Review Policy

I read ROMANCES ONLY and stick to these sub-genres of romance. So please DO NOT submit a request for anything other then the ROMANCE genre:
  • Historical
  • Adult Contemporary
  • New Adult
  • Western
  • Erotic/Erotica
  • Suspense
  • Paranormal
  • Male/Male
  • BDSM
  • Dark
  • Taboo
  • Young Adult

I occasionally read women’s fiction/chick lit or murder/mystery but WILL NOT be accepting any reviews for these sub-genres. So please DO NOT submit a request for any of these genres.

I’m not a hard to please reader, seriously!  If you entertain me and keep me turning the pages you’ll at least get a 3 Pages Turned rating.  It’s very rare for me to be so disgusted with a book. I avoid secret baby and love triangles storyline. I am very hard on the heroine of the books. If the heroine annoys the ever loving life out of me, I will likely not enjoy your book.
I keep my reviews honest, respectful & professional. The review will be about my likes and dislikes about the plot/storyline, characters, chemistry…etc of the book. Basically the reviews are reviews about the book period. There will never be attacks on the authors. With that stated, even if you (the author) contact me personally about reviewing one of your books if I didn’t enjoy it, I will not hesitant to tell the blog readers that I did not enjoy the book. If you can’t deal with that than I’m not the reviewer for you! 🙂
With that said if you are an author, publisher, personal assistant..etc and you would like me to consider your book for review, please fill out the form below.  I accept eBook(s) that are either Mobi or PDF format. I also take review copy via Netgally or Edelweiss.  Print books are welcomed as well.  
My reviews are posted on Goodreads and Amazon! The review is promoted here on my blog and my Facebook page.
Rating system:
5 pages turned = Freaking love it. Would have it’s baby if I could! Go buy it now.
4 pages turned = Love it.  Possibly want to have a baby with.
4 Pages Turned
3 pages turned = Liked it.  Will go on a second date.
3 Pages Turned
2 pages turned = Alright.  We’re better off as friends.
2 Pages Turned
1 page turned = Not feeling it.  It’s not you it’s me speech.
1 Page Turned
Filling out the form below does not guarantee that your book will be considered for review. If I am interested in your book submission you will receive an e-mail from me from e-mail address within 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it could be longer then 2-3 weeks before you hear back from me, due to “REAL LIFE” circumstances! I will make every effort to contact you back within 2-3 weeks if interested.