Book Review – Cowboy Games by Wendi Darlin

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***I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***

Book Review – Cowboy Games by Wendi DarlinCowboy Games by Wendi Darlin
Series: Cowboy Games, #1
Published by Siren Publishing on May 1, 2008
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Fiction
Pages: 224
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At Fantasy Ranch, love is a game.


Gavin Carter

Gavin owns Fantasy Ranch, a resort where guests get a week of cowboy love with the hottest cowboys in Wyoming.

Rebecca Ryder

Rebecca's husband had promised to deliver her fantasy du jour: A cowboy. He died before he could keep that promise. She thinks if she plays the Fantasy Ranch game, just for a second she might have her husband back. And maybe that will be long enough to say goodbye.


1) No sex.

2) No contact or attempted contact after the week is up.

Clause number two is accompanied by a clear warning: Any attempt at contact will be considered 'criminal stalking' and treated as such. A sure sign the cowboys are very good at making women think they have fallen in love.

Rebecca doesn't expect to break the rules. Or to fall deeply in love.

My Book Review:
Fantasy Ranch where there are only 2 simple rules to follow.

Rule 1 – No Sex

Rule 2 – No contact or attempted contact after the week is up

For Rebecca Ryder the rules for Fantasy Ranch seem simple enough. A year after her husband Todd’s sudden death Rebecca is attempting to get back out and date. Before she is ready to date again Rebecca wants to live out the fantasy that her late husband had promised. They’d had a great sex life that had included lots of role playing and on that last day he had promised to be her cowboy. Rebecca knows in her heart that she’ll never ever find anyone that would fill the void or spark the kind of passion that her late husband did. So Rebecca signs up for a week at Fantasy Ranch where she can live out the fantasy about cowboys, who’ll say and do all the right things without having to worry about sex and in the process say goodbye. Plus her heart would remain safe. So why does Rebecca feel this instant attraction to her assigned cowboy Gavin Carter? Why is she craving sex with someone other then herself? And why is it when she’s in his arms it feels like she is meant to be there and that this isn’t fantasy but real?

For Gavin Carter who is part owner of Fantasy Ranch with his brother Garrett this is the perfect job for him. He makes a great living doing what every man would love to do while still being able to have his needs met elsewhere whenever he wants without any hassles of a relationship. Gavin has been through a painful relationship that has made him leery to ever attempt another one. He is happy with the way things are. So why is he constantly thinking of Rebecca and breaking all the Fantasy Ranch rules? Why can’t he play the game he normally does with everyone else?

Get ready for this sexually tensed filled ride between Rebecca and Gavin. Both have experienced heartbreak from previous relationships that makes them question their feelings. Both are fighting what they feel for one another and find that they can’t keep their actions from being impersonal. They push the boundaries on the rules of Fantasy Ranch.

I found myself enjoying Cowboy Games more then I anticipated. The characters were developed nicely. I understood why they both were hesitant with one another emotionally. The storyline moved along smoothly. The sexual chemistry between Gavin and Rebecca was practically oozing off the pages. I was captivated from the beginning until the end. I found myself falling for Gavin’s charisma, wit, and sexiness right along with Rebecca. Gavin was sex on a stick. Rebecca was humorous and bold. The flirtatious banter between the two kept me turning the pages. The second storyline kept me on my toes cringing and scared for the danger that Gavin and Rebecca could face if they were caught not following the rules. There are some definite secondary characters that caught my eye and I’m hoping we’ll get a story about Garret and another cowboy at the ranch. The bad guy in this story was a complete jerk and I really wish he’d been punished!

The only time I did skim the pages were when the main characters would misunderstand each other over mundane things that I felt could have been resolved easily. Overall though I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. It was fun, sexy, and entertaining read.

★★ Book was read in August 2008. I own my own personal eBook copy. ★★

This review was originally posted on Wild on Books. Since that posting this book is no longer sold.

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