. I like a love story to have a bit of mystery to it and not be too predictable. Nice love letters and romantic dinners add to it!

    I’d enjoy this book.


  2. I love a good love story. I like to see a progression… with exciting moments, some jockeying, some sexy romps…
    I enjoyed your interview. I loved Kathleen Woodiwiss’ books too. I still have The Wolf and the Dove on my bookshelf. I actually named my son (who is now 30) after the hero in her The Flame & The Flower. I think Shana was my fav by her.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. What I look for is excitement, humor, sweet moments that make your heart melt, and of course those steamy scenes :p Thanks for the giveaway! This book sounds awesome!


  4. Chelsea B.

    I am looking for sweetness and angst and smexy times and an HEA. That pretty much covers it 🙂


  5. I’ve heard some fantastic things about this book!

    I think the biggest thing that I look for in a love story is believable romance. If I can’t feel the love between the characters the book falls flat for me

    rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

  6. I’m looking for tension, suspense, steamy love scenes 😉 and a HEA!
    I’ve had this on my TBR list since Laurie recommended it so would love to win!
    readingbetweenthewines10 at gmail dot com

  7. I can’t wait to read this book.Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
    In a love story I want to go on the journey with the couple as they fall in love and find their HEA.

  8. Great interview. What I want in a love story is a couple with great chemistry, a plot that draws you in and a HEA. Thanks for the giveaway.
    GFC follower

  9. I am looking for believable characters in a love story. I like a strong heroine and a hero that can be a little bad!

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  10. In a love story, I look for a connection between the characters. I have to be able to feel like their emotions and experiences are real. I also like to see a bit of conflict because that is a true test of whether a person will be there when things are not always perfect.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

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